Friday, September 12, 2014

Unwrapping a Review of KISS OF WRATH, a Deadly Angels novel by Sandra Hill

KISS OF WRATH is the fourth Vangel book in the Deadly Angels series by Sandra Hill, and it’s very possible this one will touch the heart harder and with more angst than any has so far.

***I purchased this one in print for my own personal reading and am sharing my honest and unscripted review.

Blurb for KISS OF WRATH:

No wicked wenches or wild rampages…it's been centuries since Mordr the Berserker was turned into a Vangel-a Viking Vampire Angel-as punishment for his sin of wrath, and he's been frustrated ever since. It's not so bad being stuck in modern-day Las Vegas. What better place to slay Lucipires, or demon vampires, than the original Sin City. But then Mordr Sigurdsson's mission is expanded to a new assignment: protect lust-worthy Miranda Hart.

Miranda's well-ordered life turned into chaos when she unexpectedly inherited her late cousin's five children. Now, her cousin's dangerous husband is about to be paroled, and she needs a miracle to keep them all safe.That miracle arrives on her doorstep in the form of a very buff, handsome man with a very strange name. Mordr wants nothing to do with a red-haired wench or children. Miranda wants nothing to do with gorgeous hunk who claims to be a Viking.

As Miranda and Mordr give in to temptation, they must decide if they fit in each other's worlds-before their enemies close in on them.

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Miranda Hart never expected to become a mother overnight and certainly not to five rambunctious children – three boys and two girls. Now she’s got a full house, and has just discovered the children’s dangerous father is about to be released from a prison halfway house. She also needs a new nanny for the kids, preferably one who can keep them safe as well as well-behaved. So far, none of the candidates has been the answer to her prayers, at least until she comes home to discover a gorgeous Viking ruling the house with an iron hand.

Mordr Sigurdsson is not a happy Viking Vampire Angel. He hasn’t been a man of good humor since he came home from a-Viking to discover his village destroyed, and his children brutally murdered. Seeking vengeance, Mordr allowed the Sin of Wrath to swallow him by way of his grief, and so Michael the Archangel gave him the chance to become a Vangel and work off his sin or head straight to Hell and into the clutches of Satan. Mordr, along with his six brothers, decided to take on the mission of the VIK, but now Michael’s given him a new mission – Miranda Hart. Not only is he supposed to protect a woman who has sparked his libido for the first time in over a thousand years, but she also has five children who remind him every moment of his beloved own, and their brutal deaths. He’s wondering how he’ll survive it all even as he begins to care about the sexy redhead and her five bratlings.

Sandra Hill brings a sense of intense grief to Mordr, which immediately has us wanting to hug him and give him comfort in his loss of his darlings, Kata and Jomar, but which also helps us understand his Sin of Wrath. His grief for them is so strong he carries it even as he tries to deal with the five Jessup children – touching them, especially little Linda, makes him feel faint. Yes, faint.

KISS OF WRATH by Sandra Hill is a wonderful addition to the Deadly Angels series featuring the sexiest Vangels, or Vampire Angels, to grace the pages of a book series. Even with the angst of grief, the fear of children in danger, and Mordr’s Sin of Wrath, which he uses to battle the Lucipires or demon vampires, Sandra gives us humor and levity to offset the touchingly sad aspects of Mordr Sigurdsson’s story. The cast of characters in this Deadly Angels novel goes beyond the usual and even the unusual. The children are the funniest, most annoying, delightful, and lovable kids ever and it’s not difficult to understand how both Miranda and Mordr fall head over heels in love with them all.

I highly recommend KISS OF WRATH, book four of the Deadly Angels series by Sandra Hill to all who love paranormal, to all who are fans of Lynsay Sand’s Argeneau series, and to anyone who hasn’t dipped their toes into the world of the slightly fantastic but still true to life reality, created by this talented author. Even if you aren’t a fan of paranormal, or have never tried any, check out the Deadly Angels series and do yourself a favor by falling in love with the sexiest Viking Vampire Angels ever, and learn their stories – sin by sin.

Happy Reading Everyone!

KISS OF WRATH, a Deadly Angels novel by Sandra Hill, Avon Romance, available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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