I love Unwrapping Romance, Romance Novels and their Authors - 60 million readers can't be wrong!
My name is Amy Valentini and I am a freelance editor at Romancing Editorially & Wannabe Author but for now, I'm rocking the world one blog post at a time.

I am a lover of all things literature but I have a special place in my heart for Romance Novels of all sorts. Yes, I am proud to proclaim I read Romance Novels. Some day, I hope to proclaim, that in addition to being a reader of romance, that I am an author of romance as well. From time to time, I might post some excerpts from one of my WIPs or have a chat with one of my characters from time to time. I began this blog because I had a rant to rave on about how romance novels, their authors and their readers are thought of as less worthy than mainstream publishing, which is so totally wrong.

Romance authors, their novels, and most importantly, their readers are the brightest, most imaginative, and talented writers and readers in the world, and the rest of mainstream enjoy denigrating them because they're jealous of their success and the readers' love and appreciation for their favorite authors.

I will be unwrapping the minds, stigmas, and talents of romance authors, and their novels. Introducing you, the reader, to new genres, new authors, and hopefully, giving you a new appreciation of all things romance. 

Bragging rights:
I was a member of the original super reader group, the AVON ADDICTS, and now I'm officially an Avon Alum but an Avon Addict Forever! I've been given a huge opportunity to help a major publishing company, Avon Romance, to gain an introspective into what the romance reader wants in their reading. I have access to eARCs so I might point you in the right direction and introduce you to new talents as well as re-introduce you to established ones.

My promise to you is to, through my reviews and interviews, only offer up what I truly believe you will enjoy.
We will have fun, giveaways and your chance to interact with the authors you already know and love and meet some new ones.

I hope you will enjoy your visits and if ever there is an author or a book that you would like featured or wish more information on, please feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to accommodate your request.
You can reach me at:  amyvalentini@aol.com

Thank you for visiting and Happy Reading Everyone!

This blog was born on September 26, 2011.