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Cover Reveal Blitz for PROMISCUOUS, book two in the Tease series by Missy Johnson + Giveaway

by Missy Johnson

Book #2 in the Tease Series

Expected Release Date: January 2014

When you're a twenty-year-old triple platinum singer you get an image.

Except mine was all wrong. On drugs; pregnant; fucking my manager.

But I wasn't; it was all lies. I was a good girl. 
But now I'm done being the good girl, because it has gotten me nowhere.

I spent the last year in love with a guy who I was paying to fuck me. 
A guy who fell in love with someone else.

But now I’m over it. Now it's about me.
If the world thinks I’m a bad girl, then hell, that’s what I’ll be.

I'll show them bad. 

Let's find out how Promiscuous I can be.

*            *            *            *            * 

About the Author:

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

Feel free to follow Missy on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Be sure to check out TEASE, book one by Missy Johnson, already available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks. Feel free to click links for purchasing information.


There will be a giveaway running for 5 ebooks of winner’s choice from any of Missy’s books. Please use rafflecopter to enter, Good Luck and Happy Reading Everyone!

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Unwrapping: Review of LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, a Renegade Royals novella by Vanessa Kelly

Intrigued by the name of this new series from Vanessa Kelly, the Renegade Royals, I just knew I had to start at the beginning. It all begins with LOST IN A ROYAL KISS and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

***eARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


In this thrilling introduction to her Renegade Royals series, Vanessa Kelly transports readers to the court of King George III—where a London street urchin unwittingly plays Cupid, ushering in a new era—and ultimately a new kind of royal…

With her widowed mother working long hours as governess to the royal children, Linnet St. Clare must look after her siblings and run the household. Now she must add to her worries the fate of Dominic, a poor orphan who has inspired the wrath of the king himself. Clearly, Linnet has no time to consider her own desires—much less notice the attentions of a certain handsome, powerful magistrate…

Sir Anthony Tait is at a loss for how to capture Linnet’s interest. If only she would be still long enough for courting. Outright seduction seems the only answer. But will his kisses be enough to persuade her—or might Anthony have something to learn from young Dominic about matters of the heart? And in saving the boy’s future, might Anthony and Linnet at last create their own?

*              *               *               *              *

Sir Anthony has a problem in the guise of an independent, quick-tempered, and family loyal woman named Linnet St. Claire. He wishes to make her his wife yet she deems to avoid him at every turn. His chance arrives on a day when she sweeps into his office with the young Dominic in tow and declares that Sir Anthony must assist her. Of course, he’ll do anything that per chance might keep her close and his debt. Things don’t quite go the way he hoped.

Linnet has always had, for want of a better word, a crush on Sir Anthony but she believes him indifferent to her until he kisses her into a state of absolute fever and then declares - it was just one kiss. Irate and indignant, Linnet vows to avoid him, forever if need be, until one night changes everything and puts her desires, her hopes, and her love on the line and twists her future into a puzzle she may never resolve.

LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, a Renegade Royals novella by Vanessa Kelly is a perfect beginning to what promises to be an exciting and adventurous new series. Within this novella, we experience first love, innocent and mature. We experience the torment of love torn asunder by rules and loyalties but never lose faith that all will work themselves out in the end. Well, we get a sweet and surrendering HEA with Sir Anthony and his lovely Linnet, but then are introduced to the beginning of a long journey for the youthful pair in this tale. Stay tuned for more love, romance, adventure, and hopefully happily-ever-afters with the continuing series – next up, SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD. With a title like that, you know we’re in for an adventure.

I highly recommend reading LOST IN A ROYAL KISS by Vanessa Kelly. A lovely, fast-paced novella that gives us a wonderful opening for further adventures with the Renegade Royals. This how a man chases a woman until she finally captures him themed story is set in Georgian London and keeps us wonderfully entertained while it whets our reading appetite for those tales yet to come.

Happy Reading Everyone!

LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, a Renegade Royal novella by Vanessa Kelly, Zebra books, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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And the winner of a digital copy of the brand new release, RODEO QUEEN by T. J. Kline is ...

Thank you to everyone who participated
in the Giveaway of a digital copy 
of the new release from 
Avon Romance,

T. J. Kine

The Winner is:

Marina Buff

Marina has been notified by email and 
a gift of this new contemporary romance is 
on its way to her. 
I hope she enjoys it and visits 
Unwrapping Romance here and on Facebook often.

Thanks again to everyone who played
and I want to wish everyone a very 
Happy Thanksgiving 
Happy Reading Everyone!

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Unwrapping: Review of HARD AS IT GETS, book one in the Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye

Wow! Where do I start with HARD AS IT GETS, book one in the Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye and new to Avon Romance tomorrow? I count myself fortunate to have been allowed to read this in advance of release date so I can tell you all about it – no spoilers, of course.

***eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.

Blurb for HARD AS IT GETS:

Tall, dark, and lethal...

Trouble just walked into Nicholas Rixey's tattoo parlor. Becca Merritt is warm, sexy, wholesome--pure temptation to a very jaded Nick. He's left his military life behind to become co-owner of Hard Ink Tattoo, but Becca is his ex-commander's daughter. Loyalty won't let him turn her away. Lust has plenty to do with it too.

With her brother presumed kidnapped, Becca needs Nick. She just wasn't expecting to want him so much. As their investigation turns into all-out war with an organized crime ring, only Nick can protect her. And only Becca can heal the scars no one else sees.

Desire is the easy part. Love is as hard as it gets. Good thing Nick is always up for a challenge…

*               *                *                *                * 

Becca Merritt needs help. With nothing more than a cryptic message from her missing brother, Charlie, she seeks out a guy named Rixey at the Hard Ink Tattoo Parlor. Meeting Nick Rixey is only the beginning of an adventure that puts in her danger, makes her cry, makes her laugh, and makes her fall in love with a group of men that are linked to her through her father, but save her life and that of her brother.

Nick Rixey is a hardened man with a hatred for a man in whom, once upon a time, he had put his trust, his loyalty and friendship, and the lives of himself and his men. Now when that man’s daughter comes to him in need of help finding her brother, Nick is faced with a decision that will either ease his conscience or destroy his faith in justice, but what he never expected was to fall hard for the daughter who doesn’t know the truth and who will hate him when she does.

HARD AS IT GETS by Laura Kaye is action-packed, angst-filled, funny, sweet, and so full of sexy hot men that you will never want it to end. The passion that sweeps through this story is intense for Becca and Nick but it extends further to engulf friends, family, and even a sweet little pup. Laura kept me on the edge of my seat one moment, laughing another, and sighing with the emotion and joy of other moments. I so enjoyed the entire group of characters that make the Hard Ink home theirs throughout this intelligent, exceptional, exciting, and dangerous, steamy hot contemporary romance. I can’t wait to read the next one, HARD AS YOU CAN, which thankfully will be out at the end of February because I need to know what happens next for this amazing group!

I highly, highly recommend HARD AS IT GETS, book one in the Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye if you’re a fan of exciting action, sexy men, dangerous missions, and falling in love. Contemporary fans who love military ops, hard-edged men, and loyalty will love this series as much as I do already.

Happy Reading Everyone!

HARD AS IT GETS, a Hard Ink novel by Laura Kaye, Avon Romance, available November 26, 2013 in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Release Day Blitz for TEASE by Missy Johnson + Giveaway

by Missy Johnson  

Male escort.

That got your attention.

Some of the most powerful and well-known women in the country pay to have sex with me, some of them married. Some are into more than just straight sex, which is why they call me. Bondage, power play, submission…nothing is off the table. I will do anything for the right price.

The stories I could tell you about a certain high profile congresswoman, or that innocent blonde actress. Trust me, she’s not so innocent.

