Monday, January 6, 2014

Unwrapping a Review of SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD, a Renegade Royals novel by Vanessa Kelly

I first discovered the writing of Vanessa Kelly through LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, a novella that introduced me to The Renegade Royals series. After reading that delightful novella, I knew I wanted to continue with her first full-length novel, SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD.    

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In this witty, sensual new series, Vanessa Kelly introduces the Renegade Royals, illegitimate sons of the Royal Princes who are finding their rightful places in society…

Accomplished spy Aden St. George prefers to stay away from the frivolous ton, especially after the way his mother was used by the Prince Regent. But his latest mission compels him to guard unconventional, vibrant Lady Vivien Shaw. Rescuing her from kidnappers was easy. Resisting her beauty is not. Duty demands he keep an eye on her—and naturally, his lips soon follow. For someone who views entanglements as a weakness, this is pure, delicious folly…

Though grateful for Aden’s help, Vivien has secrets she must keep hidden. Yet with her abductors still at large, she needs Aden’s protection almost as much as she craves his touch…

*             *              *              *              *

Lady Vivien Shaw had been kidnapped, manhandled, and treated as no woman of her standing should ever be treated.

Aden St. George was charged with rescuing her but soon discovered why Vivien is so highly regarded by the ton as a most sought after prize. His mission extended beyond her rescue and has now entangled him in a situation fraught with intrigue, danger, and the battle within himself to resist her beauty and the need to have her for his own.

From the moment these two meet in the dank deplorable caves in which Lady Vivien was held, there’s an indisputable attraction, one that neither wish to acknowledge or avoid. SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD by Vanessa Kelly is fast-paced, and cleverly crafted to keep us guessing as to who the real villain is, yet it treats us to a couple who fall head over heels in love while trying to deny their feelings.

In the mode of classic historical romances, Aden as a hero is everything we want him to be. He’s to fall in love with charming even as he carries his own personal demons, which stem from the circumstances of his birth and the walls he’s built around his heart to keep from being hurt any further. His loyalty to Dominic and his need to protect Vivien is unwavering and that alone makes him most swoon-worthy.

I will say that I might have chosen a different title for this story but that aside, SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD, book one in The Renegade Royals series by Vanessa Kelly is a romance reader’s delight. With its fast-pace, its intrigue, and cleverly woven mystery as well as the lethal danger that surrounds Lady Vivien, and the maniacal lengths of which the bad guy goes to reach his goals, Vanessa has created a read that will satisfy even the most picky of historical romance readers.

I highly recommend SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD by Vanessa Kelly and if you haven’t already read LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, the story that introduces Dominic, then by all means do so before Griffin’s story comes along – one I’m truly looking forward to as well.

Happy Reading Everyone!

SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD, a Renegade Royals novel by Vanessa Kelly, Zebra Books, release date – January 7, 2014, available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Dalila G. said...

Happy Monday Amy!
I really enjoy reading any books by Vanessa, they're just tops in my world!
I first found out about Vanessa Kelly by reading SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL. After that book I needed to find all of her books and search them out I did.
I found out that this book was a book in a series, THE STANTON FAMILY.
I read any historical she writes, her new releases are always a 'must-have' for me. Her new series, THE RENEGADE ROYALS, is definitely another series of hers that I'm looking forward to reading. :-)

Amy Valentini said...

I know, Dalila, she writes her stories with such class. I'm totally hooked. You're going to love the Renegade Royals series. Enjoy!

Shauni S said...

Great review Amy!

I fall more in love with each story! I too am looking forward to her next book.

And her continuous tease of Dominic's story...

kipha said...

LOL The title is intriguing but I'll probably have to save that thought until I get my hands on the book to see if I have the same thought as you do Amy.