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Wacky Wednesday: A Visit With the Reed Sisters from the IMMORTALS IN ALAMEDA Series by Jaye Shields SECRETS OF THE SKY Blog Tour

The Owen Sisters from PRACTICAL MAGIC
Have you ever seen the movie PRACTICAL MAGIC, a story about the Owens sisters, witches who play around with black magic after accidentally killing a man only to bring back something intensely more dangerous? Do you remember the aunts - Fran and Jet? Well, we are about to visit with two incredible women who are also aunts and remind me so greatly of the adorable Owens aunts in the movie - just as quirky, just as incorrigible, just as beautiful - only blond!

Morgana and Melissandra Reed are aunts to Sparrow Reed, the heroine of Jaye Shields' newest release, and the book we are celebrating with a two week Blog Tour, SECRETS OF THE SKY. If you're interested in visiting any of the other stops along the Tour, please click HERE but hurry back because these lovely ladies are about to join us. We first met them in SECRETS OF THE FOG by Jaye Shields, book one in the series. They nearly stole the show then and are even more adorable in this fabulous new romance that had me in tears by the end. If you'd like to read my review of SECRETS OF THE SKY, click HERE but hurry back, I think I hear the Reed Sisters arriving.

One day, a while back, November 28, 2012 to be exact, Jaye Shields and I took you on a trip to a coffee shop where we met Sparrow Reed and her aunts, Morgana and Melissandra. Well, we are fortunate enough to have these two lovely ladies with us today. They are not only loads of fun, wise with their advice but also happen to be Wiccans - witches, if you're wondering.

Please join me in welcoming the Reed sisters, Morgana and Melissandra, to UNWRAPPING ROMANCE ...

*Two stunning women, one with a head full of silver blond curly hair and the other with a mane of long silver streaked blond waves, enter together arm in arm. They take a moment to peruse the covers with sexy, bare-chested men on them. A few giggles erupt and they whisper to each other.*

Amy:  Hello Morgana ... nice to meet you, Melissandra, *shaking hands with each woman*
It's a real delight to have you both with us today. I've so enjoyed meeting you through Ms. Shields' stories about your lives and your adventures involving the Knights of the Fog.

Perhaps you would like to tell us a little bit about yourselves for those who might not have met you yet.

Melissandra: *the younger of the two sisters pats her wild mane of hair. The scent of patchouli wafts through the room.*
My name is Melissandra, and I’m the beautiful one.

Morgana: *the remaining sister and elder of the two, extends a hand.*
I’m the sane one.

Melissandra: *grins* If you're so sane, you would have let Sodor carry you up the mountain last week instead of claiming dignity.

*turns to me and shakes her head*
Who goes on an epic uphill hike and turns down a handsome immortal who offers to carry her?

Amy: *smiling sheepishly* I certainly wouldn't but then I'm not Morgana.

Um ... I noticed your appreciation of the gorgeous men that grace so many romance novels but you've got some gorgeous men surrounding you in Alameda and the amazing realms to which you've been allowed to visit. Have you any favorites among the Knights of the Fog? Perhaps you'd like to have one of your own. *wink*

Melissandra: Hell yes, I'd like one of my own!
*smacking her hands together, rubbing them together fast enough to ignite a fire*
Morgana: She's already got our vacation planned. *winks across the table at me*
But with all the patchouli the handsome knights will be able to smell her coming from a mile away and run for cover. 
*she smooths out her tye-dye dress and grins wickedly*
Which is when I plan on strolling into the portal realm smelling like roses.
Amy: *hiding a giggle behind my hand before clearing my throat*
I understand you're now wearing rings that provide you the same immortality that the Knights are afforded. Do you see this good fortune changing your lives any - other than living forever, that is?

Melissandra: Yeah, thank God I don't have to look any older than I do now. My niece already seems to think that I'm too old for most of the hotties I spot on the streets. *shaking her head in dismay*

Morgana: I'm still not sure if I'm going to use mine. *staring down at the jewel on her finger*

Melissandra: *glancing over at her sister with love and admiration*  Whatever you decide, sister, you know I am with you.

Morgana: *turning toward her sister, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips* I know.

Amy: *a little overwhelmed by the love these two sisters have for each other*
Ahem, well, you're both very brave ... I mean, you put yourself into the middle of battles with demons, dragons, and vampires. Now that you're immortal, do you see yourself continuing to fight alongside Sparrow, Rowen, Tera and Sabin or will you use it in some even more noble fashion?

Morgana: I said this once before and I'll say it again, knitters can kick ass, too!

Amy: *laughing*  I will never doubt that, Morgana!  *wink*
As sisters, you're obviously also best friends, and as Wiccans, your talents are extensive. So, I'm sure my readers are as curious as I am about what the future holds for you both. Has Ms. Shields given you any insight into your futures or have you cast any spells to see what's in store for you?

Morgana: *shaking her head* Not at all. The best part of life is being surprised. I don't want to know what's coming.

Melissandra: *smiling* Unless a Knight of the Fog has decided to come seduce me. Then I'd like a heads up to make sure I'm looking my foxiest, perhaps dye some of my gray strands to a ... less gray color.

