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My Review Stop on the ONE WICKED NIGHT by Emily Quinn Summer Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the ONE WICKED NIGHT by Emily Quinn Summer Blog Tour. You’re in for a real treat if you read this wickedly quick novella by the lovely author who brought you A PLAYBOY’S LOVE AFFAIR, which I reviewed for you a while back. Feel free to check out my review for that one. You’ll enjoy it, too. But, be sure to stick around, in addition to my review, there's an excerpt and a giveaway.

***eCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


Angel Jones is a career-driven woman at the top of her game with a big problem: a wickedly handsome boss. It is impossible to get him out of her mind, so her friends talk her into using someone else’s invitation to an exclusive dating service. It’s a dare she can’t resist.

Fernando Durante knows lusting after someone at work is not an option. He has managed to avoid direct contact with her for years, but thanks to a recent promotion, the witty goddess reports directly to him. When a friend emails him an invitation to an exclusive dating service, Fernando accepts against his better judgment.

Will Angel and Fernando let their hearts guide them?

*               *               *               *               * 

Excerpt from ONE WICKED NIGHT:

     Angel moved on to the next question. “What!” she exclaimed, leaning back on the couch and making herself more comfortable. “N-N…” Her boss’s strong hands came to mind. She wondered what it’d feel like to be spanked by him. She bet Fernando would spank her hard, until her ass turned a deep red. She squeezed her legs together in response to the pool of heat starting to build low in her belly. “No. No spanking for me.” What kind of questionnaire was this? Did they really need to know her sexual preferences? Did other dating services get this personal, too? Gosh, she looked at the A/C vent, hoping it would turn on soon because the room felt stuffy. She pulled her blouse free from her skirt, undid the buttons, and parted it in half, revealing her bra.
     Angel let out a loud sigh and focused her attention back on the questionnaire. “Oh, no, no, no. I’ve never tried it, not sure I’ll ever want to.” Thoughts of Fernando came to mind, his cock stretching her tiny hole and filling her with every inch of his length. She squeezed her butt cheeks, the action spreading goose bumps through her body. Whoa! No. Thinking of him, imagining how his cock would feel inside her, didn’t help one bit. Stop, Angel, stop. She wouldn’t be thinking any of this if she’d never met him. His name alone made her insides melt. The temperature in her living room was getting too hot. How many more of these kinds of questions would she have to answer?
     Angel went back to the list, and her lips parted at what she read next. “Oh yes, yes, yes to oral sex.” She licked her lips as she imagined the tip of his cherry-red tongue exploring her folds, lapping at her clit, and his hot mouth closing over her cunt, drinking her juices.

*             *              *              *              *

My Review:

Angel Jones is in love with her boss, the very sexy Fernando, but she’s worked too hard to get to her position as Vice-President to risk losing her job by indulging in her desire for him. It’s getting more difficult to resist him since her job throws them together far too often and far too intimately. When her friend offers her an exclusive invitation to a very exclusive dating service, she gives in to the temptation for someone to take her mind off Fernando and signs up. Promised anonymity and the promise of something wonderful, Angel goes for it.

Fernando Durante has been lusting after his employee, Angel, for far too long. When an opportunity arises that leaves them alone, he goes for it but when rebuffed, he is determined to give up on her completely. When the opportunity to use an exclusive dating service comes to his attention, he decides it might be for the best, because he has to do something to get Angel out of his blood before he does something truly foolish. He knows she’s away on vacation and so takes a few days for himself. He follows the strange instructions given him to meet a perfect partner who could possibly be that special someone who can give him more than the unreachable woman that constantly haunts his thoughts.

ONE WICKED NIGHT by Emily Quinn is a sweet, exciting, fast-paced, and magical read that will have you panting for more and wishing for your own exclusive invitation to Elite Classified Online Dating. Angel and Fernando are a passionate couple with angst filling their every moment because of their unrequited attraction to each other. Lady D is a fairy godmother to this couple, who can’t seem to admit their desire for each other, and she throws them together in a way that they are unable to resist each other or their love. But does it work? Is there a happily-ever-after for this stubborn pair? You’ll just have to read ONE WICKED NIGHT for yourself and find out. I love how Emily leaves us with a lead-in to another torrid adventure at the end.

Emily keeps us caught, entertained, and begging for more as we watch the magic that Lady D weaves to bring these two together. You’re kept wondering how it’s going to work out, how they are going to come together, and what will happen when they do discover that somehow Lady D has managed to pull two people from a world of many and throw them together so extraordinarily.  ONE WICKED NIGHT by Emily Quinn is a wonderful time-out read that will leave you smiling, and so very satisfied, although you’re surely going to want the next story right away.

I highly recommend reading ONE WICKED NIGHT by Emily Quinn, it’s a magical fairy tale romance with an erotic twist.

Happy Reading Everyone!

About the Author:

Emily Quinn writes sexy contemporary romances with irresistible bad boys, feisty heroines, a bit of conflict, humor and a dash of spice.  

She loves books and falls in love with every hero she reads. She lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, two kids, and her dog.

Emily loves hearing from her readers. Feel free to visit Emily at her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of ONE WICKED NIGHT. One winner will win a $5 gift card from Amazon and 2 other winners will each win 1 e-copy of ONE WICKED NIGHT by Emily Quinn. Good Luck!

Information about the book:

Series: Wicked #1
Author: Emily Quinn
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: 45 pages
Release Date: July 15, 2013

ONCE WICKED NIGHT by Emily Quinn, Entranced Publishing, available now in ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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