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Unwrapping a Review for NIGHT OF THE FALLEN, book two in the Dark Tides series by Diana Bocco

Having read CITY OF THE FALLEN, book one in the Dark Tides series by Diana Bocco, I was enthralled with the post-vampire world she’d created, and because of the cliffhanger ending, in desperate need to know what happens next. So when I heard NIGHT OF THE FALLEN, book two in the Dark Tides series was releasing, I got so excited to read it, I even squeezed it in while reading another. I wasn’t disappointed – well, I was a little bit, but not in the story. I will explain.

** Spoiler alert: if you haven’t read CITY OF THE FALLEN, book one in the Dark Tides series by Diana Bocco, please don’t read any further because there are spoilers in this review. I highly advise you read this book first and then follow with NIGHT OF THE FALLEN. You’ll be as hooked as me in no time.

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review


Isabelle’s mission seemed so clear: kill the king of the vampires to give humanity a fighting chance. Except she didn’t count on falling in love with him. And she didn't realize he held secrets that could actually end up saving the human race.

As the kingdom falls and Isabelle’s heart is torn between two worlds, everything changes. There’s something more dangerous out there, a plague that might destroy both humans and vampires alike. The only way to survive it might be to find a truce between species.

Peace will require the ultimate sacrifice.

And change the future of the world forever.

*              *                *                *                *

If you read CITY OF THE FALLEN, book one in the fabulous series called the Dark Tides by Diana Bocco then you know we left Marcus and his troops fighting rabids and that Isabelle escaped in a car. They’d each realized they were in love with the other and Belle knows she needs to help Marcus and his scientists solve the problems of the vampires in order to save the human race. In NIGHT OF THE FALLEN, we catch up to Marcus, Miles and his men returning to the compound to find all of the humans under their protection have perished at the hands of the rabids, and Belle is missing. Marcus is beside himself worrying that Patrick may have taken Belle as a means of controlling him and exacting revenge. Relief is his when he’s told a car is missing and now Marcus has a suspicion of where she may have headed.

Belle hadn’t wanted to leave the compound, but she knew there was very little she could do to save the other humans, and Marcus would want her to protect herself even as she feared for his safety. Using the terrifying knowledge she'd gained of the rabids to traverse the distance between the king’s compound and the house where she’d left her family and friends, Belle makes her way home. Her welcome home carries mixed feelings and even more pessimism when she tells them about the rabids, and tries to convince them the vampires are not the monsters they thought and are actually allies rather than enemies.

When her brother learns the truth about her relationship with Marcus, Belle has to trust him to help her convince the others they must listen to Marcus and allow the vampires to give them protection.

It seems Diana had a lot of problems working her way through this block of the series and postponed the release a couple of times before finally giving us this much. I will warn you that this is only part of the story. The rest will come in a second release in August. Will I be in line to read it? Hell yes! NIGHT OF THE FALLEN by Diana Bocco may not be complete right now but I have no doubt Diana is going to treat us to even more action, romance, and excitement as the vampires and humans team together to fight Patrick and the rabids.

I love this story, I love this series, and if you’re into vampires, post-apocalyptic worlds, and undying love then you need to experience the Dark Tides series starting with CITY OF THE FALLEN and continuing with NIGHT OF THE FALLEN. Yes, the released edition right now isn’t complete but Diana promises if you purchase it now, you will get Part Two in the updated version through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple when it releases in August for FREE. I don’t know how Kobo is handling it but it is available. Any way you do it, it’s worth reading and catching up for when book three comes along. I can't wait.

I highly recommend if you read CITY OF THE FALLEN, you must read NIGHT OF THE FALLEN by Diana Bocco and if you haven’t experienced this amazing story yet – DO! My little bit of disappointment came when the story ended and there was so much more I wanted to have happen. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and book three – I’m already excited for your arrival. I’ll be back to update this review after I’ve read NIGHT OF THE FALLEN, part deux!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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