Monday, December 30, 2013

Unwrapping a Review of SWEETEST MISTAKE, a Sweet, Texas novel by Candis Terry

I am a huge fan of Candis Terry’s stories and her newest, the Sweet, Texas series featuring the sexy Wilder boys is fast becoming my favorites. It’s for this reason that when I got the chance to read a galley of her upcoming release, SWEETEST MISTAKE, there was no doubt I was adding it to my reading list.

***eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.



Firefighter and former Marine Jackson Wilder has tough guy down to an art, but he’s learned the hard way that promises were made to be broken. Abigail Morgan was once his best friend, his first kiss, his first love, his first everything. He’d just forgotten to mention all that to her and she blew out of his life. Five years later, she’s back and he’s battling a load of mistrust for her disappearing act. But for some reason he just can’t keep his lips—or his hands—to himself.


When her stint as a trophy wife abruptly ends, Abby returns home to Sweet, Texas, and comes face-to-face with Jackson—her biggest and sexiest mistake. Time and distance did nothing to squash her love for the act-first-think-later stubborn hunk of a man, and when he suggests they renew their old just-friends vow, Abby realizes she wants more. She’d cut and run once. Could she do it again? Or could she tempt him enough to break his promise?


*              *             *             *             *

Abby Morgan has returned to Sweet, Texas after being away far too long and having left without a word to anyone, especially Jackson Wilder – her best friend and the man she’d loved forever. After a failed marriage that has left her feeling rather worthless, unwanted, and alone, she wasn’t eager to discuss why she left home, or why she was back.

Jackson Wilder went off to fight for our country’s freedom, watched his brother die, and returned to find his best friend had abandoned him when he needed her most. Now she’s back and he’s intrigued as to why but the anger keeps getting in the way. Can these two fated lovebirds find their way back to each other or will their pride, frustrated anger, and their inability to keep their hands and their lips off each other get in the way.

Jackson is all out sexy, and all out stubborn but the most lovable pain in the ass hero I’ve ever met. Abby Morgan is my girl. She survived a marriage so like mine, except for the wealth, that I have to side with her. She’s forward, outspoken, and knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it, including a striptease that drives Jackson wild even when he’s fighting his fear of losing control if he were to touch her. I’m wondering if Candis knows me better than she ever imagined. *wink*

SWEETEST MISTAKE, book two in the Sweet, Texas series by Candis Terry didn’t capture my heart and tear it to shreds like ANYTHING BUT SWEET did but I enjoyed every minute of it. Candis has created the most exceptional cast of characters living in Sweet, Texas. The Wilder family contains swoon-worthy men, a mother you want to roll up in a hug and take home with you, and townspeople that make you want to move to Sweet. I had a problem with how the ending was rushed but understand that sometimes these things happen. But don't worry, the story was filled with enough angst, flirtations, humor, sweet moments, and hot sexual tension to keep you glued to each page.

SWEETEST MISTAKE by Candis Terry is a funny, sweet, down home tale about friendship, falling in love, and regrets that can haunt you far down the road. It’s about what happens when two people fear admitting their feelings because they value the relationship that’s always been there not realizing that even the deepest love must start with a friendship. I highly recommend reading SWEETEST MISTAKE by Candis Terry for no other reason that it features the sexiest hero, the most likable heroine ever, and the Wilder men, who are absolute tens on any hot list.

Happy Reading Everyone and Happy New Year to all!

SWEETEST MISTAKE, a Sweet, Texas novel by Candis Terry, Avon Romance, release date – December 31, 2013, available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Aws sounds great! I love those pain in the ass heroes that you just can't help but adore even if you kinda want to smother them at the same time. LOL

I really enjoyed Anything but Sweet. Will have to grab this one up soon!

Jen Shields said...

Can't wait to meet Candid at Tasty Author Weekend!

Jen Shields said...

Candis* Friggin autocorrect

Candis Terry said...

Thank you for the wonderful review! Sweetest Mistake was more than a challenge to write but probably one of my biggest accomplishments so far. :)

Dalila G. said...

I will be adding Candis Terry to my ever growing list of 'must reads'. There are just way too many books out there!
My newest great idea is to be a full-time reader.....let someone else worry about my housework! ;-)
Have a great day Amy!