Guys would kill for my job. I’m living the fucking dream. Meaningless sex, no relationship hang-ups and I’m rolling in the dough. Life is perfect, just the way it is.

Until I meet her.

She changes everything.

She makes me want more than I’ve ever wanted for myself and she believes in me. But she also thinks I sell insurance. I can’t stop what I do, but I can’t give her up.

Eventually, my two worlds are going to collide and when they do, shit will hit the fan.

*               *               *               *              *


Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

If you’d like to, you can follow Missy on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


There will be a giveaway running for 2 signed paperbacks of Tease, a $10 Amazon gift card and 10 ebooks of winner’s choice from any of Missy’s books. Please use the rafflecopter to enter and Good Luck!

TEASE by Missy Johnson, self-publish, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, AmazonUK, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
 ***click on links or cover below for purchasing information


Cover Reveal and Spotlight for HER SAVAGE SCOT by Christina Phillips + Giveaway

by Christina Phillips

When tough Scot warrior Connor MacKenzie rides into the barbaric lands of the Picts on a mission for his king, he never expects to be captivated by a beautiful Pictish widow. Drawn under her spell, yet unaware of her true identity, he risks everything for one passionate night in her arms.

Aila, princess of Pictland, swore long ago she would do anything within her power to help defeat the Vikings who invaded her land and murdered her husband. But after meeting Connor, her frozen heart thaws and once again she imagines a future filled with love and passion.

When Connor delivers the message from his king, Aila becomes a pawn in a deadly game of politics. Her heart belongs to Connor, but she must marry the prince of Dal Riada – Connor’s half-brother. But the fates have other plans for the star-crossed lovers as they fight their enemies and themselves to find true love.

A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

 *              *              *              *              *

About the Author:

Christina loves writing dark tales set in the 9th century featuring tough Highland warriors who are brought to their knees by their brave Pictish princesses.

She is published by Ellora’s Cave and Berkley Heat and has dipped her toe in the indie pub waters. She is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America, the DarkSide Down Under Group Blog and Historical Hearts Group Blog.

Christina is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her family. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

If you’d like to learn more about Christina and her books, please visit her website and blog, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

The Highland Warrior Chronicles:

From the Kingdom of Dal Riada, Scots warriors Connor MacKenzie, Cameron MacNeil and Ewan MacKinnon pledge to keep the peace in the wild Highlands of Pictland. But each man is destined to fall in love with a Pictish princess - three cousins who are determined to save their beloved land from the savage invaders. Instead they lose their hearts to their wild foreign warriors.

If you'd like to read Chapter One of HER SAVAGE SCOT, please click the title but come on back because there's a Giveaway, too!

Tour Wide Giveaway in conjunction with Allison Butler who writes Scottish medieval romances for Penguin Australia. Use rafflecopter to enter and Good Luck.

Happy Reading Everyone!

HER SAVAGE SCOT by Christina Phillips, Ellora's Cave, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Amazon UK, and Kobobooks 
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Unwrapping: Review of PLEASURING THE LADY, a Pleasure Wars novel by Jess Michaels

I am a huge fan of Jess Michaels’ historical romances, so when she asked if I would like to review book two in The Pleasure Wars series, I couldn’t wait to do so.  I do love revisiting her characters and in PLEASURING THE LADY, we not only do just that but are treated to a wonderful fairy tale erotic romance that takes the reader into the world of voyeurism in Regency England as well.

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


Once the game begins, there is no tearing your gaze away.

Her mother's madness and her father's and brother's irresponsibility have relegated Lady Portia to the life of a wallflower. The only shining light in her life is her best friend, Ava, who is suffering a rift with her own brother.

Portia's quest to help takes her to the notorious Donville Masquerade in the hells, where behind the safety of a mask she witnesses shocking public acts of sin. And succumbs to the touch of Marquis Miles Weatherfield.

Unfortunately, they're discovered. And now, tainted by scandal, she and Miles are destined for a marriage neither of them want. But Portia makes a bargain that raises even Miles' eyebrows.

