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Unwrapping a Review of THE SPACE CAPTAIN'S COURTESAN, an Omega Galaxy novel by KC Klein

I love science fiction, I love romance, and so when you put the two together, I am in seventh heaven and THE SPACE CAPTAIN’S COURTESAN of the Omega Galaxy series by KC Klein kept me there from the first page to the last. I had such a great time reading this wonderful story. KC Klein never disappoints me.

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Mya is having a crap day.

Princess Mya Centauri is stranded and alone on the shady Bates Space Station. With rumors of her father's dethronement escalating, she needs more than her wits and entitlement to protect her--she needs a hero. So when she unexpectedly finds herself mistaken for some whore by Centauri's most notorious assassin, and at one time her father's most trusted man, she decides things can only get worse.

Jax is having a crap decade.

Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Captain Jax Rouss, an ex-Royal Guard, is now an escaped prisoner with a price on his head. Embittered after years of trying to clear his name, Jax wants nothing to do with the family he once swore to protect. So when he wakes up to find that the sweet, smelling patron-pleaser he's purchased is not only lovely, but already in his bed, he decides things can only get better.

But with lives at stake and kingdoms in jeopardy, Mya will do anything to convince the one man who hates the Royal family above all else to become her hero, even if it means being the one thing he can't resist...The Space Captain's Courtesan.

~*~             ~*~             ~*~             ~*~

Princess Mya was sent away from her home on Centauri for her own safety, only now alone after her aunt died, she’s stranded on the Bates Space Station and trying desperately to fend for herself and earn enough credits to get passage home. Thievery is not beneath her at this point and the best victims are those who will cause the least trouble…the ones recovering from stasis. Having managed to enter her latest victim’s room, she finds he’s not only not completely unconscious but expecting a patron-pleaser…or courtesan. When it becomes apparent he's not going to let her leave until he gets what he paid for, she has no choice but to knock him out. Before he's completely out, he makes sure she can't leave, and to make things worse, she knows him…he’s the Royal Guard on whom she’s had a crush for years and the man accused of trying to kill her father.

Captain Jax just wants to recover from stasis and be on his way again. Having pre-paid for a patron-pleaser seemed like a good idea at the time, and the one sent to his room is more than he’d hoped for except she wants to leave and he’s not ready for what she came there to offer. After snapping current cuffs on her and attaching them to himself, he passes out only later to find himself dragged aboard his ship. Then she asks him to fly her to Centauri, the last place in space he ever planned to go again after having been framed for an attempted assassination of the King he vowed to protect. When he discovers the truth of her identity, his determination to stay as far away from her and her family pulls him in closer until his heart and his honor won’t allow him to escape.

THE SPACE CAPTAIN’S COURTESAN by KC Klein is an action adventure through space, visits to places less than desirable for vacations or even brief stops, and intrigue that will keep you turning the pages and hoping things work out the way you hope. KC is wonderful at conjuring up characters that pull you in, make you wish them to be your friends, and desire only happiness for them. Mya and Jax are those kinds of characters and there are times when you’re not sure things are going to turnout the way you want, which keeps you turning the pages even more addictively.

As science fiction, THE SPACE CAPTAIN’S COURTESAN is exemplary with its unusual settings, modern yet old-fashioned living style and technology, and almost medieval punishments. As a romance, Jax is a charming yet irritating hero who frustrates so delightfully, you want to knock him in the head, and then kiss it to make it better. Mya is perfection in a match for Jax because she's just as stubborn but so in love, even as she despises him at times. I love how it has a Firefly feel to it. So there you are, if you’re a fan of Firefly, and that space western kind of atmosphere, you’ll love this book. Jax carries himself in that Captain Mal way and is just as stubborn and sexy, while Mya is thoroughly princess but with the desire and heart of a courtesan like Inara.

I highly recommend reading THE SPACE CAPTAIN’S COURTESAN, an Omega Galaxy novel by KC Klein because it’s an adventure, escapism, and even if you’re not a fan of science fiction, if you love romance, you will love Jax and Mya’s story…a fairy tale space story.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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