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Unwrapping a Review of JUST ONE TASTE, a Pine Mountain novella by Kimberly Kincaid

Kimberly Kincaid always manages to create such endearing characters with such depth that we can’t help but involve ourselves in their emotions, their plights, their anxieties, and cheer as they fall in love. She always manages to pack so much into her novellas that you forget they’re not full-length. JUST ONE TASTE, a Pine Mountain novella is just such a story.

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A little home improvement can go a long way…

Jesse Oliver was a medic in Afghanistan, but back home in Pine Mountain he’s happy to switch gears as the Double Shot bar’s new sous chef. When his apartment floods and his old Army buddy offers the family’s dilapidated lake house as temporary quarters, Jesse thinks a little remodeling on the creaky duplex sounds like a fair return favor. That’s before he sets eyes on the gorgeous woman moving into the other side of the cabin—and discovers she’s his buddy’s kid sister, a.k.a totally off limits.

Kat McMarrin has fought hard for her space, and she’s not too interested in sharing it. Of course, her job as a physical therapist means she won’t see much of Jesse, even if he’s a few thin floorboards away—unless she seeks him out. And with his sculpted body and slow-burn gaze, she might be tempted. Maybe the fixer-upper projects she has planned for the cabin will keep her mind off him. Or maybe her instincts to strip the place down will get out of hand…

~*~            ~*~            ~*~            ~*~

Kat and Jesse are two of kind…neither are looking for love, a relationship, or commitment. Both carry insecurities as baggage and both seek to carve out a place of their own where the past won’t hurt so much. When Jesse needs a place to stay after a major leak in his apartment, his Army buddy Gabe, who is also Kat’s brother, offers him shelter at the duplex lake house recently inherited by Kat and Gabe. Seeing that she lived in the same building of the flood, Kat decides take up residence at the duplex as well only didn’t say anything to Gabe. She hadn’t planned to share the space with anyone, especially a good-looking guy with a body she wishes she could stop looking at but simply enjoy the peace and quiet, and work on much needed renovations. Finally, they decide to work together on the renovations and find they enjoy it, and eventually each other. The heat created between these two starts to bring about a hot glow, which far outshines any newly polished wood.

There’s nothing better than a story based on small town characters that always seem to know everyone else’s business, and Kimberly creates this atmosphere better than anyone I know. Her characters are people I would love to know in real life and they always manage to touch my heart. Jesse and Kat are two such characters. Jesse carries so much angst, guilt, and regret after his time in Afghanistan on top of the wounds embedded typically in a child of a drug addict. You feel his pain as if it’s your own and Kimberly handles it wonderfully. Kat is a typical Army brat who is used to never staying in one place for too long and yearns for just that. She wants stability, to be dug in, and a place she can call her own, and home.

These two people are so alike and yet so different, you can’t help but want them to get together. They butt heads…Kat being the butt-r more than the butt-e but in the end, they help each other overcome the obstacles that keep their hearts closed off, and come together for once they get a taste of togetherness, there’s no turning back because JUST ONE TASTE is not enough. Thank goodness.

I highly recommend this sweet, sassy, steamy, and as usual for Kimberly Kincaid, deliciously sexy novella very much in the fashion of, and a great addition to, the Pine Mountain series.

Happy Reading Everyone!

JUST ONE TASTE, a Pine Mountain novella by Kimberly Kincaid, Kensington Publishing, releasing May 26, 2015 in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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