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Unwrapping a Review of FALLING AGAIN, a Second Chances novel by Peggy Bird

It’s always sad to see a series end but I do have to admit that I am very much going to miss the characters of the Second Chances series by Peggy Bird more than most. I was hooked on this series from the first one I read, which happened to be the second book in the series – LOVING AGAIN – but I was quick to read the first – BEGINNING AGAIN – so that I was caught up. Now after meeting all of the wonderful couples, experiencing their ups and their downs, and their falling in love, it’s with FALLING AGAIN that Peggy brings us closure and oh, how she does it.

***eARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review


Investigative reporter Fiona McCarthy is following a hot story. Rumor has it a white supremacist group, financed by the deep pockets of a local businessman, is moving into Portland. In Washington, D.C., to attend a wedding, she wants to find out if her connections on Capitol Hill can give her leads to find the name of that person.

Nick St. Claire is an internationally known photojournalist. He’s also the “baby brother” of Fiona’s good friend, Amanda. Just back from a rough overseas assignment, he runs into Fiona on his home turf in DC and decides to follow up on their meeting six months before in Portland.

In spite of her doubts about his motives and her irritation at the rather large dose of self-confidence he possesses, Fiona goes to dinner with him. One dinner turns into two, which becomes a weekend in his bed. Back home in Portland, she writes Nick off as a bit of fun on vacation and buries herself in her story. Then Nick arrives in Portland on assignment and makes it obvious he wants more than a fling.

But when her story and his assignment dangerously intersect at a mysterious cabin in the Mt. Hood National Forest, their relationship is tested. Can their feelings for each other survive her need to get the story and his to frame the perfect shot? Or will the bad guys wreck not only the peace of laid-back Portland but also the chance of happily-ever-after for Nick and Fiona?

*             *              *              *              * 

Fiona McCarthy hopes she’s going to break a huge story about white supremacists funded by deep pockets in Washington, DC but feels as if she’s chasing shadows until she gets word that the Mayor of Portland has nearly been killed in an assassination attempt. Now the shadows are beginning to get nervous. When a handsome young man, who just happens to be one of her best friends’ younger brother, shows up and makes her feel things she shouldn’t, she tries to resist but he just doesn’t want to seem to accept no as an answer, and she’s not sure she really wants him to.

Nick St. Claire has been infatuated with the lovely redheaded Fiona since chatting her up at his sister Amanda’s wedding. Now he’s in DC for a photo event and learns from his overprotective, and nosy, sister that Fiona is in town, too. How lucky for him, since he’s been unable to think of anyone but her since the wedding encounter that left him wanting to get to know her better.

These two come together, they mesh well, but neither seems ready to pursue more but decide to take a chance anyway. Thank goodness. But when the story that Fiona is investigating threatens their safety, all bets are off, and even though Fiona believes she’s capable of taking care of herself, Nick isn’t about to allow her safety to be jeopardized.

FALLING AGAIN, the last Second Chances novel by Peggy Bird is a wonderful farewell to a fabulous cast of friends and lovers. FALLING AGAIN provides us with a very sexy hero in Nick and a gutsy, no nonsense heroine in Fiona – just the way we like ‘em. Our sexy, falling in love while denying it couple are joined by some of our other favorites, Amanda and Sam, as well as Margo and *sigh* Tony. We get a bit of drama, danger, and angst as bad guys try to do our heroine in and poor Nick comes away with some boo boos. Nope, I’m not telling you any more than that. You’ll have to read this amazing, wish I was in Fiona’s shoes, romance that makes you truly believe that Second Chances at love can really happen. I hope so because I could use some falling in love in my own life.

I highly recommend FALLING AGAIN, book six in the Second Chances series by Peggy Bird to everyone who has read the first five, to everyone who hasn’t tasted the delight of this series yet, and to everyone in between. Come to the Second Chances series and fall in love with six wonderful couples who experience wonderful second chances at falling in love. You’ll never want it to end either. I can’t wait to see where Peggy takes us next.

Happy Reading Everyone!

FALLING AGAIN, a Second Chances novel by Peggy Bird, Crimson Romance, release date – January 27, 2014, available in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks. (I'll add this link as soon as it's available on Kobo.)
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Deborah O'Neill Cordes said...

Thanks for the head's up and great review, and congratulations to Peggy Bird!

Dalila G. said...

Great review Amy..... I'll have to add this book and the others in this series to my list of must reads. I'm a big time believer in second chances.