Friday, October 31, 2014

Unwrapping a Review of GABE, book two in the Men of Clifton Montana series by Susan Fisher-Davis

I’m very excited because one of my clients, Susan Fisher-Davis, has a brand new release coming on Monday, November 3rd – GABE, book two in the Men of Clifton Montana series. My love of this book might be a bit biased but in putting on my reader cap, I’m going to be as honest and unscripted in my review as possible. It’s really good though!!

Blurb for GABE:

Gabe Stone can’t get Emma Conner out of his mind, even though he knows she’s not the kind of woman to settle for a fling. Having known Emma all her life, he never noticed how grown up she’d become - until now.

Emma has been in love with Gabe forever. When he finally shows her the attention she’s always hoped for, she falls even deeper in love with him, and soon discovers she’s pregnant. Gabe does right by her. He marries her, and eagerly awaits their baby, but Emma can’t help but wonder if he will ever love her or only the baby?

When danger revisits Clifton, Montana, Gabe discovers the heart can hold a lot of love. But he wonders if he can convince Emma his love is real. And if he succeeds, will she love him in return?

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Emma Conner has been in love with Gabe Stone for so long she cannot imagine being in love with anyone else, but since she’s grown up he seems to do whatever he can to steer clear of her - until recently, that is. Ever since a crazy man kidnapped and nearly killed her friend, Becca, Gabe has been hanging around and when he seduces her, Emma is done for completely. Her heart completely belongs to Gabe but she refuses to allow him control until she discovers she’s pregnant. Gabe takes control all right, he insists on marrying her and won’t take no for answer.

Gabe Stone never thought about settling down but ever since he held little Emma Conner in his arms after she was nearly brutalized by a mad man, he can’t seem to get her out of his head. She is not the kind of woman he could just have casual sex with, but he desires her more than he could ever imagine. When she succumbs to his advances, he finds himself nearly obsessed with her but when she learns she’s pregnant, he knows he can never let her or the baby go. When someone threatens her life, he discovers he would never allow anyone or anything hurt the woman who has claimed his heart.

GABE by Susan Fisher-Davis is a wonderful story about discovering your perfect match is right under your nose where you just hadn’t thought to look before. Gabe is a rough and tumble kind of guy but Emma brings out the caring, tender, and very reliable side no one else really thought was there. Susan has created a family and town of people who endear themselves to your heart quickly and honestly. Clifton, Montana is an imaginary place but one you’ll wish exists for its homespun, welcoming feel and the Stone brothers, well, they're the men you wish truly existed.

I admit as the editor of this story, I watched Gabe and Emma come to life but sincerely, this is a story which will keep you turning the pages, and cheering this at first unlikely couple on to their happily ever after. We get to revisit the characters we met in JAKE and are introduced to a few new ones. We’re treated to steamy love scenes between Gabe and Emma, which will make you smile as Gabe introduces the innocent Emma to things she’d only dreamed about doing. And of course, there’s the incorrigible Olivia Roberts who as a friend and defender, keeps Emma on her toes, and Gabe’s eyes on her for fear of losing precious body parts.

I highly recommend GABE by Susan Fisher-Davis to everyone but if you read JAKE, you’ll definitely want to read GABE. For everyone else, GABE as well as JAKE do very well as stand-alone reads. If you love a good romance with humor, sexy love scenes, and a couple who you know are destined for each other and you want more than anything to see them stay together, then GABE is for you.

Happy Reading Everyone!

GABE, a Men of Clifton Montana novel by Susan Fisher-Davis, Secret Cravings Publishing, releasing November 3, 2014 in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks, and Smashwords.
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