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Review Stop on the Tasty Virtual Book Tour for THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN by Jennifer Bernard + #Giveaway

Welcome to my review stop on the Tasty Virtual Book Tour for THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN by Jennifer Bernard. If you haven’t experienced the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, what are you waiting for? These are exceptional firemen who provide the most fun in romance, from their heroic deeds to their sexy hot personalities. I hope you will stick around for a tour wide giveaway after my review.

***eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


Daring . . . Sexy . . . Irresistible . . .
They're the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel

When fireman Fred Breen rescues a bachelorette party after a construction crane collapses onto their limo, the media labels him the "Bachelor Hero." But all Fred can think about is the petite brunette with the sexy mane of dark curls who bolted away from him faster than a wildfire after he carried her to safety. And when he discovers she's none other than Rachel Kessler, the daughter of a tech billionaire, the girl whose kidnapping riveted the nation, he intends to learn every intimate detail about this intriguing woman who sets his pulse on fire.

Rachel can't deny the lean-muscled firefighter is smokin' hot. But after having one too many drinks at the bar where she first meets him, Rachel knows she's made a fool of herself. Yet when he rescues her from the limo, she feels safe for the first time since she was held for ransom as a child. Then her overprotective father insists Fred be her bodyguard—and his close presence kindles a burning desire that only he can extinguish.

*                     *                      *                     *                      *

Fred Breen, aka Stud by his fellow firefighters, knows he’s got what it takes to be the best at his job but after coming in second in the Southern California Muay Thai Championships, he’s once more reminded nice guys never win. He’s tired of being Mr. Nice Guy but doesn’t know how to be anything but who he is. He’s allowed his ex-girlfriend to walk all over him for far too long, and even though he’s told her it’s over more than a few times, she doesn’t seem to get the message. Now, as he sits in the City Lights Grill with his buddy, Mulligan nursing his second place win, he’s being reminded yet again by an intoxicated petite brunette wearing a wedding veil that he’s a pushover.

Rachel Kessler is tired of not living her life. Cutting loose with her best friends while celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one, she pushes the limits all the while knowing it’s the champagne talking more so than her inner child wanting to finally break free of the cage she was once held in by a kidnapper. Teasing the good-looking guy with the cheap trophy for second place is easy but when he tries to tell her how to behave, she rebels. She’s tired of everyone telling her how to live her life or rather not live it, and stay safe. When she finds herself trapped inside the limo with her friends after a crane falls on it, it’s the sexy firefighter she teased, and smacked in the nose, who is the one to come to her rescue. Even as she feels everything closing in on her, he keeps her grounded but when she’s faced with the inside of an ambulance, her claustrophobia gets the better of her and she fights to break loose, and runs - just as she did when she was a child.

When her wealthy and over-protective father hires Fred the Fireman to be her 24/7 bodyguard, she balks at the idea and then decides spending so much one on one time with the sexy, handsome, and nice guy, Fred, isn’t such a bad thing after all. She just doesn’t expect her feelings, and her fears, to become so entangled with her heart when she falls for the sexy Bachelor Hero of San Gabriel.

THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN, book six of the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series by Jennifer Bernard is a delightful addition to the series even if it isn’t my absolute favorite. Fred is sexy, protective, and yes, a nice guy although he seems to have some anger management issues at times. It also took me a while to cotton up to him since he seemed overly quick to judge Rachel, but I soon realized it was part of his nature and he was just as quick to apologize – a man who can admit being wrong and genuinely apologize is very sexy in my book. Rachel is broken, still traumatized by events in her childhood yet she wants more, and that makes her strong. She grows stronger and increasingly sure of herself with every moment she spends with Fred until she knows she’s ready to stand on her own. I like Rachel very much and respect her affection for those around her, including her over-protective and controlling father. Marsden is a favorite.

Overall, THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN may not be my favorite in the series, but it’s definitely a fun read, filled with emotion, angst, a mystery, and of course, lots of firefighter hijinks, and action. Jennifer always does an excellent portrayal of firefighters at their best, and this one is no exception.

I highly recommend THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN by Jennifer Bernard whether you’ve read the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series or not. If you haven’t, you should and preferably start from the beginning and enjoy all of the deliciously heroic members of the team, but if you’d like to dip your toe into this wonderful series, by all means, start with THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN.

Happy Reading Everyone!

About the Author:
Jennifer Bernard is a graduate of Harvard and a former news promo producer. The child of academics, she confounded her family by preferring romance novels to … well, any other books. She left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She’s no stranger to book success, as she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name not to be mentioned at family gatherings.

To learn more about Jennifer and her fabulous books, please visit her website, and feel free to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN, a Bachelor Firemen novel by Jennifer Bernard, Avon Romance, releasing September 30, 2014 in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Awesome New Trailer for SLOW HAND, a Hot Cowboy Nights novel by Victoria Vane

A Hot Cowboy Nights Novel
by Victoria Vane

Coming November 4, 2014 from Sourcebooks Casablanca

In rural Montana…
Wade Knowlton is a hardworking lawyer who’s torn between his small-town Montana law practice and a struggling family ranch. He’s on the brink of exhaustion from trying to save everybody and everything, when gorgeous Nicole Powell walks into his office. She’s a damsel in distress and the breath of fresh air he needs.

Even the lawyers wear boots…
Nicole Powell is a sassy Southern girl who has officially sworn off cowboys after a spate of bad seeds—until her father’s death sends her to Montana and into the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. Her instincts tell her to high tail it out of Montana, but she can’t resist a cowboy with a slow hand…


Victoria Vane is an award-winning author of smart and sexy romance. Her collective works of fiction range from historical to contemporary settings and include everything from wild comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. Her biggest writing influences are Georgette Heyer, Robin Schone, and Sylvia Day. Victoria is the founder of Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers and the Romantic Historical Lovers book review blog. Look for her sexy new contemporary cowboy series coming from Sourcebooks in 2014.

If you’d like to learn more about Victoria and her books, please visit her website, and feel free to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

SLOW HAND, book one in the Hot Cowboy Nights series by Victoria Vane, Sourcebooks Casablanca, releasing November 4, 2014 and will be available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Special #Excerpt Spotlight for WHAT A WALLFLOWER WANTS, a Bad Boys & Wallflower novel by Maya Rodale

Book Three in the Bad Boys & Wallflower series
by Maya Rodale

Releasing September 30, 2014 from Avon Romance

In the third novel in Maya Rodale's charming Wallflower series, London's Least Likely to Be Caught in a Compromising Position finds temptation in a devilishly handsome stranger . . .

Miss Prudence Merryweather Payton has a secret.

Everyone knows that she's the only graduate from her finishing school to remain unwed on her fourth season—but no one knows why. With her romantic illusions shattered after being compromised against her will, Prudence accepts a proposal even though her betrothed is not exactly a knight in shining armor. When he cowardly pushes her out of their stagecoach to divert a highwayman, she vows never to trust another man again.

John Roark, Viscount Castleton, is nobody's hero.

He's a blue-eyed charmer with a mysterious past and ambitious plans for his future—that do not include a wife. When he finds himself stranded at a country inn with a captivating young woman, a delicate dance of seduction ensues. He knows he should keep his distance. And he definitely shouldn't start falling in love with her.

When Prudence's dark past comes back to haunt her, John must protect her—even though he risks revealing his own secrets that could destroy his future.


Miss Prudence Merryweather and Viscount Castleton find themselves stranded at a country in...with secrets. There is only one thing to do: he asks her to dance.

“Just one dance…that is all,” Castleton said. “I promise I won’t get any ideas.”

Prudence gazed up at him. Too bad she couldn’t explain why she was so hesitant. She was wasting her life, letting this fear hold her back. There was a handsome man before her, who had shown her nothing but kindness, and all he wanted was a dance. The truth was: she yearned in her heart of hearts to dance with him.

“All right,” she said softly.

The last time she placed her hand in another man’s it was the beginning of the end.

They began to dance.

She did not, as she feared, forget the steps. Hours and hours of her life spent practicing them so when this moment came—waltzing in the arms of a handsome man—she could move in time to the music without counting to three and so she could look into smoldering gaze instead of at her feet.

Prue forced her breath to be even. In. Out. In. Out. She willed her heart to beat in a steady rhythm as she tried to reclaim power over her emotions and fears.

Castleton’s gaze settled on her face. She peered up at him. This time she really looked at him focusing on his mouth, which was firm, sensual and smiling encouragingly.

“Are you having fun yet?” Castleton asked her affectionately.

Her gaze flew up to his. Ah, those eyes. Knowing. Dark.

