Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unwrapping: HUGE NEWS about the INSIDE OUT TRILOGY by Lisa Renee Jones

I just heard the best news ever from Lisa Renee Jones, author of the INSIDE OUT TRILOGY which you all know I rave over. Well, are you sitting down?

It's been optioned by STARZ NETWORK to be a cable television show!!!

Is that not amazing?!

Lisa was born under a lucky star. First, she published this awesome series herself, then she got picked up by Simon & Schuster to publish the rest and now it's going to be a cable television show.

E.L. James, hope you're green with envy!!

If you'd like to learn more about Lisa Renee Jones' news and her success, please click HERE.

Just had to share the news.

Still have a fabulous interview with Alexandrea Weis and #Giveaway of a Cajun Basket of Goodies and a copy of ACADIAN WALTZ happening so be sure to stop by.  xoxo


Happy Reading Everyone!


Book Savvy Babe said...

now see, this is the type of news I LOVE to hear! Congrats to Lisa Renee Jones, and I can not wait to see the show! Book Savvy Babes

Amy Valentini said...

I know!! Isn't it just the greatest news. Not only because this is such an amazing trilogy and Lisa is such awesome writer but because it shows that folks are paying attention to what's happening in the world of the romance genre. Brava Romantics! : )