In return for saving her mother from the asylum, Portia will do anything Miles wants in bed. Shocked by his driving desire for Portia, Miles agrees. As they explore every wicked desire, every forbidden act that pleases them, they discover something that goes far deeper than flesh. But the lies that brought them together could be the very wedge that drives them apart.

Warning: This book contains wicked encounters, erotic voyeurism, lies, a brief threesome, and unexpected kindnesses.

*             *             *              *             *

When Lady Portia attends the notorious Donville Masquerade, a place of sinful pleasure and debauchery, in search of the Earl of Windbury, her dear friend's brother, she discovers more than just things that shock her innocent sensibilities. She discovers the thrill of a kiss from a man with whom she is acquainted and now desires her but will never want her once he discovers her identity, or so she thinks.

Caught in a compromising situation with a former friend’s innocent sister, Miles Weatherfield desires to do the right thing by her but fears that she will wish for more. Marriage, a desire to spoil her, and to ensure Portia’s comfort as well as that of her mother, is the most he believes he can give her but when thoughts of love begin to creep into his thoughts - he panics and attempts to ruin himself in Portia’s eyes.

PLEASURING THE LADY, book two of The Pleasure War series by Jess Michaels is captivating in its Cinderella-themed essence. Portia once knew the fine life but has been reduced to a level of near poverty by a selfish, arrogant, and mean-spirited brother. Her mother suffers from the loss of her former life, her husband, and if it were present day, she would be diagnosed as manic-depressive. Her son Hammond is cruel to both mother and sister and threatens to put his own mother in a horrible madhouse. Miles is both savior and Prince Charming for Portia and her mother. Portia is not one to accept charity even when her reputation is at stake and so offers Miles the only thing she can call her own – her body – in return to for a near fairy tale existence with Miles giving her all that she needs, in and out of the bedroom. With a bargain in place, they settle into a marriage of convenience that carries passion and comfort when each begins to understand the lives that have brought them together.

Miles is a tortured man with a heart of gold and Portia brings out the best in him. He’s kind to those who deserve his kindness and defender against those who would want to cause harm to those under his protection. He’s a wonderful hero and my heart breaks for him when he desires love but doesn’t feel he is deserving of it. Jess really does conjure up fabulous characters.

I highly recommend PLEASURING THE LADY by Jess Michaels to everyone who loves a fairy tale happily-ever-after love story because this is it.
It’s an extraordinary, sensuous, tantalizing romance. It will leave you with such a wonderful happy-ending feeling that you’ll turn the last page hoping for more. I did.

Happy Reading Everyone!

PLEASURING THE LADY, a Pleasure Wars novel by Jess Michaels, Samhain Publishing, release date – November 19, 2013 and will be available in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and Kobobooks.
***click on links or cover below for purchasing information


Cover Reveal for SEEKING HER, a Finding It novella by Cora Carmack

SEEKING HER by Cora Carmack

coming January 26, 2014
from William Morrow Impulse

A few months after being honorably discharged from the military, Jackson Hunt is still struggling to adjust back to the real world. He needs to get a job and find a sense of normalcy if he’s going to keep his own demons at bay. The job that falls into his lap, though, is anything but normal.

Bodyguard (and baby-sitter) to spoiled-rich-girl Kelsey Summers isn’t exactly what he’d been looking for, but it’s a chance to travel, to get away from the home that has felt stifling ever since his return. It would be a pretty sweet gig if it weren’t for the fact that Kelsey’s father doesn’t want Kelsey to know she’s being followed. Hunt feels guilty (and a little bit creepy) as he watches her from afar. She’s vibrant and infuriating, exciting and reckless, mysterious and familiar. When he sees her falling into the same patterns that he suffered years ago, he decides it’s time to stop watching and help her instead. But getting to know her is more difficult than he thought, especially because the more he knows her, the more he wants her.

Happy Reading Everyone! 

