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Unwrapping a Review of SHARP SHOOTIN' COWBOY, a Hot Cowboys Night novel by Victoria Vane

Okay, I admit it…I am a die-hard fan of Victoria Vane’s, whether it be her Georgian erotic romances or her contemporary cowboy romances. SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY, Victoria’s newest Hot Cowboy Nights novel, which releases tomorrow, proves it without a doubt.

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A Weary warrior…After eight years as a Marine sniper, war-scarred Reid Everett is back in his native Wyoming. He knows and loves this rugged land, so working for wildlife services to reduce the booming wolf population suits him to a T.

A Caring crusader…Wildlife biologist Haley Cooper is desperate to make a difference. Leaving the world of academia behind, she accepts a position as a wolf advocate to protect the animals she loves.

Raw attraction…Their jobs set them on a collision course, but chemistry sparks like wildfire between Reid and Haley. They’ll have to brave some rough territory if they hope to reconcile their polarizing views with a passion that won’t be denied.

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Two people with completely differing ideas about life and the value of life come together in a clash of passion. Haley Cooper has no use for men with guns, especially Marines. When he kills animals for food and to protect livestock, well, this just gives him even more strikes against him. Now, if only she can get him out of her head.

Reid Everett is a man of honor, a man of principle, and a man of the frontier. He’s lived his life with a gun in his hand, and went on to use that skill as a Marine sniper who has seen his fair share, and more, of death but values what’s necessary to keep the balance. Meeting Haley Cooper has him rethinking things even as he butts heads with her. His desire for her drives him to reconsider many things, including his tactics to win her heart.

Victoria Vane certainly knows how to write some sexy cowboys and some stand by her principles women. SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY is the third book in the Hot Cowboy Nights series and as with the first two books, we meet men with some old-fashioned ideas about what kind of women fit into their world, and then we meet the women who change their minds.

Haley is such a woman. She carries a passion for protecting the wildlife of this planet and cannot wrap her mind around how a man, who puts his life on the line to protect the freedoms of our country and others, can hunt animals, particularly wolves, in good conscience. Of course, her self-proclaimed prejudice against Marines doesn’t do much to gain him favor in her eyes, but Reid isn’t one to give up easily either. Compromise and understanding become the name of the game in this passionate, banter-filled relationship that constantly teeters on the edge of falling apart. A deep attraction and sexually charged desire keep them coming back together until love finally conquers their bullheadedness. I’m not going to give anything away but when you read the epilogue, you’ll discover yourself grinning from ear to ear.

It’s truly difficult for me to choose a favorite in this series and I suspect with each addition, it’s going to become even harder. The strength of Victoria's imagination and writing speaks for itself...and her cowboys rock the pages.

I highly recommend reading SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY by Victoria Vane. It’s a sweet, compassionate contemporary romance starring a sexy, sharp shooter cowboy turned Marine, who reveals just how honorable a man he truly is, and in a way, which will surely surprise you. Each novel in this series easily stands alone but this one does it the best. If you haven’t tested out the cowboy love of the Hot Cowboy Nights series yet, do it with SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY. I think you’ll have a very good time.

Happy Reading Everyone!

SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY, a Hot Cowboy Nights novel by Victoria Vane, Sourcebooks Casablanca, release date – June 2, 2015, available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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