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Stop on the Tasty Virtual Book Tour for UNMASKING LOVE, a Holiday for Romance Novel by Peggy Bird + #Giveaway

Welcome to my review stop on the Tasty Virtual Book Tour for UNMASKING LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird. Already a huge fan of Peggy’s amazing characters and stories, I am truly enjoying this series built around holiday fun. Can you guess which holiday we are treated to in this one? Stay tuned for a fun giveaway after my review.

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review


Getting a life do-over in the small theater town of Ashland, Oregon, has suited lawyer Julie Payne to a T. After ten years in the Portland prosecutor’s office, she’s enjoying her new, easy lifestyle, and she’s not looking for any complications.

Trace Watkins comes to town seeking the same refuge from life as a big city banker. A new job might make Ashland his permanent address, and he likes what he sees of the place, especially when he meets Julie one hot Halloween night.The sparks fly instantly between the costumed couple, and Julie and Trace waste no time connecting beneath the sheets while literally hiding behind their masks.

But when the holiday hook-up ends, their real identities present a serious snag: Trace manages the bank Julie happens to be suing. The only way they can turn this trick into a treat is if both of them are willing to face their pasts and finally bury the skeletons in their closets.

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Julie ‘Greer’ Payne feels she has no choice but to leave her dream position in the Portland prosecutor’s office after falling victim to the manipulations of a man who she believed cared for her. On the way home to California, car trouble sidelines her in Ashland, Oregon. In just the few days she spends in this wholesome and inviting town, Julie decides it’s as good a place as any to start over – new job, new name (she drops Greer for her true name, Juliet/Julie), and very quickly makes new friends. Life is good and when Halloween comes, she decides to throw a party to get to know the rest of the town.

Trace Watkins comes to Ashland with the idea of a new job, and a quieter life from that in Portland. It happens to be Halloween and his old college buds talk him into dressing as a Shakespearean character and going with them to a Halloween party. Only planning to stay a short time, he has no interest in such things until he sees his Juliet across the room. Mesmerized and intrigued, he must find out who she is and meet her. When she disappears and the crowd moves outside to watch a parade, he finds her again. What happens next is only the beginning of a wonderful romance, a town mystery, and a steamy love match as sweet as any amount of Halloween treats, or is it all just a trick of the heart?

UNMASKING LOVE by Peggy Bird is a fun, sweet, romantic, and definitely deliciously sexy story centered around one of the most fun holidays, and when Margo Keyes and her hubby, Tony Alessandro show up, everything comes to head. I can't help but thank the writing gods for Peggy's decision to put Trace and Tony in the same pages. (I have a huge crush on Tony.) I only wished he’d hung around a little longer, although having sexy Trace around made up for it. The banter between Trace and Julie is fun, intimate, teasing, and very sexy.

I enjoy the way Peggy has branched this series out of her original Second Chance series so we are treated to visits with those wonderful characters as well as making new acquaintances. Great characters I don’t mind visiting with any time. Tony can come to my house whenever he wants and stay as long as he wishes.

I highly recommend treating yourself to the wonderful and sweet holiday romance, UNMASKING LOVE by Peggy Bird. You might even think yourself tricked a bit when you find out there’s a bit of evil lurking among the pages. I have to admit I was only half tricked, but it was definitely part of the fun.

Happy Reading Everyone!

About the Author:

Peggy Bird lives in the Pacific Northwest where she sets most of her novels. To stay out of trouble—and the rain—she writes stories about smart women and sexy men and creates the occasional piece of glass art.

If you’d like to learn more about Peggy and her fabulous books, please visit her website, and feel free to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, she’d love it.


UNMASKING LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird, Crimson Romance, available now in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

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Peggy Bird said...

Thanks for having me on your lovely blog today, Amy. I'm so glad you liked "Unmasking." Not to tease (much) but I can hardly wait for you to read the New Year's Eve book and meet Dominic. I think he'll give Tony a run for his money!

Amy Valentini said...

You're very welcome, Peggy.
Really, Dominic can give Tony a run for his money, eh? Can't wait!!
Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

Tasty Book Tours said...

Thank you so much for hosting today!

Anita Yancey said...

I would go as a princess. Thanks for having the giveaway.