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NaNoWriMo - Halfway Through The Toughest Month Ever! How Do You Show Your Support For Authors?

Today marks the halfway mark for those participating in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo to those of us who are participating or have participated in the past. I participated last year and was successful in meeting the goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. It’s not an easy exercise but it’s one well worth attempting at least once. I would love to have participated this year but life intervened and the timing was all off but I hope to participate next year.

In support of my fellow writers who are participating, I’ve been posting inspiration each day on Facebook – inspiration in the form of gorgeous men. It’s always nice to have something beautiful to look at while struggling to find the words to meet a daily word count goal. My hope is to give my support and perhaps that little push to keep them going, to write yet another 1000 or 4000 words. I want them all to be winners, even though I think they all are anyway just for giving it a try.

Writing can be an amazing thing to do but it can also be a lonely one. I love to read, and write, but know that many hours, separated from family and friends, go into creating the books we love to read. Because it’s a lonely profession I like to support my favorite authors, aspiring writers, and new authors who may be feeling vulnerable, exposed, alone, and fearful that they might fail. NaNoWriMo reminds us of all of these things. It also reminds us of the need for readers to give their support, and their thanks, to the authors who spend long nights, and quiet days, creating the joy we discover in the pages of their finished works.

I am a huge supporter of the romance community. I read romance, I review romance, I participate in events within the romance community, and I openly give support and thanks to authors who write the books that I read and enjoy. It's why I loved being an Avon Addict for Avon Romance, and as an Avon Addict Alum, I continue to be involved and show my love to all the Avon Authors and folks behind the scenes. As I get to know more and more indie authors, I see the need to support all authors growing exponentially. I do my best to cheer them all on.

So what do you do for your favorite authors? Have you ever sent them a thank you note for a fabulous read? Do you follow one of your favorite author’s blog or Facebook page, visit and comment often? The Internet has opened up the world of literature and allowed authors to interact more easily and more readily with their readers. Do you take advantage of this marvel of the modern literary world?

Yes, a Giveaway! We haven't done one in a while and since it's NaNoWriMo, I thought I'd give some inspiration to those who aren't sure it's worthwhile and a treat for you. 

Last year, T. J. Kline participated in NaNoWriMo and she was winner, in more ways than one. She submitted her finished NaNoWriMo novel to Avon Romance as part of a special submission call geared toward NaNoWriMos and her book, RODEO QUEEN, was picked up. Congrats to T. J.! Her debut novel is releasing November 26, 2013.

Well, I'm giving away a digital copy of this NaNoWriMo winner's contemporary western from Avon Impulse.

Blurb for RODEO QUEEN:

Sydney Thomas may be the newest Rodeo Queen on the circuit, but she's more than just a pretty face and fabulous horseback rider. If only her new boss could see it! But the frustrating, bossy, drop-dead gorgeous man seems bent on pushing her away every chance he gets.

Scott Chandler learned at an early age that he needed to "cowboy up" and take care of his family. The one time he let his guard down, his heart got trampled, and he's not about to let that happen again. He knows Sydney's type: rodeo queens who hide their manipulative ways behind good looks, tight jeans, and glittery tiaras.

But just as Scott and Sydney are finally realizing there might be more to their fiery relationship than scorching kisses and passionate nights, secrets from their pasts come back to haunt them. Will the cowboy and the Rodeo Queen ever be able to ride off into the sunset together?

*             *            *            *            *            
If you'd like to enter for a chance to win a digital copy of this winning romance, just click HERE to go to the entry form. (you must use the entry form)

Although it hasn't released yet, I am running the Giveaway to nearly the moment the book releases, so the winner will get it new!

The rules are as follows:  THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.

It's Open To Everyone (International included - void where prohibited) and the Giveaway will run until 11:30PM Monday, November 25, 2013 so you've got plenty of time. One winner will be chosen at random and announced in a special post as well as contacted by email.

Good Luck! And thanks for supporting your local and favorite writers.

