Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Unwrapping a New Cover for SEEKERS OF THE PAST, book one in the Seekers of the Past series by Amy Valentini


The first and flagship novel in the series, 
Seekers of the Past.

Introducing a series like no other—the Seekers of the Past series will take you on a journey, where the past meets the present and love lives forever.

Seeking the Past...
Emma Wells has uncovered clues that might prove an old family tale as being true. Strange things lead her to question whether her grandfather’s death may not have been an accident and goes in search of something worth killing him for buried on her property. When she asks an old friend to assist, the man who comes in his place is the last person she ever wanted to respond to her call for help.

Seeking a Second Chance…
Sam Martinelli has been hoping for a reason to get close to the woman he still loves since he destroyed their relationship five years ago. His foolish actions drove her away then, but now he’s hoping his expertise as well as time working with her allows him another chance.

Uncovering Secrets...
When Emma’s suspicions prove to have substance, she convinces Sam to help her even if he still carries doubts. Being with him again, she begins to question her heart and past as well as her foolish pride. When things take a dangerous turn, Emma realizes she must trust the man she trusts least, especially when the past collides with the present and the truth of it all is uncovered.

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What people are saying about SEEKERS OF THE PAST:

Damn good book!!
To start off, I'm not a reader but this book has made me one!! I fell in love with this book! I loved everything about it!!! You will not want to put it down . i have just bought 2 more books for birthday presents!! can't wait to see the next book!!! - Amazon reader

A Wonderful Book
Seekers of the Past is a wonderful book. Imaginative and engaging, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters are well written and the author truly transports readers to the Virginia countryside. Cannot wait for the next book in the series. Well done Amy Valentini. - Amazon reader

Fabulous story! A mystery, romance, and history novel all rolled up in one!
Emma Wells, age 28, lives on Green Mount Farm built by Jason Embry centuries ago. Emma works as a researcher and restorer at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. Currently, she is on a leave of absence from her job to care for the farm after the death of her beloved grandfather, Duncan Chambers. Two years after his death, Emma still cannot accept that he died by driving his Jeep into the pond. She remembers the stories he and his friends used to tell. The one story that grabbed her was the one Duncan told about his own great-grandfather, Jeremiah, a hero of the Confederacy. Now that Emma owns the farm, she is determined to find the truth behind the tale passed down by Grandfather Duncan.
Dr. Samuel (Sam) Martinelli is a professor of archeology at the University of Virginia. Five years ago, he and Emma were dating and in love. But one night, Sam got drunk and brought a girl to their place where Emma caught them in bed. Crushed, she fled. Sam and Emma have not seen one another since then. So, when he shows up on her porch, she is not happy to see him. He has come to let her know that her Uncle Walt has had a heart attack but is going to be fine. Emma agrees to let Sam stay in a guest room for the night. Emma tells him about her suspicions that someone wants something that may be hidden in the farmhouse because she found the place in a shambles when she moved in. She knows her grandfather would not have lived like that. Since then, she has been trying to go through all the paperwork in the house to see if she can find some clues. In addition, she has found a cave on the property and needs Sam’s help to investigate it.
Emma has some interns from the University doing some research on the farm and staying in one of the outbuildings. When a visiting girlfriend is found dead in the pool and it does not look to be an accidental drowning, things get really tense. Who would have killed this young girl and why? What is someone looking for on the farm that they would commit murder to find it?
What a delightful debut novel from author Amy Valentini. Her writing grabs the reader and pulls them right into the story. The descriptions of things are so well done that I could see things happening right in my mind’s eye. I absolutely loved this story. It combines history with a mystery and a romance. What a great combination. I cannot wait to read more by this new author. - Amazon reader and reviewer

Romance, mystery, and genealogy all in one book!
I LOVED this book. It brought all the things I enjoy together, romance, mystery, and something new, genealogy. Wonderful!
As the unofficial genealogist in my family, I'm always looking for back stories, so I understand why Sam and Emma are looking to fill-in these gaps. Going backwards is something unique and ingenious and Amy Valentini has me on pins and needles waiting on book 2 in the series, "FOR THE SAKE OF HONOR".
As someone who has done their fair share of research in her own past, what I wouldn't give to have copies of old letters and journals.
This book is not to be missed. - Amazon reader

Great story!
This was a great beginning to this series. I fell in love with Sam. The story grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go until you read "The End" but it just leaves you wanting more. I can't wait for the next one. I never post spoilers but I do highly recommend this! Amy Valentini will be my go to author! - Amazon author and reader

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

It's My Birthday and I want you to join me... #Giveaway

Today is my birthday. I don’t celebrate it because I have no one to celebrate it with…except you, my readers. However, birthdays tend to make me think about the past, and the future. Where have I been, where am I going? This year, my birthday is a bit brighter and my thoughts for the future more within reach than ever before. I finally made that amazing plunge into the publishing pool with my first romance novel, SEEKERS OF THE PAST. I hope you’ll all take a chance on me and read it. I think you’ll enjoy it very much as well as the next books to come in the series of the same name. 

The story is steeped in secrets from the past, family history, and the possibility of hidden treasure. It also begins a journey for Emma and Sam as they explore family history only to answer some questions while stirring up more. Go here to read an excerpt.

As my thoughts go to that bright spot in this last trip around the sun, I realize that it’s been a year containing another adventure. Over the past several years, I have been researching our family history, tracing both sides back to the old countries. I had managed to trace the family lines back to origins in Germany, France, and Sweden and had assumed the story of my great grandmother’s family coming from Ireland to America was proof positive of our Irish genetics, although questions had arisen as to whether not her father might have come from Scotland rather than Ireland.

This past winter, I took one of those popular DNA tests. I used MyHeritage.com but I’m sure you’ve heard of the others as well—AncestryDNA.com, and 23andMe.com.

My DNA Results:

I have to admit to being surprisingly impressed with the results of my test. It didn’t just say that I was part percentage this country or that, but instead told me the regions where my DNA originated. As you can see from the map showing from where my ancestral roots came and the percentages of those in me, I truly am a mutt. Of course, everyone carries their own separate percentages but the most amazing discovery was that I carried absolutely no Irish origins but instead, carry a large chunk from Scandanavia. I knew about the Swedish origins but since it is well known that the Vikings populated parts of Scotland, I have now have a very good reason to believe that my great-great grandparents most likely came from Scotland rather than Ireland. Either way…it’s a good explanation of my red hair.

I haven’t found any secrets regarding lost treasure or an ancestor who was royalty or a murderer, but it’s been interesting all the same. However, I did discover that my Scottish ancestors’ surname is related to a Norwegian Noble Family name. I’m sure they weren’t nobility but they might have been part of that clan.

Rebuilding the story that is a family’s history is fascinating, exciting, and downright fun. Have you tested your DNA yet? Do you plan to? What would you like to find in your family history that you don’t already know? Oh, what the heck…just try it out and see what exciting and unexpected things pop up. Modern day treasure hunting—just like Sam and Emma in SEEKERS OF THE PAST.

Now…since it is my birthday and my party, so to speak and since I don’t have anyone to share it with, I’d like to invite you to join me in celebration, and it might just be you who receives a gift. I'd love for you to enter the following giveaway for a chance to win a copy of my exciting new romance novel which takes you on a journey to where the past meets the present and love lives forever. Hurry, it's all over at midnight July 7th!

Good Luck and Happy Reading Everyone!