Friday, December 27, 2013

Unwrapping A Review of SINS OF A WICKED PRINCESS, book three of the Sinners Trio by Anna Randol

Already a huge fan of Anna Randol, I have been eagerly awaiting Wraith’s story in SINS OF A WICKED PRINCESS, book three of the Sinners Trio series. As usual, Anna didn’t disappoint - although I had hoped for more.

***Missed out on the galley so I purchased this one for my own personal reading but am more than willing to share my honest and unscripted review.


In the scorching finale of Anna Randol's wickedly tempting Trio series, the Wraith takes on a mission—and a princess—he'll never forget…

Ian Maddox, aka the Wraith, is happy to leave his life as a spy— as soon as he discovers who's been trying to kill his friends. All clues lead him to the bedroom of an exiled princess. Yet Princess Juliana isn't the simpering royal he expects, and this irresistible beauty agrees to give him the information he seeks…for a price.

Princess Juliana has never cowered—not even as she fled her burning castle in the midst of a rebellion—so she won't tremble before the darkly charismatic man who appears in her bedchamber and holds a knife to her throat. Instead, she bargains with the infamous spy to help her retrieve sensitive documents and restore her kingdom. But Juliana quickly finds that Ian is no humble servant, and she never imagines that lessons in thievery will lead to schooling in seduction.

*             *              *             *             * 

Princess Juliana is trying to save her homeland, Lenoria, from both the French and the Spanish. Having seen her parents brutally murdered at the hands of a mob incited to kill by the nefarious Trio, she’s never cowered and never will. Not before the infamous spy, Wraith, nor the Duke who wishes to use her brother to steal her throne.

Ian Maddox is determined to discover who is behind the attempts on the lives of his friends, Madeline and Clayton, before they can succeed. His investigations lead him directly to a beautiful princess who pleads with him to teach her the ways of thievery and subterfuge.

Each has their own goals, each has their own mission, but when they discover their enemy is the same person, it’s more than their missions that bring them together. Now Ian worries how to keep Juliana safe and Juliana worries how to keep Ian with her always.

I fell in love with Ian ‘Wraith’ Maddox back in book one of the Sinners Trio, SINS OF THE VIRGIN, and had such high hopes for his story. Whereas, the story is wonderful, the mission adventurous and dangerous, and the falling in love romance delightful, I truly expected something a bit more dramatic from Wraith. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed SINS OF A WICKED PRINCESS by Anna Randol. She has once more created a cast of characters that will delight, entertain, and keep us on the edge of our seats as they make their way through the maze of questions, mysteries, and whodunits that Anna so skillfully concocts.

SINS OF A WICKED PRINCESS is exciting, filled with intrigue, dangerous explorations, devious plans, betrayal, and flirtations with definite steam factor. Ian is a hero that you want to have rescue you from the bad guys even as he sweeps you off your feet with his dramatic escapades. Juliana is smart, inquisitive, and a wonderful heroine who doesn’t back away from excitement, and danger but throws herself forward with enthusiasm. An eager enthusiasm that wins the heart of the most nefarious spy, thief, and all out sexy hero. Secondary characters are a delight and keep us enthralled, especially Eustace and Canterbury, and Apple is an absolute sweetheart.

I definitely recommend reading SINS OF A WICKED PRINCESS by Anna Randol if you’ve read Madeline and Clayton’s stories but I highly recommend reading it because it’s worth it. If you haven’t experienced the Sinners Trio by Anna Randol then by all means, do. Start from the beginning though, because they are that good. I only had one complaint - it’s been the same complaint throughout – too many editing errors. It’s very distracting. Read it though – it’s an amazing series.

Happy Reading Everyone!

SINS OF A WICKED PRINCESS, a Sinners Trio novel by Anna Randol, Avon Romance, available in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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kipha said...

I love this honest review. And Ian has also been my favorite though Clayton was very distracting in book one. But I absolutely adore Ian even more after reading a small update on their HEA over at The Dashing Duchesses blog a couple of days ago. :)

Beebs said...

Hi Amy,

Great review :) I've really enjoyed Anna Randol's books too. Really interested in seeing what she'll do next, although I haven't been reading as much HR of late.

Dalila G. said...

Hi Amy, happy Friday!
Another great review, I really like your honest opinions.
I, unfortunately, have not read this set of books from Anna. I will correct that little boo-boo quickly. I do enjoy reading books in order if they are written that way, I'm a bit of a freak about that. LOL!
I liked her book A SECRET IN HER KISS and since then I have tried to keep up with her books, but I'm not always so lucky. My TBR pile is really a bit out of control, but I'll manage, I'm not a quitter! :-)

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

I've not read her yet but looking forward to it! It sounds fantastic!

CrystalBee said...

I haven't read her books either. Off to check them out on Amazon = more food for my TBR. :D

kimbacaffeinate said...

Ooo this author and series is new to me but I am loving the sounds of it! Off to find book one!

Amy Valentini said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, if Anna is new to you, by all means, check her out. I fell in love with her stories when I read her debut A SECRET IN HER KISS and she never disappoints me. Start with SINS OF A VIRGIN, then read SINS OF A RUTHLESS ROGUE (loved that one), and finish with SINS OF A WICKED PRINCESS. I can't wait to see where Anna goes next. Enjoy! xoxo