Amy: *enjoying these lovely ladies so much* I'm sure that any one of the Knights would be more than happy to accept you as your beautiful self just the way you are, Melissandra.
You're both wonderful guests and I've so enjoyed having you visit today, is there any advice that you'd like to give me, and my dear readers, about living life to its fullest for you both certainly enjoy life very much?

Melissandra and Morgana put their heads together and in unison proclaim:


Amy: LOL! Truly great advice! Morgana, Melissandra, thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy day to join us here. May your days be filled with joy, laughter, and lots of gorgeous men!

Morgana and Melissandra:    Thanks Darling!

As they leave they giggle, loop arms and blow kisses over their shoulders!

Amy: Wow! They are so much fun!

I hope you've enjoyed our visit with these two amazing ladies that give a whole new meaning to sisterhood. To help Jaye Shield celebrate the release of her amazing new paranormal romance, SECRET OF THE SKY, in which the Reed Sisters play a role in helping rid the human realm of some very scary and evil creatures, we're going to have a GIVEAWAY!

I asked Morgana and Melissandra about immortality - I got the impression that it really wasn't something that is as inviting to them as we might think. How about you?
Leave me a comment giving me your thoughts on this topic to enter for a chance to win a digital copy of SECRETS OF THE SKY by Jaye Shields. Looking forward to your thoughts on immortality!
One Digital Copy of SECRETS OF THE SKY by Jaye Shields in any ebook format
Sparrow Reed might look like an angel, but she’s a witch with a back full of enchanted tattoos and she’s not afraid to use them. When her best friend’s life is threatened by an evil Goddess, Sparrow joins an epic battle against the demons sent to destroy her home. She never realized that the night she almost died, her life would truly begin.

Rowen Aerion of the Knights of the Fog was sent to the human realm to tip the balance in an unfair fight. But when he arrives on Alcatraz Island to aid the mortal humans, he sees an angel fighting demons. But she’s not an angel, she’s human. And according to a soothsayer, his love for her will mean her demise.

Sparrow is thrust into a world she never imagined existed, yet nothing thrills her like the handsome warrior who refuses her seduction. When Rowen’s rejection sends Sparrow into the arms of a dangerous rebel, Rowen must decide which is more dangerous, the oracle’s grim warning, or forsaking his heart’s sole desire.


**This Giveaway is OPEN TO EVERYONE - international included. (Void where prohibited by law).

**You must leave a comment and a valid email address to be entered in the Giveaway. Please remember the magic formula for entry:


**This Giveaway will run until 11:30PM EST, Friday, February 15, 2013, at which time one lucky commenter will chosen by randomizer to win a digital copy of SECRETS OF THE SKY by Jaye Shields. The winner will be notified by email and announced on a special Saturday post. If I do not hear from the winner by end of day Thursday, February 21, 2013, I will be forced to run the randomizer again and a new winner will be chosen from the remaining entries. Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

Happy Reading Everyone!

SECRETS OF THE SKY, book two in the Immortals In Alameda series by Jaye Shields, Crimson Romance, and available in ebook formats.

SECRETS OF THE FOG, book one in the Immortals In Alameda series by Jaye Shields, Crimson Romance, and available in ebook formats.



Amy Valentini said...

Jaye Shields, thank you so very much for allowing your lovely Reed sisters to visit and thank you for all your assistance. xoxo

A Tasty Reader said...

Thank you for hosting today's stop and for the fun interview with "the aunts". I would only take the immortality if the hubby and baby had rings too, I wouldn't want to stay here without them!

erin said...

Congrats to Jaye on the new release! Thanks for the fun post :) I think I'd take immortality, just to get through my TBR mountain range :)

Jaye Shields said...

Thanks for having me again, Amy! I love that you were reminded of Practical Magic. I'd never thought of that!

Erin, you're so cute, I bet we can all relate with the mountainous tbr pile!

Amy Valentini said...

A Tasty Reader, I have to agree with you - I would only enjoy immortality if my loved ones were also immortal. I wonder if that was something that Morgana was thinking about. Could there be someone from her past that she pines for? ; )

Amy Valentini said...

Jaye, you know how very welcome you are here! The aunts were such delights to have visit. xoxo

I agree about needing eternity to get through my TBR list too. You didn't leave an email - do you have this awesome book already? Hope so. I loved it! Thanks for stopping by. : )

bn100 said...

Sounds like it could be fun.


Rowena May O'Sullivan said...

Love the sound of your book. I loved Practical Magic too and I'm sure your book would be wonderful.

Mary Gorman said...

It sounds like a fun read, and I love the names of your characters!

Sara Gallagher said...

I think that if you were given a special ability along with immortality I think I would take it. Also if I had someone else that was immortal with me that I loved to be around. That way you won't end up lonely when everyone else is gone.

vicky dittmar said...

Thanks so much for the interview with the Aunts!!!! I loved every minute of it. After finishing Secrets of the Sky, I wanted more!!!!!!! And you gave it to me!!!!! Ooohh, I cannot wait until the next book. Thanks!!!!