Maya Rodale began reading romance novels in college at her mother’s insistence. She is now the author of numerous smart and sassy romance novels. A champion of the genre and its readers, she is also the author of the non-fiction book, Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation Of Romance Novels, Explained and a co-founder of Lady Jane’s Salon, a national reading series devoted to romantic fiction. Maya lives in New York City with her darling dog and a rogue of her own.

If you’d like to learn more about Maya and her books, please visit her website, and feel free to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

WHAT A WALLFLOWER WANTS, a Bad Boys & Wallflower novel by Maya Rodale, Avon Romance, releasing September 30, 2014, and will be available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks, and HarperCollins.

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Unwrapping a Review of REVEALING US, book 3 in the Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones

I’ve read every installment of the Inside Out Series so far and I’m so ready for the STARZ mini-series. With REVEALING US, book three in this fab series by Lisa Renee Jones, we finally discover all the secrets – or do we?

***purchased a copy for my own personal reading but am sharing my honest and unscripted review.


The third installment in the sexy Inside Out erotic romance series—in the seductive tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey.

You've discovered Rebecca's secrets. You've discovered Sara's secrets. Now Sara will discover "his" deepest, darkest secrets...but will those secrets bind them together--or tear them apart?

*                     *                       *                       *                     *

Sara McMillan and Chris Merit travel to Paris, France to find out if they truly are meant to be together and to find out what’s happened to Sara’s friend, Ella Ferguson. Once in Paris, Sara confronts a part of Chris’s life she must decide she can handle even as she feels lost in a strange city, unable to speak the language, and not even comfortable with the food. Chris has promised to reveal the truth about his past, and she has promised to handle it without freaking out and leaving him, but when she meets two women who are a great part of his past, she struggles to pull an inner strength forward to resist running. When they discover someone else is looking for Ella, Sara becomes concerned the events surrounding Rebecca are repeating themselves, and dealing with Ava is more than enough right now.

Lisa Renee Jones managed to keep us on the edge even as the series starts to come to a close - or does it? She manages to dangle yet another mystery in front of us at the end of this one, but not wishing to give away too much, I’m not going to say anything more. REVEALING US by Lisa Renee Jones may not be as intriguing, as edge of the seat, or addicting as the first two books, IF I WERE YOU and BEING ME, were but it begins to give us closure even as it dangles the carrot for more yet to come.

If you haven’t read this series, I don’t want to give away too much but I highly recommend you do. There’s so much hoopla over that SHADES movie coming out, but this is the series you won’t want to miss when it premieres on STARZ – dates still unknown, and we’re getting very anxious, Lisa. ;-)

I highly recommend REVEALING US by Lisa Renee Jones, not because it’s the best read but because it starts us on the road to closure, which we need for Sara and Chris. If you haven’t dipped your toes into this seductively erotic romance series then by all means, do. Start with IF I WERE YOU, follow it with Rebecca's Lost Journals before moving on to BEING ME and REVEALING US. And don’t miss the novellas, featuring Chris and Mark’s stories from their point of view, either. They give great insight into the men, and then you'll want to read NO IN BETWEEN, the 4th book in the Inside Out series, just as I do. Next!

Happy Reading Everyone!

REVEALING US, an Inside Out novel by Lisa Renee Jones, Gallery Books, available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

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Release Blitz for FACING THE MUSIC by Andrea Laurence + #KindleFireGiveaway

Facing the Music
by Andrea Laurence

In this sizzling and hilarious contemporary e-book romance, pop sensation Ivy Hudson returns to her small town to face her ex. Only trouble is, she made her Taylor-Swift-like career with the hit song “Size Matters”—and the football hero has had to live it down ever since.

Five years ago, high school sweethearts Ivy and Blake’s relationship imploded and both their lives were changed forever. Ivy became a rock star and Blake lost not only his dreams of a successful NFL career, but his reputation. Ivy’s angry song about their breakup, called “Size Matters,” hit the top of the charts and Blake became a national laughingstock. He’s salvaged his career and returned to Rosewood to be the high school football coach, regaining his status as town hero and leading the boys to the state championships.

When a tornado whips through town and destroys the high school gymnasium and stadium, a committee is formed to help rebuild and plan some charity fundraisers. Blake’s grandmother requests that Ivy return to Rosewood for the events. Forced back together for the good of their hometown and their careers, Ivy and Blake have no choice but to put aside their differences, stop running from their pasts, and finally face the music.

