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Unwrapping: Review of ARIEL'S SONG, an In Bed With The Enemy novel by Evie Knight

A gal after my own heart, Evie Knight has aspired to create romances that readers will delight in. Making her debut with ARIEL'S SONG, I was eager to read and review for her when she asked. This first In Bed With The Enemy novel is, I hope, the beginning of a very successful series. Evie is currently making the rounds on a blog tour that I was unable to join because of scheduling but if you'd like to visit the stops and enter her giveaway, just click HERE for the schedule. Of course, I hope you'll finish reading my review of ARIEL'S SONG by Evie Knight first.

***eCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.

Blurb for ARIEL’S SONG:

Colin Hoskins, famous classical violinist, is tainted by his past. Angry at life, unable to move beyond the betrayal of his dead fiancĂ©, he’s sworn off performing or falling in love ever again. All Colin wants is to be left alone, except no one listens. Especially the pretty little assistant he can’t fire and his body burns to claim.

Stranded in a foreign country, bankrupted heiress Ariel Parks needs a job to fund her way home. Assistant of sorts to the musician she’s fantasized about for years sounds like a dream job. She never imagined the gorgeous genius would be a reclusive beast. But the real problem is the way every nerve in her body tingles at the mention of his name.

*            *            *            *            *

Ariel Parks is stranded in England. Once upon a time, money was no obstacle but now she’s mere days from sleeping on the street. Desperate for a job so that she might make her way home to New York, Ariel has answered an ad for an assistant to none other than the amazing musician, Colin Hoskins, who she has fantasized about for years. In total fan girl mode, she applies for the job only to have the real man behind her fantasies rear his arrogant head and send her running for her rented cottage.

Colin Hoskins doesn’t want or need anyone to help him, bother him, or plead for him to play the violin. He only wants to be left alone with his music, his memories of a love betrayed, and his self-imposed exile from the rest of the world. But when a young woman comes seeking a job as his assistant, he is both wary of her and intrigued by her. There’s something about Ariel. Something that sparks life into his cold dead heart, but he isn’t prepared to face it or tackle it.

With Ariel’s image of the great Colin Hoskins shattered, her life falling apart, her brother missing and her fortune gone, she’s facing the unbelievable thought of being homeless when Colin’s agent, Logan Ashby, makes her an offer.  The offer of a job that will not only employ her but may also help her find her brother. She accepts it even though it means throwing herself into the path of the man, she knows she can’t resist, despite his arrogance, unfriendly demeanor, and the unfortunate suspicion that he may be a murderer.

ARIEL’S SONG by Evie Knight is a smexy, fast-paced romance that contains hints of domination and suspense, but revels in the world of music and romance. One moment, Colin is fiery, angry, annoying, and arrogant and the next he’s making magic with his violin and writing a song in Ariel’s honor. We experience Ariel’s strength in the face of constant adversity on the part of Colin not be willing to open himself up to anyone, especially Ariel and in turn, we delight in watching his self-built walls of solitude begin to crumble under the power that love can have over a betrayed heart.

This short yet riveting story keeps you on the edge with surprises and twists as well as steamy hot scenes that will have you fanning yourself. It also contains a plethora of characters. Wonderful characters that you will delight in getting to know, laugh with, and despise. Someone with an evil agenda stalks the love that begins to grow between Ariel and Colin, and with deadly determination sets out to destroy it. But, as with all of our favorite romances, love conquers all.

I expressly recommend ARIEL’S SONG by Evie Knight to anyone who loves a smart, sexy heroine who can take the most unhappy, closed off hero who at first you wish to smack upside the head, and turn him into an incurable romantic who plans picnics. *sigh*

Happy Reading Everyone!

ARIEL’S SONG, an In Bed With The Enemy novel by Evie Knight, Evernight Publishing, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and BookStrand.
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Thank you so much for such a fun review. You had me laughing over here ;)


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Thanks for gracing me with a copy! I so enjoyed reading it. xoxo