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Unwrapping a Review of THE GIFT OF LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird

There is something about Peggy Bird’s creation of her characters, which always allows me to connect with them on a personal level. We first met Isabella Rodriguez in TRUSTING AGAIN…she was Marius’s friend for whom he bought the beautiful Cleopatra necklace created by his heroine. Now it’s Isabella’s turn in THE GIFT OF LOVE: A Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird, and it’s not going any easier for her this time than it did with Marius. Ahh…Marius…it’s not easy to forget a man like him, but then maybe a new man might just make it least for Isabella.

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


Isabella Rodriguez put her life on hold to return to Portland and take care of her ailing parents, but now they’re gone. When her four overbearing brothers confront her insisting it’s time for her to move on with her life and that they’re selling the house, it might just be Bella’s worst birthday ever. Luckily, an unexpected promotion and a transfer to Seattle might mean a bright new future awaits.

Tech consultant Taylor Jordan’s career is on a huge upswing and he’s sure to make partner soon. He has no time and little interest in a personal life, especially after an embarrassing breakup with his last girlfriend. But when he meets the gorgeous Bella at a business mixer, he can’t help but be intrigued.

Sparks fly between them immediately, but when Taylor discovers Bella was behind one of the most humiliating experiences of his life, will they be able to find a future together?

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Isabella, or Bella, as she prefers, wants to live her life on her terms not those set by her interfering older brothers. After the family home is sold, she is offered a fabulous opportunity to start up a branch of Makeup/Breakup, the company she writes letters for customers who don’t know what to say themselves. The only problem seems there is a neighborhood woman who is doing her best to block their opening in Seattle. As she tries to work through the business problems, life brightens delightfully when she meets Taylor Jordan…a gorgeous Viking god who has a penchant for organization.

The first time Taylor lays eyes on the gorgeous dark-haired beauty, he has to know who she is and how to meet her. When she appears in his office as one of his boss’s clients, he recognizes her as one of the women responsible for his ex-girlfriend leaving him and breaking up with him through a letter from some busybody business called Makeup/Breakup in Portland. Now he had a problem…the more he got to know her, the more he wanted to be with her but if she finds out what he’s done…well, it can be over before it gets started.

Peggy Bird does a wonderful job of conjuring endearing, realistic, and energetic characters, which draw you in, make you think of them as friends, and want only the best for them even when things look like they’re not going to work out well. THE GIFT OF LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel is just such a story. Isabella wants to put her trust in Taylor but sometimes, he just seems off in his behavior. She even wonders if he has a personality conflict problem because she never knows what to expect, but she has to admit he’s a Viking god and is mighty fine in bed. What she doesn’t know is he’s always walking on eggshells worrying about her learning the truth about what he’s done to hurt her business, or the kind of family life he survived.

I know Isabella Rodriguez. I know her need to do what she wants because she’s always done what her family has asked of her. It’s her turn now. It’s her life and she wants to be the best at what she does, and succeed on her own. She hasn’t been very lucky in love and so it’s time for that luck to change. Taylor Jordan is careful when it comes to trust so it’s time for him to give in to that need and to have others trust in him. They're perfect for each other...once they get past a few things.

THE GIFT OF LOVE by Peggy Bird is a quick read, sweet, and unusual in that it takes quite some time for the hero and heroine to finally come together in the same room but when it happens, sparks fly and you know beyond a doubt, they belong together. Peggy creates a wonderful, sweet story about two people who have both tried to create and lead their own lives with confidence and faith.

I highly recommend THE GIFT OF LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird to anyone who loves romance, romantic dates, and a guy who will totally step out of his comfort zone to prove to the woman he loves that he truly loves her. Taylor is smart, sexy, good looking, plans great dates, and really comes through to prove he is sorry. Love it.

Happy Reading Everyone!

THE GIFT OF LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird, Crimson Romance, release date – June 22, 2015, available in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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