For fans of Kristen Proby and Colette Auclair, Facing the Music hits a perfect balance between small-town romance and big-time success. Follow Ivy and Blake as they fall back in love and figure out what does matter in the end…


Ivy pressed her hands against Blake's shoulders, pushing him gently until he was lying back on the blanket.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Whatever I want to.”

Blake arched his eyebrow at her, but he didn’t complain. He held perfectly still as her nimble fingers moved down the front of his shirt, undoing each button and exposing the expanse of skin beneath it. Her palms ran over his skin, relishing the feel of his chest hair tickling her hands. She leaned forward, letting her tongue glide along his collarbone, and then she crept down his body to the button of his jeans.

“Your hair tickles,” he said.

Ivy gathered up the long, wavy strands of her hair into one hand and swept them over her shoulder. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Not on your life,” he said between tightly gritted teeth as her fingertips brushed the edge of his waistband.

“That’s what I thought,” she said with a smile. “Now, stop complaining.”

Ivy settled between his legs, resting on her knees as she unbuttoned his jeans. She tugged at his back pockets, pulling his jeans down the length of his legs and throwing them out of her way. She moved back over him doing the same with his underwear, which thankfully, this time, were a pair of charcoal-gray boxers. They slid easily out of her way, leaving nothing between her and her goal.

She leisurely traveled back up his legs. Her fingertips gently brushed along the puckered pink scars of his calf and across his kneecap. By the time she reached his upper thigh, he was nearly trembling. Ivy wasn’t sure if it was with anticipation, emotion, or pain.

His hand reached out and snatched her wrist as she moved higher. “This hardly seems fair,” he said. “You’re wearing entirely too much clothing for me to be wearing so little.”

“Who’s doing this? You or me?”

Blake acquiesced and released her hand. He crossed his arms behind his head, giving himself an excellent vantage point for overseeing her activities. “You are, ma’am.”

“That’s right. Now are you going to keep critiquing everything I do, or do I need to put something in your mouth to shut you up?”

A wicked grin crossed Blake’s face as he looked at her. “May I offer a suggestion?”

“I have several ideas of my own,” she said. ---FACING THE MUSIC


Andrea Laurence has been a lover of reading and writing stories since she learned to read at a young age. She always dreamed of seeing her work in print and is thrilled to finally be able to share her special blend of sensuality and dry, sarcastic humor with the world. A dedicated West Coast girl transplanted into the Deep South, she's working on her own "happily ever after" with her boyfriend and their collection of animals including a Siberian Husky that sheds like nobody's business.

If you’d like to learn more about Andrea and her books, please visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


FACING THE MUSIC by Andrea Laurence, Pocket Star, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Books-A-Million.
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Unwrapping a Review of KISS OF WRATH, a Deadly Angels novel by Sandra Hill

KISS OF WRATH is the fourth Vangel book in the Deadly Angels series by Sandra Hill, and it’s very possible this one will touch the heart harder and with more angst than any has so far.

***I purchased this one in print for my own personal reading and am sharing my honest and unscripted review.

Blurb for KISS OF WRATH:

No wicked wenches or wild rampages…it's been centuries since Mordr the Berserker was turned into a Vangel-a Viking Vampire Angel-as punishment for his sin of wrath, and he's been frustrated ever since. It's not so bad being stuck in modern-day Las Vegas. What better place to slay Lucipires, or demon vampires, than the original Sin City. But then Mordr Sigurdsson's mission is expanded to a new assignment: protect lust-worthy Miranda Hart.

Miranda's well-ordered life turned into chaos when she unexpectedly inherited her late cousin's five children. Now, her cousin's dangerous husband is about to be paroled, and she needs a miracle to keep them all safe.That miracle arrives on her doorstep in the form of a very buff, handsome man with a very strange name. Mordr wants nothing to do with a red-haired wench or children. Miranda wants nothing to do with gorgeous hunk who claims to be a Viking.

As Miranda and Mordr give in to temptation, they must decide if they fit in each other's worlds-before their enemies close in on them.

*                  *                  *                   *                  *  

Miranda Hart never expected to become a mother overnight and certainly not to five rambunctious children – three boys and two girls. Now she’s got a full house, and has just discovered the children’s dangerous father is about to be released from a prison halfway house. She also needs a new nanny for the kids, preferably one who can keep them safe as well as well-behaved. So far, none of the candidates has been the answer to her prayers, at least until she comes home to discover a gorgeous Viking ruling the house with an iron hand.

