Friday, July 11, 2014

Unwrapping a Review of GODS AND GLADIATORS by Jaye Shields

Looking for something fabulous to read on a summer afternoon while relaxing or on a rainy evening while summer storms rage outside, the novella, GODS AND GLADIATORS by Jaye Shields will fit the bill perfectly.

***Original copy provided for editing by author and my honest and unscripted review is my own - I would've loved it even if I didn't edit it.


When the Olympian Gods contest that the Romans aren’t nearly as mighty as they think they are, Ares, the God of War, is the first one to prove it by spending a month as a Roman. Ares arrives in Rome as a Gladiator, thrilled to have a human body in which to kick some ass. His first chance at Gladiator glory is to reenact the slaughter of the Sabines but when Ares spots a beautiful slave with eyes blazing with courage, he refuses to tear through the defenseless prisoners.

Eirana of the Gauls is only one of hundreds of women taken as slaves by the Romans. Weaponless and starved for days, she’s forced into the coliseum to be symbolically massacred. She’s seen the infamous Gladiators in action enough to know there will be no mercy. But then something incredible happens, one Gladiator chooses to protect the defenseless women. He claims to be a God, but he bleeds just like a human.

Eirana is the most incredible being Ares has ever seen. With only a month in the human realm, the God refuses to leave until knowing she is safe. But if he can conquer the Romans keeping her as a slave, will his heart still be able to let her go?

*                 *                  *                 *                 *

The gods on Olympus are unhappy that the humans in the Roman realm have stopped honoring them with worship and celebration so when Eris, the goddess of Chaos offers up a game, Ares, the god of War takes up her challenge to spend one month among the humans to get them to once more worship the gods as they deserve.

Ares descends in human form to battle in the Coliseum, only once there, he discovers more than the Romans depravities of killing helpless women and children, he discovers love.

Eirana, a Gaul prisoner of the Romans strives to survive life beneath the deadly arena, but when a Roman gladiator named Ares saves her life and the lives of the other women, she discovers more than a hero. She encounters a god and falls in love.

GODS AND GLADIATORS by Jaye Shields is an 
extraordinary journey through time to a place of danger, helplessness, and brutal savagery, but where love triumphs. This well-written story about unexpected love developing amidst action-filled scenes, which expertly conjure amazing images of battle and destruction, will have you begging for more. The battles come to life before your very eyes, rather than just on the pages of a book. Jaye creates a wonderful romance between a warrior who has only known death, and an innocent woman who has witnessed more death than she should ever in her lifetime. Neither expects to survive yet they surrender their hearts and their bodies to each other at a time when only death may be their future outcome.

I highly recommend this wonderful novella from the author who brought you the thrilling paranormal romances, the Immortals in Alameda Trilogy and the erotic Sex Demon Trilogy. If you love the ancient world, mythology, and romance then you must read GODS AND GLADIATORS by Jaye Shields. I watched this story grow and refine as I assisted her in editing but it was Jaye, and Jaye alone, that brought Ares and Eirana’s story to life.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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Jaye Shields said...

Thanks so much for helping me spread the word about this release :)

Amy Valentini said...

You're so very welcome! You know what a fan I am!
This is a must read for all romance lovers. xoxo

Barbara Ann said...

Hi, Amy, I have this book now and am in the middle of reading it. I've become an avid fan of watching Spartacus on the Syfy channel, and was looking for a good romance involving gladiators. I enjoyed your review and so far am liking this novella as well (even though I usually don't read novellas, but prefer longer works.

Amy Valentini said...

So glad you're enjoying it, Barbara Ann. Love to know what you thought of it. Don't you wish it had been a full-length. I keep telling Jaye, she needs to write a sequel. ;-)

Thanks for coming by!