Happy Writing NaNoWriMos! Keep going, keep moving forward, and remember, we’re all cheering you on! xoxo

RODEO QUEEN by T. J. Kline, Avon Impulse, available Nov 26, 2013 in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobobooks.
***click on links or cover below for pre-order purchasing information


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Unwrapping: Spotlight and Review of LUCK OF THE DRAGON by Susannah Scott

Anyone who has been reading my reviews for a while knows how much I love paranormal romance. Well, when I was asked to read one with a name like LUCK OF THE DRAGON, I was immediately intrigued but when I learned real dragons were involved, I knew I had to read LUCK OF THE DRAGON by Susannah Scott and I’m very glad I did.

***eCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


Luciana de Luca has a PhD in sass and gemology—and a problem. Her twin brother’s gambling debts have gotten out of hand, and a mob enforcer is blackmailing her to rob the latest, greatest mega-casino on the Strip. Although Lucy has worked her whole life to get away from her family’s grifter past, to save her brother, she dons three-inch heels and a sluts-r-us dress and struts into Alec’s Gerald’s casino, determined to put her long-forgotten thieving ways to the test again.

Alec Gerald, a shape-shifting dragon, has built the Crown Jewel casino to provide sanctuary for his people amongst the flash and awe of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the sexy little thief trying to steal his largest diamond exhibit turns out to be his mate, and he must woo her before he loses his dragon form forever. But before he can handcuff her to his bed and explain the details of a mating ceremony, an enemy attacks and threatens to destroy his casino, his people, and his newfound mate.

*                 *                 *                 *                * 

Lucy de Luca has a problem, her twin brother. Once again, he’s in trouble and Lucy feels she has to get him out of it but this time there’s more at stake than just bail money – this time Lucy’s career is on the line as well as keeping herself as well as Joey out of prison or unmarked graves. Ordered to get close to the owner of the splendid Crown Jewel casino, Alex Gerald, Lucy doesn’t expect to be swept off her feet by such a handsome, generous, and fabulously sexy man nor does she expect to feel such guilt over stealing from him.

Alec Gerald is not just a handsome, wealthy owner of a Las Vegas casino, no, he’s also the Jer’ol, the King of the Dragons. He’s built the Crown Jewel casino to house his extensive collection of fine jewels as well as give sanctuary to any dragon who will pledge loyalty to him. With the mating ceremony approaching fast, he’s hopeful to find a mate and save his dragon from fading completely leaving him forever in human form. He never expected his mate to be a Human and thief.

Lucy and Alec play a mating game that keeps each just slightly off kilter even as they cannot ignore the sparks that ignite between them with every touch. Lucy is worried about Joey, Joey is only worried about getting wealthy, and Alec is worried about everything from a dragon enemy who has reappeared, to the mating ceremony, and most unexpectedly how to protect Lucy de Luca from her own brother.

LUCK OF THE DRAGON by Susannah Scott had me hooked as soon as the dragons flew, in what the human patrons including Lucy, thought were fabulous special effects. This story is unique, suspenseful, romantic and, it isn’t often I think this while I’m reading, but visually appealing in such a way that I wish it was a movie. The characters are well developed and gratifying in their secondary roles.

I highly recommend LUCK OF THE DRAGON by Susannah Scott to anyone who loves something different in their romance reading as well as to those who love paranormal. The story itself would be intriguing without dragons but the dragons are the shine on the Crown Jewels.

Click HERE for a sample of Chapter One of LUCK OF THE DRAGON.

About the Author:

SUSANNAH SCOTT lives in the Missouri Ozarks and is the lone female in a very loud household of males ranging in age from 4 to 40. While she jokes that the extreme levels of testosterone inspired her to write romance, it is really the love of creating an excellent story, and the occasional dreams of twenty-foot dragons, that wake her and send her to the laptop before the chaos of daily life ensues.

If you’d like to learn more about Susannah or contact her since she loves to hear from her readers, please visit her website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

Happy Reading Everyone!