Mordr Sigurdsson is not a happy Viking Vampire Angel. He hasn’t been a man of good humor since he came home from a-Viking to discover his village destroyed, and his children brutally murdered. Seeking vengeance, Mordr allowed the Sin of Wrath to swallow him by way of his grief, and so Michael the Archangel gave him the chance to become a Vangel and work off his sin or head straight to Hell and into the clutches of Satan. Mordr, along with his six brothers, decided to take on the mission of the VIK, but now Michael’s given him a new mission – Miranda Hart. Not only is he supposed to protect a woman who has sparked his libido for the first time in over a thousand years, but she also has five children who remind him every moment of his beloved own, and their brutal deaths. He’s wondering how he’ll survive it all even as he begins to care about the sexy redhead and her five bratlings.

Sandra Hill brings a sense of intense grief to Mordr, which immediately has us wanting to hug him and give him comfort in his loss of his darlings, Kata and Jomar, but which also helps us understand his Sin of Wrath. His grief for them is so strong he carries it even as he tries to deal with the five Jessup children – touching them, especially little Linda, makes him feel faint. Yes, faint.

KISS OF WRATH by Sandra Hill is a wonderful addition to the Deadly Angels series featuring the sexiest Vangels, or Vampire Angels, to grace the pages of a book series. Even with the angst of grief, the fear of children in danger, and Mordr’s Sin of Wrath, which he uses to battle the Lucipires or demon vampires, Sandra gives us humor and levity to offset the touchingly sad aspects of Mordr Sigurdsson’s story. The cast of characters in this Deadly Angels novel goes beyond the usual and even the unusual. The children are the funniest, most annoying, delightful, and lovable kids ever and it’s not difficult to understand how both Miranda and Mordr fall head over heels in love with them all.

I highly recommend KISS OF WRATH, book four of the Deadly Angels series by Sandra Hill to all who love paranormal, to all who are fans of Lynsay Sand’s Argeneau series, and to anyone who hasn’t dipped their toes into the world of the slightly fantastic but still true to life reality, created by this talented author. Even if you aren’t a fan of paranormal, or have never tried any, check out the Deadly Angels series and do yourself a favor by falling in love with the sexiest Viking Vampire Angels ever, and learn their stories – sin by sin.

Happy Reading Everyone!

KISS OF WRATH, a Deadly Angels novel by Sandra Hill, Avon Romance, available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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HOWLS 'N BITES Book Blitz for Authors A. C. James and Sarah Mäkelä + Pre-Order Sale and #Giveaway!

FALL INTO EVER AFTER Series, a paranormal romance box set, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A.C. James coming November 4, 2014. It’s only available for 99¢ during preorders—Get your copy before the price goes up to $4.99!

CRY WOLF Series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sarah Mäkelä coming November 4, 2014, will make you howl for more. Get four incredible books for 99¢. It won’t stay that way for long. So preorder your copy today!


His past holds a secret that becomes her nightmare.

Arie Cush has a secret that he thought he'd left behind. When his past follows him to Chicago he must protect someone that reminds him of all the painful memories he's tried so hard to forget. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire--he finds it hard to maintain his aloof façade.

Holly Ellis has secrets of her own. An encounter with the handsome stranger who frequents her coffee shop reveals a vampire with baggage. Even though it might be more than she bargained for, she can't resist the one person who understands her. But her life is in danger and a supernatural threat could reveal the underground world of vampires to humankind in this Gothic Cinderella re-telling.


He can’t lose her when danger strikes again.

Arie Cush wanted Holly from the very first moment he met her. A night at the Hellfire Club (HFC) is filled with old friends and new danger. The long-standing feud between the faeries that run the Chicago Crew and a lethal toxin puts Holly and other fledgling vampires in danger. Can they stop a vampire-fae war that’s been brewing for nearly a century?


The half-demon unleashed a force that can tear them apart.

On the night, Daeveena, a half-fey, half-demon walked out of the Hellfire Club, she left a tide of destruction, but everyone figured that was the end of it. No one imagined that she would steal something so valuable. Can Arie discover who is harboring her before he loses everything?

As a special BONUS readers get Winter Promises: An Ever After Christmas Story that takes place between book one and book two!

