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Unwrapping: Review of VAMPIRE THIRST by Ella J. Phoenix

On July 19th, I reviewed DRAGON HEAT by Ella J. Phoenix and hopefully introduced you to a new and exciting paranormal series by a creative and innovative author. Well, I told you there was a second book and that I was going to read it and I did. Wow, is this series HOT and VAMPIRE THIRST burned up the pages as well as DRAGON HEAT did, if not more so.

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Sometimes life takes you down a completely different path from the one you had originally planned.

After successfully rescuing the daughter of a draconian senator and other innocent women from a vampire psychopath, Sam and fellow warriors, Zoricah and Yara, have to trade sunny New York for gloomy London. Time is running out on their unfinished mission. More innocent people will die if they don’t catch the person behind the attacks in New York. But something is making Sam lose control of her powers. Something or someone. Ever since her first - and quite heated - encounter with Hikuro, her energies had gone haywire. The vampire king’s second in command affected her in a way no one had ever before. Her torment, however, is bound to get worse, with Hikuro’s unexpected arrival in London.

Ever since she set foot on vampire territory, Sam had turned Hikuro’s carefully controlled life upside down. He doesn’t trust her, but some strange force pulled him toward her; an inexplicable attraction that defies centuries of training. But if Hikuro is to keep his king safe, he must keep a close eye on Sam, even if he loses his sanity and his heart in the process.

*                *                *                 *                 *

While reading DRAGON HEAT, I fell into total crush mode over Hikuro. There was something about him that told me there was fire beneath that stoic face, and was I right. Sent to London by Tardieh, to check on the girls, and still drawn to Sam’s side, Hikuro tags along when she doesn’t want him to, much to her annoyance. She can’t seem to breathe when he’s around or think, for that matter. Her body heats up when she doesn’t want it to and her thoughts wander to his muscular body and fiery eyes on her – constantly.

In VAMPIRE THIRST by Ella J. Phoenix the reader is treated to more characters, including a sexy werewolf named Rafe who will surely be showing up to cause plenty of trouble for Yara in the next Dragon Heat series installment, and more plotline to lead us further into the mystery of who is behind it all. We learn more about Sam, her past, her haunting nightmares, and her abilities. We watch as she and Hikuro give into their temptations even while she fears the result. We experience the angst that Zoricah feels when she acknowledges her need to be a huge part of Tardieh’s life and we cheer as more bad guys are expedited straight to hell. I'd love to tell you more of what is in store for you when you read this amazing paranormal romance but then I'd spoil it for you.

If you haven’t started reading this series that features dragons, vampires, shifters, and more, do – please – you’re missing a fabulous tale.

I highly recommend VAMPIRE THIRST by Ella J. Phoenix to anyone who loves paranormal romance, action, fast-paced storylines, and hotter characters than even our favorites from Charlaine Harris. VAMPIRE THIRST gives us extraordinary characters, action that crosses into otherworldly planes, danger and excitement that will thrill and excite, and romance that will steam your glasses or at least the front of your reader. Experience the Dragon Heat series for yourself. You will be hooked immediately.

Happy Reading Everyone!

VAMPIRE THIRST, a Dragon Heat novel by Ella J. Phoenix, self-publish, available in ebook format at Amazon.
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