Friday, February 15, 2013

Unwrapping: Review of A DEVIL'S TOUCH, a Devilish Vignette by Victoria Vane

I hope everyone had a romantic and sweet Valentine's Day! Just in time for Valentine's Day, Victoria Vane has released a sweet treat now available to everyone who has enjoyed the Devil DeVere series by Victoria Vane or anyone who has yet to try these devilishly delicious stories - the next installment of the Devilish Vignettes, which are companion shorts to the Devil DeVere series - A DEVIL'S TOUCH.

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.

A DEVIL'S TOUCH is an erotic romance vignette that can stand alone as a complete story, but also serves to bridge Book #4 THE DEVIL'S MATCH, and Victoria's forthcoming Book#5 JEWEL OF THE EAST (Salime and Simon's story)

Blurb for A DEVIL'S TOUCH: 

In her last month of pregnancy, Diana, Viscountess DeVere, has barely settled into her new life and role as "the devil" DeVere's wife, when her increasingly restless husband receives an urgent summons to London. When Diana inadvertently discovers a message he received from a known courtesan with whom he was formerly linked, she fears her marriage is over before it has begun.

                                        *                        *                      *                       *                         *

Diana, Viscountess DeVere, is starting to worry that her marriage is beginning to sour. She fears that Ludovic has become bored with her, bored with married life, and that her ever growing belly is presenting her as less than attractive to her handsome husband and his never-ending appetite for sexual adventure. Has he turned to someone else? Will she lose him even after only having just won his attentions and his love?

Eight months pregnant, feeling insecure, and because Ludovic hasn't made love to her in a while, Diana is feeling desperate. She fears that she is losing her beloved husband of only three months. So when Diana discovers a message from the exotic, beautiful, and sexually skilled Salime, she is sure that his sudden departure for London is more about satisfying his lustful needs rather than meeting up with an old friend.

A DEVIL'S TOUCH by Victoria Vane is the perfect bridge that fills in the blanks for those of us who have followed this series from the beginning, and a perfect introduction to the series as a stand alone for anyone who wants to just try a taste. Be forewarned - once you get a taste of the Devil DeVere, like chocolate, you'll not be able to stop. The timing is perfect for the release of this sweet story that shines a whole new light on the wickedly sexy, Ludovic DeVere. Not only does the story have a beautiful Valentine's Day ending but we find out how Simon and Salime are thrown together in anticipation of their own story - JEWEL OF THE EAST - coming soon!

As usual Victoria has invited us into the sexy world of the Devil DeVere, so unlike the first vignette - THE DEVIL IN THE MAKING - this vignette, A DEVIL'S TOUCH, is a very sexy addition to the series. If you're prudish and sway away from erotica, this one might not be for you. But, if you appreciate the love between Ludovic and his Diana, the adventurousness of this sexually charged man, and the devotion Diana has for him, you will appreciate, comprehend, and respect where Victoria takes the newlyweds in A DEVIL'S TOUCH.

I highly recommend this romantic, emotional, sex-charged Devilish Vignette, A DEVIL'S TOUCH by Victoria Vane, to anyone who just loves a sigh-worthy happy ending.

Happy Reading Everyone!

A DEVIL'S TOUCH, a Devilish Vignette by Victoria Vane, Amazon Digital, available now - Kindle ebook.


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