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Unwrapping a Review & Promo for VAMPIRE LEGACY by Ella J Phoenix + #excerpt

I am a huge fan of the stories created by Ella J Phoenix and was eager enough to read VAMPIRE LEGACY, book four in the Dragon Heat series but honored when Ella asked me to copy edit it as well. We didn’t agree on everything but in the end, the result was her amazing story with a bit more polish, which I’m proud to have provided. Do check out the excerpt. 

***although I was involved in the editing, this story belongs completely to Ella, and when she provided a final eARC, it is in exchange for an honest and unscripted review. Wearing my reviewer hat here so other than mentioning that I found a few unrejected errors, I’m not going to discuss her writing.


When Tardieh discovers a letter from his late father, he opens a door to old memories. The letter from Petran is a tale of intrigue, attempted murder, and betrayal, but leaves more questions than answers in its wake.

Petran, the King of Vampires, an ancient monarch known for his cunning ploys and many lovers, knows the animosity between draconians and vampires is brewing in Romania. Upon discovering his draconian neighbor has fallen ill with a strange Curse, Petran is determined to discover the cause, and a cure. In doing so, he finds an unexpected ally in his neighbor’s daughter, a striking Draconian Duchess.

All Lady Natalia, the Duchess of Moldavia wants is to save her people from a Dragon Lord’s tyranny but she’s only a woman, who has no place meddling in politics. With his health failing, her father has big plans for her, so when the King of Vampires agrees to help her find a cure for the Curse plaguing her people and her father, Talia begins to see him as more than an old family friend. He awakens desires in her she knows she should not have but cannot resist, or deny him.

***Warning: this novel contains hot, steamy, descriptive sexual scenes. Enjoy***

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There’s always been tension between the vampires and the draconians throughout the centuries but it doesn’t mean friendships can’t be cultivated between some. Petran, the King of Vampires and Somenski, his neighboring draconian Lord have such a friendship so when Petran hears his old fire-breathing friend is nearing death’s door, he travels to visit the old dragon. Upon arriving, he is greeted by devastating sickness, a Curse as the draconians have taken to calling it, and a beautiful red-haired Duchess who sparks more than a passing interest in him.

Talia has been away in London at school but upon returning, she discovers some unknown disease is systematically killing off her people, and now her father has fallen ill as well. Life for her is turning in a fashion, which she cannot control, her father is dying, he wants to marry her off to the ruthless Lord Kalaur, and her loyalty to the rebel, Ivan Milek puts her life in danger if discovered. The King of Vampires is a man she should avoid but his offer to help her, his discovery of her connection to the rebels and willingness to keep silent, as well as her increasing desire for him, turns her life upside even more.

If you’ve read any of this amazing series, you know there was a strained relationship between Tardieh, the modern King of the Vampires and his father, the assassinated King of the Vampires. This is the story of what led up to Tardieh being taken captive and tortured by the devilish, Vrajitor before Zoricah rescued him and returned him to his castle where he discovered his father and family had been murdered. This is the story of Petran’s -- Tardieh’s father.

VAMPIRE LEGACY by Ella J Phoenix is action-packed, intrigue driven, and holds more twists and turns than the most thrilling roller coaster. I’m not going to give you any more than I have because this one has to be read to be experienced. There are many questions along the way, but so many answers as well, and then Ella leaves us with yet another mystery to carry us over into the next book. No worry, just as in the first three books, we get our happy ending.

I highly recommend VAMPIRE LEGACY, book four in the Dragon Heat series by Ella J Phoenix because it’s a riveting tale of paranormal adventure mixing old world with new, and it takes the reader on a page-turning journey that ends in a way you would never expect. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend you start at the beginning with DRAGON HEAT but if you love paranormal romance, this series is for you.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Excerpt from VAMPIRE LEGACY:

