Friday, November 15, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Halfway Through The Toughest Month Ever! How Do You Show Your Support For Authors?

Today marks the halfway mark for those participating in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo to those of us who are participating or have participated in the past. I participated last year and was successful in meeting the goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. It’s not an easy exercise but it’s one well worth attempting at least once. I would love to have participated this year but life intervened and the timing was all off but I hope to participate next year.

In support of my fellow writers who are participating, I’ve been posting inspiration each day on Facebook – inspiration in the form of gorgeous men. It’s always nice to have something beautiful to look at while struggling to find the words to meet a daily word count goal. My hope is to give my support and perhaps that little push to keep them going, to write yet another 1000 or 4000 words. I want them all to be winners, even though I think they all are anyway just for giving it a try.

Writing can be an amazing thing to do but it can also be a lonely one. I love to read, and write, but know that many hours, separated from family and friends, go into creating the books we love to read. Because it’s a lonely profession I like to support my favorite authors, aspiring writers, and new authors who may be feeling vulnerable, exposed, alone, and fearful that they might fail. NaNoWriMo reminds us of all of these things. It also reminds us of the need for readers to give their support, and their thanks, to the authors who spend long nights, and quiet days, creating the joy we discover in the pages of their finished works.

I am a huge supporter of the romance community. I read romance, I review romance, I participate in events within the romance community, and I openly give support and thanks to authors who write the books that I read and enjoy. It's why I loved being an Avon Addict for Avon Romance, and as an Avon Addict Alum, I continue to be involved and show my love to all the Avon Authors and folks behind the scenes. As I get to know more and more indie authors, I see the need to support all authors growing exponentially. I do my best to cheer them all on.

So what do you do for your favorite authors? Have you ever sent them a thank you note for a fabulous read? Do you follow one of your favorite author’s blog or Facebook page, visit and comment often? The Internet has opened up the world of literature and allowed authors to interact more easily and more readily with their readers. Do you take advantage of this marvel of the modern literary world?

Yes, a Giveaway! We haven't done one in a while and since it's NaNoWriMo, I thought I'd give some inspiration to those who aren't sure it's worthwhile and a treat for you. 

Last year, T. J. Kline participated in NaNoWriMo and she was winner, in more ways than one. She submitted her finished NaNoWriMo novel to Avon Romance as part of a special submission call geared toward NaNoWriMos and her book, RODEO QUEEN, was picked up. Congrats to T. J.! Her debut novel is releasing November 26, 2013.

Well, I'm giving away a digital copy of this NaNoWriMo winner's contemporary western from Avon Impulse.

Blurb for RODEO QUEEN:

Sydney Thomas may be the newest Rodeo Queen on the circuit, but she's more than just a pretty face and fabulous horseback rider. If only her new boss could see it! But the frustrating, bossy, drop-dead gorgeous man seems bent on pushing her away every chance he gets.

Scott Chandler learned at an early age that he needed to "cowboy up" and take care of his family. The one time he let his guard down, his heart got trampled, and he's not about to let that happen again. He knows Sydney's type: rodeo queens who hide their manipulative ways behind good looks, tight jeans, and glittery tiaras.

But just as Scott and Sydney are finally realizing there might be more to their fiery relationship than scorching kisses and passionate nights, secrets from their pasts come back to haunt them. Will the cowboy and the Rodeo Queen ever be able to ride off into the sunset together?

*             *            *            *            *            
If you'd like to enter for a chance to win a digital copy of this winning romance, just click HERE to go to the entry form. (you must use the entry form)

Although it hasn't released yet, I am running the Giveaway to nearly the moment the book releases, so the winner will get it new!

The rules are as follows:  THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.

It's Open To Everyone (International included - void where prohibited) and the Giveaway will run until 11:30PM Monday, November 25, 2013 so you've got plenty of time. One winner will be chosen at random and announced in a special post as well as contacted by email.

Good Luck! And thanks for supporting your local and favorite writers.

Happy Writing NaNoWriMos! Keep going, keep moving forward, and remember, we’re all cheering you on! xoxo

RODEO QUEEN by T. J. Kline, Avon Impulse, available Nov 26, 2013 in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobobooks.
***click on links or cover below for pre-order purchasing information


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