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Cover Reveal & Review for RAVEN'S AWAKENING by Ella J Phoenix - a re-released novel

by Ella J Phoenix
a re-released novel

Since she was a child, Chloe has endured horrible nightmares about a Native American prince living in a time long forgotten. She never understood why, until she finds a stone that matches the one in her dreams. It has unimaginable powers, powers Chloe doesn’t understand. Fueled by memories of someone else’s past, she sets off on a wild quest for the stone’s birth place, hoping to also find answers to her foreboding dreams.

On the outside, Mason Green looks like a hard-working, self-made millionaire, with too busy a life for romance. Very few people know the real reason for his self-imposed seclusion. It’s safer that way. But when a sexy historian shows him a supernatural stone from a forgotten tribe, Mason is intrigued - maybe the relic is the salvation he’s been waiting for. Ignoring the irrational attraction that threatens to crack the cask around his heart, Mason agrees to help Chloe.

As their wild quest becomes a dangerous mission, they must find the relic’s birthplace before Mason’s past catches up to them.

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My Review based on the original manuscript published under another title:

Having suffered recurring nightmares for most of her life, Chloe Doyle put what has haunted her into real-life use by becoming an expert in Native American Indian studies and folklore at the Smithsonian. When she discovers a stone that is more than just interesting to her, she sets off to learn more about it and to find out if there are more. Her hope is that she will finally understand the strange dreams that plague that seem to belong to someone else, but that she’s become part of without knowing why.

Mason Green is a man of mystery right from the start. He is a Native American man who has managed to build a fortune and leads a busy life, but has unusual abilities and a mysterious past that makes him even more interesting. He’s tougher than he appears and is able to handle himself most effectively when he encounters trouble - deadly trouble. When he journeys to Arkansas to solve the mystery of the client who obviously wanted him out of the way, he discovers Chloe and her Tula artifact. Interested in both, the beautiful blond expert and her artifact, Mason agrees to play guide and lead her to the mythological Valley of the Vapors, which he doesn't believe exists. What they both discover on their journey is what makes this story pulse with paranormal mystery.

What drew me to RAVEN’S AWAKENING by Ella J Phoenix was the unique story built around American Indian folklore.  

RAVEN’S AWAKENING by Ella J Phoenix is a sweet romance built on a mystery based in American Indian folklore with elements of paranormal, Indian magic, and a backstory that pulls in the belief of reincarnation – everything I could desire in a story. I do wish the romance was more the center of the story but it was sweet, mild, and although took some time to develop, it was worth waiting for in the end. I don’t give spoilers so I’m not going to tell you who the bad guy is or how things end, let’s just say that many things come to light and will leave you surprised, yet with a pleased, “just as I thought.” I will say this – pay attention to that first chapter, it might seem out of place but will play a great role. Ella even leaves us with a bit of a … hmmm, so what happens next for Chloe and Mason.

Ella's characters are intriguing and personable, and when applicable, downright deserving of our dislike. I would like to have seen a bit more about Mason's past as I imagine it was intricate to the plot, but I liked him and Chloe very much, and I hope I meet up with them again.

I recommend RAVEN’S AWAKENING by Ella J Phoenix to anyone who enjoys the unusual, be it paranormal, historical, or folklore. Whereas RAVEN’S AWAKENING isn’t perfect, it is a fascinating story that will keep you enthralled and surprise you with its mystery and magic. A quick read that will surely spur your imagination and have you asking for more.

About the Author:

Ella discovered she was addicted to the paranormal when she was quite young. She likes to blame it on super heroes. That passion led her to her love of the arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts.
Her first foray into the literary world was writing children’s plays for her family’s language school and after a couple of blunders, she translated Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM into a dancing and kicking play. It was then she truly caught the bug.

But it was her mother who truly brought her into writing. She calls her mother her catalyst. She was always the one she went to for advice about everything and her mother always told her, “Go for it!”

So, she did. She traveled around the world, lived in several different continents, met several great people, and had not-so-great lovers. In one of her “go for it” adventures, she met her husband. After settling in to married life, Ella discovered erotic romance and in particular, vampires and werewolves. While working on a project with her mom, who is also a writer, she suggested writing a paranormal. Her mother immediately suggested Ella write it. And, so her first novel, DRAGON HEAT, was born.

Feel free to visit Ella at her website, and follow her on Facebook, and at Goodreads.

Happy Reading Everyone!

RAVEN’S AWAKENING by Ella J Phoenix, self-publish, available now in ebook formats at Amazon and AllRomance Ebooks.
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Dalila G. said...

I think it's great how her mom encouraged Ella to write. Especially to go out and experience life's adventures. My mom hated for me to be gone anywhere, she felt that I was safer with her and close to home.

Amy Valentini said...

It's never too late to start on a new path, Dalila. Even though we wish we had our parents' encouragement it is possible to get it from others who would be just as proud. Friends can be the greatest support. You're proof of that, sweetie. So I say, if there's something in your life you always wished you'd tried, GO FOR IT! I'm with you. xoxo