LUCK OF THE DRAGON by Susannah Scott, Entangled Publishing, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Unwrapping: Review of ARIEL'S SONG, an In Bed With The Enemy novel by Evie Knight

A gal after my own heart, Evie Knight has aspired to create romances that readers will delight in. Making her debut with ARIEL'S SONG, I was eager to read and review for her when she asked. This first In Bed With The Enemy novel is, I hope, the beginning of a very successful series. Evie is currently making the rounds on a blog tour that I was unable to join because of scheduling but if you'd like to visit the stops and enter her giveaway, just click HERE for the schedule. Of course, I hope you'll finish reading my review of ARIEL'S SONG by Evie Knight first.

***eCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.

Blurb for ARIEL’S SONG:

Colin Hoskins, famous classical violinist, is tainted by his past. Angry at life, unable to move beyond the betrayal of his dead fiancĂ©, he’s sworn off performing or falling in love ever again. All Colin wants is to be left alone, except no one listens. Especially the pretty little assistant he can’t fire and his body burns to claim.

Stranded in a foreign country, bankrupted heiress Ariel Parks needs a job to fund her way home. Assistant of sorts to the musician she’s fantasized about for years sounds like a dream job. She never imagined the gorgeous genius would be a reclusive beast. But the real problem is the way every nerve in her body tingles at the mention of his name.

*            *            *            *            *

Ariel Parks is stranded in England. Once upon a time, money was no obstacle but now she’s mere days from sleeping on the street. Desperate for a job so that she might make her way home to New York, Ariel has answered an ad for an assistant to none other than the amazing musician, Colin Hoskins, who she has fantasized about for years. In total fan girl mode, she applies for the job only to have the real man behind her fantasies rear his arrogant head and send her running for her rented cottage.

Colin Hoskins doesn’t want or need anyone to help him, bother him, or plead for him to play the violin. He only wants to be left alone with his music, his memories of a love betrayed, and his self-imposed exile from the rest of the world. But when a young woman comes seeking a job as his assistant, he is both wary of her and intrigued by her. There’s something about Ariel. Something that sparks life into his cold dead heart, but he isn’t prepared to face it or tackle it.

With Ariel’s image of the great Colin Hoskins shattered, her life falling apart, her brother missing and her fortune gone, she’s facing the unbelievable thought of being homeless when Colin’s agent, Logan Ashby, makes her an offer.  The offer of a job that will not only employ her but may also help her find her brother. She accepts it even though it means throwing herself into the path of the man, she knows she can’t resist, despite his arrogance, unfriendly demeanor, and the unfortunate suspicion that he may be a murderer.

ARIEL’S SONG by Evie Knight is a smexy, fast-paced romance that contains hints of domination and suspense, but revels in the world of music and romance. One moment, Colin is fiery, angry, annoying, and arrogant and the next he’s making magic with his violin and writing a song in Ariel’s honor. We experience Ariel’s strength in the face of constant adversity on the part of Colin not be willing to open himself up to anyone, especially Ariel and in turn, we delight in watching his self-built walls of solitude begin to crumble under the power that love can have over a betrayed heart.

This short yet riveting story keeps you on the edge with surprises and twists as well as steamy hot scenes that will have you fanning yourself. It also contains a plethora of characters. Wonderful characters that you will delight in getting to know, laugh with, and despise. Someone with an evil agenda stalks the love that begins to grow between Ariel and Colin, and with deadly determination sets out to destroy it. But, as with all of our favorite romances, love conquers all.

I expressly recommend ARIEL’S SONG by Evie Knight to anyone who loves a smart, sexy heroine who can take the most unhappy, closed off hero who at first you wish to smack upside the head, and turn him into an incurable romantic who plans picnics. *sigh*

Happy Reading Everyone!

ARIEL’S SONG, an In Bed With The Enemy novel by Evie Knight, Evernight Publishing, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and BookStrand.
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