From the corner of his eye, he saw a slight change in Natalia’s posture. While the two dracos discussed what she should or should not do in preparation for her new life, Natalia kept quiet as tradition dictated, but Petran could sense her turmoil inside. Her eyes searched, her fingers twitched. It was clear that she was enjoying the conversation as much as he was.
Slowly, a plan formed in his head.
He had to protect his territory at all costs. If the marriage between the two draconian families brought them as one, Kalaur would have free passage to Petran’s lands, and that was too dangerous even to contemplate. No, he needed to stop the marriage, and there were only two means of doing so—finding another, equally profitable prospect for Kalaur, or making the lovely Natalia unfit for matrimony of high class. The latter seemed a much more attractive option. And why not? Deflowering such a beautiful rose was hardly a sacrifice in Petran’s mind. If any rumors of promiscuity would reach the ton, her future as Duchess of Cossack would be dismissed like a serf begging for money. Kalaur valued his reputation too much to jeopardize it with a disgraced bride. Poor Somenski would suffer the blow, of course, but there was little Petran could do to prevent that misfortune. He was fond of the old dragon, but not enough to risk his country for him. After all, losing a good neighbor was nothing compared to losing a crown.
“So, I’ll see you at the Open Games, Petran.”
Kalaur’s words brought him back from his machinations. “Yes, you certainly will,” he replied promptly. “Your opening ceremony has cost me a small fortune already.”
“How so?”
“My wife, Hillia, believes it is a fair reason to buy the entire dress collection from every single couture master in Paris,” Petran replied not bothering to feign his disgust. Then he turned his attention to his new target. “Are you planning on attending the games, milady?”
“I’d love to but I’m afraid my father won’t be fit enough to travel by then,” she replied softly.
“Nonsense,” her father grunted in disapproval. “I want you to go and enjoy your time there. This may be your last Open Games as a Somenski.”
“So may the Gods in Apa Sâmbetei allow you to be fit enough to go as well, old friend,” Petran added. “If Kalaur’s magician is as good as he claims, the cure is within reach.”
“Of course, he is as good as I claim him to be,” Kalaur barked, but didn’t explore Petran’s bait any further. “And I plan to officially announce the engagement at the closing ball, so you better be there Somenski.”
“I haven’t made up my mind yet,” Somenski replied. “I’m still considering your proposal, Kalaur. Don’t push me.”
“Fine but for once, my neighbor, time is not our friend.” Kalaur stood up and started making his way back to the balcony. “I must go now. Those godforsaken outlaws are driving my militia mad.”
“Are you still having trouble with the rebels?” Petran asked in a nonchalant manner, but he knew very well, Kalaur and his so-called invincible dragons were taking a beating.
“Not for long,” the draco grunted in reply. “They’ll soon feel what it really means to oppose their Lord.”
Petran nodded in acknowledgement and watched Kalaur step out of the balcony and jump. After a heartbeat, a large black dragon emerged from the shadows and disappeared into the waterfall.
“I thought dragons weren’t allowed to shift at whim anymore,” Petran stated with a blank face. “Shouldn’t he have asked your permission first, Somenski, since he’s in your lands?”
Somenski threw his head back and let out a loud laugh. Yes, of course it had been a joke, just like Kalaur’s reign.
“Kalaur’s laws apply to anyone but him,” Natalia muttered quietly.
So she does have a mind of her own. Interesting.
“Oh, my Talia, you won’t be doing me any favors by antagonizing Kalaur,” Somenski warned softly. “He may be my only chance for a cure.”
“I pray for Apa Dobrý every night, father,” Natalia replied. “They wouldn’t be so cruel to strand you this way.”
For a moment, Petran let himself admire the good daughter Natalia had become, and a hint of envy unsettled his heart. If only his own son was as compliant as she was. Tardieh refused to learn, to abide by Petran’s instructions. He was as indifferent to the rules as the rebels who ransacked the draconian states.
“Well, old sod, I too must be on my way,” Petran said standing up. “I don’t have rebels to deal with but I must find shelter for myself and my kind before sunrise.”
“Nonsense,” Somenski bellowed, then coughed furiously. When it subsided, he carried on. “You will spend the day here. I have enough dark rooms in this castle and Talia has already arranged proper accommodations for you and your entourage. I will not take no for an answer.”
Petran was counting on that. “If that is your will, your lordship,” he replied bowing low in friendly mockery. “I will not refuse.”
Somenski let out another loud laugh, and this time he managed to hold off the coughing fit. “You dare mock me in my own house, you blood sucking fool!”
“Of course, where else would I do it?” he replied with an impish shrug.
More laughter reverberated in the room and Petran’s was in the mix. His gaze met Lady Natalia’s for a fleeting moment. A shy smile lifted the corner of her cheeks. By Apa Dobrý, she was truly beautiful. He definitely understood why Kalaur was rushing to take her as his wife. But now Petran was in the race, and judging by the way her grey eyes gazed at him, Kalaur had a serious contender against him.

About the Author:
from Ella...

I was just nine years old when I discovered my passion for the paranormal world. That passion led me to a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts where I had my first taste in writing, conjuring children’s plays and re-writing Shakespearean masterpieces to suit the modern times (Yes, he’s still cringing in his grave).
After years travelling around the world, translating other people’s novels and devouring paranormal romances, I realized the real world wasn’t fun without a touch of magic, and decided to purge my own crazy stories into paper, well, into word doc, to be more precise.
My busy life with a demanding full time job and a very loving husband (I’m so not complaining!) doesn’t allow me much spare time, but somehow every night I find myself in front of the computer, exorcising the millions of stories stored in my sanity-challenged mind.
My novels are tales of love and passion between strong female leads and hot heroes, bathed in paranormal magic, of course.
I live in Sydney, Australia, the land of koalas (which are not bears), kangaroos (which are not boxing champions) and Vegemite (a black spread that should have never been invented. Seriously, don’t try it).
If you want to know what I’m up to, just look for me on Facebook and Twitter.  

VAMPIRE LEGACY, a Dragon Heat novel by Ella J Phoenix, self-publish, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and AllRomanceEbooks.

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