Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Unwrapping: Review of LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, a Renegade Royals novella by Vanessa Kelly

Intrigued by the name of this new series from Vanessa Kelly, the Renegade Royals, I just knew I had to start at the beginning. It all begins with LOST IN A ROYAL KISS and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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In this thrilling introduction to her Renegade Royals series, Vanessa Kelly transports readers to the court of King George III—where a London street urchin unwittingly plays Cupid, ushering in a new era—and ultimately a new kind of royal…

With her widowed mother working long hours as governess to the royal children, Linnet St. Clare must look after her siblings and run the household. Now she must add to her worries the fate of Dominic, a poor orphan who has inspired the wrath of the king himself. Clearly, Linnet has no time to consider her own desires—much less notice the attentions of a certain handsome, powerful magistrate…

Sir Anthony Tait is at a loss for how to capture Linnet’s interest. If only she would be still long enough for courting. Outright seduction seems the only answer. But will his kisses be enough to persuade her—or might Anthony have something to learn from young Dominic about matters of the heart? And in saving the boy’s future, might Anthony and Linnet at last create their own?

*              *               *               *              *

Sir Anthony has a problem in the guise of an independent, quick-tempered, and family loyal woman named Linnet St. Claire. He wishes to make her his wife yet she deems to avoid him at every turn. His chance arrives on a day when she sweeps into his office with the young Dominic in tow and declares that Sir Anthony must assist her. Of course, he’ll do anything that per chance might keep her close and his debt. Things don’t quite go the way he hoped.

Linnet has always had, for want of a better word, a crush on Sir Anthony but she believes him indifferent to her until he kisses her into a state of absolute fever and then declares - it was just one kiss. Irate and indignant, Linnet vows to avoid him, forever if need be, until one night changes everything and puts her desires, her hopes, and her love on the line and twists her future into a puzzle she may never resolve.

LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, a Renegade Royals novella by Vanessa Kelly is a perfect beginning to what promises to be an exciting and adventurous new series. Within this novella, we experience first love, innocent and mature. We experience the torment of love torn asunder by rules and loyalties but never lose faith that all will work themselves out in the end. Well, we get a sweet and surrendering HEA with Sir Anthony and his lovely Linnet, but then are introduced to the beginning of a long journey for the youthful pair in this tale. Stay tuned for more love, romance, adventure, and hopefully happily-ever-afters with the continuing series – next up, SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD. With a title like that, you know we’re in for an adventure.

I highly recommend reading LOST IN A ROYAL KISS by Vanessa Kelly. A lovely, fast-paced novella that gives us a wonderful opening for further adventures with the Renegade Royals. This how a man chases a woman until she finally captures him themed story is set in Georgian London and keeps us wonderfully entertained while it whets our reading appetite for those tales yet to come.

Happy Reading Everyone!

LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, a Renegade Royal novella by Vanessa Kelly, Zebra books, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Dalila G. said...

This one is on my Kindle already, I can't wait to start reading it, it's just been so hectic here lately! Mainly turkey day preparations. :-)
I have read Vanessa's books, I like lots! Two thumbs up!! She never lets me down when I get one of her books. I am also looking forward to reading her new series.

Shauni S said...

I really enjoyed this book.. It is a wonderful lead into her Renegade Royal Series..

We see Dominic there too and my heart still just hurt for him. I can't wait for more!!!

Thanks for a great review!! Always love to pop in on and see what you have going on!

Amy Valentini said...

Hi sweet ladies!
I agree that Vanessa doesn't let us down. I'm so excited about the series and Dominic is a heart breaker, isn't he? Although, I wouldn't mind finding a Sir Anthony for myself.
Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo