Thursday, August 1, 2013

Special Spotlight on DESTINATION WEDDING by Robyn Neeley

Today happens to be my birthday.  I’m not mentioning that because I want praise or gifts, I was kind of hoping the calendar would skip over it – like a leap year day. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve had a post every day this week. It just happened that way. I have a hard time saying no to nice people, so when Robyn Neeley asked me to spread the word about her new contemporary romance, DESTINATION WEDDING,  and that it’s being featured in Amazon’s Summer Big Deal for only 99 cents thru August 2nd, I just couldn’t say no even though the only day left open was today, my birthday.  So, I’m sharing the news with you as my gift to all of you. I’m planning to read this one and I hope you will, too.


Wedding planner Kate Ashby’s fear of flying is eased by a sexy stranger and one slow lip lock that rockets her into another obit.

CEO Luke Cannon has just traded seats with his identical twin. Little did he know that an innocent kiss while pretending he was his brother would soon create havoc.

What happens in the air doesn’t stay up there. Once on tropical land, Kate believes that the handsome stranger who gave her the best kiss of her life is now her new client, Drew Cannon, fiancé to the beautiful and wealthy Lauren Kincaid. While Kate struggles with the intense feelings she thinks she has for Drew, Luke discovers Kate’s been hired to plan his brother’s destination wedding. He also realizes the initial sparks they shared 30,000 feet up are now mistakenly aimed at Drew.

Can Luke get Kate to realize that the feelings she has are for him? He’s got forty-eight hours in paradise to try.

*                *                *                *                 *


"I do. I do." Wedding planner Kate Ashby quietly repeated her calming mantra. Paralyzed in her window seat, she stared at the illuminated fasten seatbelt sign while her hands gripped the metal buckle strap.

Please turn off. Please turn off. They had to be close to cruising altitude. Soon, she'd be able to request a strong drink to knock her out for the duration of this bumpy flight.

She sat still, trying to ignore the terror pulsating through her. Why hadn't she bought sleeping pills before boarding a twelve-hour flight from New York City to Hawaii? Now, that would have been the smart thing to do.

Glancing out the tiny passenger window, she clutched her gold "K" necklace. It was completely irrational to be terrified and she realized the odds of her and her fellow passengers landing safely in Honolulu were more than in her favor. Still, this was her first time flying such a long duration. Departing Manhattan this evening in turbulent thunderstorms had shot her nerves. She was grateful that her boss had sprung for a first class ticket for the long flight.

A loud rattle caused her to grab hold to her armrests. "What was that?" She turned to the stranger sitting next to her. He had short blondish brown hair and was wearing a blue blazer. His face had a nice tan. She had failed to realize that her row mate was incredibly handsome. Usually the person sitting next to her was a grandparent or couldn't speak English. Perhaps he could help her ease her nerves?

 "Um ... I think it's the drink cart. Would you like something?" He folded his Wall Street Journal.

Sexy and smart.

"I'll take a tequila and tonic," he said to the flight attendant.

And likes his drinks strong. This could be fun.

    Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors 

About the Author:

Robyn Neeley is an East Coaster who loves to explore new places; watches way more reality TV than she cares to admit; can’t live without Dunkin Donuts coffee and has never met a cookie she didn’t like. If you have a must read romance suggestion or a fabulous cookie recipe, she wants to know.

If you’d like to learn more about Robyn Neeley, please feel free to visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  

Happy Reading Everyone!

DESTINATION WEDDING by Robyn Neeley, Crimson Romance, available now in ebook formats at Amazon for 99¢ (through Aug 2nd) and at Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks, not 99¢. L
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