New Adult Paranormal Romance

Be careful what you wish for…

A potion gone wrong: Mia Brooks is a reluctant witch, with powers that she tries to hold in check. But when her magic gets mixed up, supernatural forces are unleashed and suddenly she’s being pursued by werewolves—that she didn’t even realize existed…

Hidden emotions: Ethan Parker, Mia’s brother’s best friend, is home from deployment for the holidays. Mia’s not only hiding from werewolves, she’s trying to keep her feelings for Ethan secret; it would be a disaster if he knew she’s been nursing a long-time crush…

The power of love: things take a terrifying turn when Mia and Ethan are attacked by a werewolf. Ethan is amazed when Mia reveals her paranormal prowess as she tries to shield them from danger. But can she really protect them from the darkness that lurks? And how can he tell her that, for ages, he’s been denying what he really wants? Mia...

New Adult Paranormal Romance

Passions flare when the cold moon rises…

Kelly: a normal college girl, who knows what she wants—to survive her final exams, and find someone to share her life with. Studying with Jacob is becoming too hot to handle; she’s falling for him, but he’s going too fast…

Jacob: a not-so-typical frat guy, who hides a secret—he’s a werewolf. Whenever the moon is high, he’s driven to shed his human form and satisfy his powerful desires. He craves Kelly, but she’s pushing him away…

Fallout: Jacob can smell Kelly’s arousal, but she insists she doesn’t want sex. A wolf can only take so much before his natural instincts win out. When the tension between them explodes, Jacob has no choice but to walk…

Kidnapped! Kelly is abducted by evil scientists who’ve mistaken her for a female werecat and, despite their differences, Jacob has to try and find her. But it’s a race against time and the lunar tides. The scientists have taken Kelly to their lab and turned her into a shapeshifter for real. The full moon is rising, and soon neither Kelly nor Jacob will be able to control their inner beasts. Who knows what the consequences will be when they are consumed by unquenchable animal lust…


Some magic can’t be unspun…

Meddling in magic…
If Mia Brooks could turn back time, it would be to when she used her fledgling magic to craft a potion for an injured werewolf. It nearly killed the Pack Alpha, and now the lives of her witch mentor, Jessa, and her soldier boyfriend, Ethan Parker, have been changed forever. Jessa is in hospital after a vicious werewolf attack. And, Ethan, having being bitten, is becoming a werewolf himself.

A wolf at the door…
Mia can’t turn back time, but she can try to make things right with the two people she cares about most. She’s keeping Jessa’s shop, Eternally Magick, open, and she’s there for Ethan as his inner wolf grows. But, by the next full moon, his transformation will be complete. Can she really be the mate of a half-man-half-wolf, living within the law of the Pack?

Under his spell…
Struggling to contain his new lupine senses, Ethan goes missing on active duty. When Mia realizes her werewolf lover has been abducted, she knows must harness every magic power she possesses to get him safely back…


A.C. James

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A.C. James writes paranormal romance and erotica, includingEternal Ever After which was featured in the bestselling Spice Box anthology. She pounds out sexy scenes at her keyboard where romance is laced with horror in hot stories of vampires and bad boy werewolves. Her stories feature strong heroines and alpha heroes, with plenty of action, twists, and turns that will keep you turning pages.

A.C. resides in northeast Pennsylvania where she entertains her husband with her imaginative yarns and quirky sense of humor. She spends her time drinking large vats of coffee while taming two toddlers by day and writing by night. Recovering video game beta tester and tech geek who grew-up going to cons and watching SmackDown. There’s probably some cosplay pictures around somewhere of her dressed up as Bloodberry from Saber Marionette J. Just don’t tell anyone.

To learn more about Ms. James visit her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Sarah Mäkelä

Sarah Mäkelä loves her fiction dark, magical, and passionate. She is a paranormal romance author, but she's written all over the romance spectrum with cyberpunk, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy...even a sweet contemporary romance!

A life-long paranormal fan, she still sleeps with a night light. In her spare time, she reads sexy books, watches scary movies (and Ghost Adventures), and plays computer games with her husband. When she gets the chance, she loves traveling the world too.

To learn more about Ms. Mäkelä visit her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


EVER AFTER Series by A. C. James, available November 4, 2014 at Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Kobobooks, GooglePlay, iBooks, and ARe.

CRY WOLF Series by Sarah Mäkelä, available November 4, 2014 at Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Kobobooks, GooglePlay, iBooks, and ARe.
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