Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unwrapping: Review of HUSTLIN' TEXAS, a Texas Fever novel by KC Klein

Back in November 2012, I read and reviewed TEXAS WIDE OPEN by KC Klein and it isn’t often that I rave over a book but I did this one. KC blew me away with her story, her writing format, and the intensity of emotion that was created between the characters. In TEXAS WIDE OPEN, we were introduced to two additional characters besides Katie Harris and Cole Logan, and these two had an equally fiery and intense encounter – Nikki Logan and Jett Avery. I hoped KC would tell their story and she has, in HUSTLIN’ TEXAS, book two in the Texas Fever series.

***eARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


Only one person in Oak Groves is happy to see bad girl Nikki Logan back in town…

Groves Oaks’ most beloved bachelor, Jett Avery, lives by a simple set of rules. Getting involved with a complicated woman isn’t one of them. He learned that the hard way two years ago when he spent one of the most incredible nights of his life with Nikki Logan. But then she hightailed it out of town, never to be seen again—until now. It might be time to break one of those rules…

Picking up the pieces of her life, Nikki is back in Groves Oaks, face to face with the one man she’s done her best to forget. But she has her reasons for being here—and they don’t include winding up in bed with Jett. Especially since he’ll never forgive her once he finds out the truth about why she’s back…

*           *             *              *             *  

Nikki Logan has returned to Groves Oaks, not to build a life, not to apologize to those who care about her, not to accept Jett Avery’s proposal of marriage but to pay a debt. When Mike, the owner of The Pitt – the local strip joint - lent her the money to go to college and make a better life for herself than what he knew awaited her if she continued on the destructive path she was leading, Nikki made him a promise and she kept it. Now she’s back to make good on it. She knew she could never just arrive in town and no one know about it, so she did what she always does – take the bull by the horns, namely the ones that belong to Jett Avery.

Jett had opened his heart to Nikki two years earlier and she left town without another word. He thought he was past the hurt she’d heaped on him but when she walked into the diner, he knew that nothing was over between them and if it was the last thing he did on this planet, he would make her his.

Just when I thought no relationship could hold more fire, more emotion, or more love than Cole Logan and Katie Harris in TEXAS WIDE OPEN along comes Nikki and Jett in HUSTLIN’ TEXAS by KC Klein.

KC knows how to conjure characters that capture our hearts, our imaginations, crush us when things fall apart, and makes us soar when everything comes together in a sweet happily-ever-after. Nikki is by far one of the most broken women ever created and Jett is her hero, her lifeline, and her savior. Oh, Jett is pretty well bruised as well – most of the time literally in this story – but he knows what he wants, what he needs, and most of the time, knows how to get it but with Nikki, all the rules change and it’s a delight to watch him flounder, stumble, and even screw up big time.

HUSTLIN’ TEXAS by KC Klein is amazing, wonderful, heartbreaking, exciting, edge of the seat anxious, and one that will have you begging for it to never end. KC gets better with every story she creates and I’m in awe of the emotion that she wrings from her characters and from us as we read her stories.

I highly, highly recommend HUSTLIN’ TEXAS, book two in the Texas Fever series by KC Klein if you love romance at all. It has it all in huge proportions just as it should be since it’s Texas all the way. This one is a must read, my darlings.

Come back tomorrow when KC joins me to celebrate the release of this amazing new contemporary romance with a special treat and giveaway!

Happy Reading Everyone!

HUSTLIN’ TEXAS, a Texas Fever novel by KC Klein, Kensington Publishing, releasing December 5, 2014 in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Shauni S said...

Absolutely Brilliant Review

"KC knows how to conjure characters that capture our hearts, our imaginations, crush us when things fall apart"

I must admit to a wee bit of jealousy at your ability to craft such a perfect description of Ms Klein's work!

Amy Valentini said...

Aww, thanks for the kind words, Shauni. When a book is this good, I'm inspired to review it to its full potential! xoxo

KC said...

Amy is a wonderful writer in her own right. Wait until you see her work tomorrow. One day I'll be interviewing her about her latest release. :)

Amy Valentini said...

Thanks KC, I've got great role models in the writers I read.
After I get my 1st published, I might take you up on that interview. xoxo