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Wacky Wednesday: A Visit With Kimberly Kincaid, author of DRAWING THE LINE + #Giveaway (and two HOT guests)

Hi Everyone! Well, on Monday, I reviewed DRAWING THE LINE by Kimberly Kincaid and if you were lucky enough to get it, it was free on Amazon that same day but only that day. However, you are in luck because Kimberly is visiting with me today and both, she and I, are offering up a Kindle copy of this deliciously intriguing new contemporary romance. That’s TWO copies available today! So, if you’ve got a Kindle or a Kindle App, you’re in luck! And if you've already got your copy, enter for a family member or friend. I'm going to allow you to gift your prize to someone special!

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet. When she's not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as "The Pleather Bomber", she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to ├ęclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a 2011 RWA Golden Heart® finalist who lives (and writes!) by the mantra that food is love. She has written two digital novellas, LOVE ON THE LINE and DRAWING THE LINE, about hot cops and sexy chefs, with a third novella, OUTSIDE THE LINE, due this summer. She is also thrilled to have collaborated on a Christmas anthology with Donna Kauffman and Kate Angell, titled THE SUGAR COOKIE SWEETHEART SWAP, to kick off her Pine Mountain foodie series with Kensington this October. Kimberly’s first full-length novel, TURN UP THE HEAT, will follow in February 2014. She resides in northern Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters. Visit her any time at her website or feel free to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Amy: Ah ha, here she comes now, looking lovely as always. I hope you’ll help me welcome her back to Unwrapping Romance. Oh my, it seems she’s brought some guests with her.
***Enter Kimberly followed by two men. The first is tall with dark hair and steely gray eyes, looking as if he needs a shave. He’s dressed in a plain white button down shirt tucked into gray suit pants. The light above glinting off a badge alongside the gun holstered on his belt. The tall, dark-blond haired man with him has smiling blue eyes and is dressed in charcoal pants and a gray and white striped shirt. He also carries a similar badge and gun. Oh my goodness, it’s Detectives Noah Blackwell and Jason Morgan. ***
Amy:  Hi Kimberly, it's a pleasure to have you with us again.
Kimberly: Thanks for having me. I even got a police escort! *nods to the guys*
Amy: So I see. *knees wobbling a bit*
Welcome Detectives, I hope it’s all right if I call you, Noah and Jason, I feel I know you both so well. *winking at my readers*
It's certainly our pleasure to have you all with us today!
Kimberly, perhaps you'd like to tell us a little bit about yourself, and your gorgeous companions, for those who don't know you yet. 
Kimberly: I write contemporary foodie romance, sometimes with a twist of suspense. The "line" series is a trilogy of digital novellas that are my first foray into publishing, with a print series coming from Kensington starting this fall. Noah is my first published hero - *points to the dark-haired guy trying really hard to blend into the walls* - and Jason is my second. *of course, Jason gives up an all-American smile for the crowd*
Amy: Well, I, for one, am very pleased that you brought your heroes with you today. It’s always a pleasure to meet some of the men who help keep us safe.
Noah and Jason, you're both police officers. Do you find that as such, it's easier or more difficult to meet women? *I may be married but I can still look!*
Jason: *laughing* Well, we're both really off the market now. But before, it didn't make things easy. The job has weird hours, and even weirder pitfalls. Even now, we never know what we're going to get.
Noah: *nodding*  Yeah. But Violet's pretty cool about it. And if you want to get technical, I did meet her as part of the job since she's Jason's sister and he and I are partners.  

Jason: *making a face* Don't remind me. I guess I met Serenity on the job too since she was a witness in a case I worked, so maybe it does make it easier to meet women! 
Amy:  Sounds like it to me. *smiling, while grumbling under my breathWhy couldn’t I have met cops like this when I was still available?*
Noah and Jason, you are brave men who put your lives on the line every day to keep us safe, and we thank you so much for your service. Kimberly, was there any special reason you were drawn to creating stories for police officers as heroes?  
Kimberly: Lots of them! I like really intense heroes, and for me, first-responder professions like cops and firefighters are the perfect base. Even though Noah and Jason both have different personalities and backgrounds, they're both really powerful on the page. I think their profession, and their dedication to that profession, is a large part of that intensity. 

Amy: Powerful and intense are definitely two traits both of these men have in common. *looking longingly at the two handsome men*
It's said that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
Noah and Jason, is this true or do feel there is some other quality a woman must possess in order to truly capture your heart?  

Noah: *looks around* Violet will probably have a fit if she hears this, but the food isn't the most important thing to me. She's just right out there, no matter what. It's her honesty that gets me. She's really comfortable with who she is. I like that. 
Jason:  Awww. Look at you, talking about your feelings
*dodges a not-so-friendly punch on the arm from Noah*
No, really, while I like the food a lot, Serenity's not afraid of anything. I really dig that confident air she has. But I'm not gonna lie, her apple turnovers are killer too.
Amy:  Two very lucky ladies, I say. I’m planning to try out those apple turnovers on my hubby. Serenity got very lucky so I’m hoping for the same. 
At this point, I usually ask my favorite question of an author.
If you could be ANY character in ANY book, who would it be and why? I am addressing this to Kimberly.  

Kimberly: Oooo, I don't know! I might be a character in a JR Ward novel, because honestly, the paranormal aspect is so fantastical and unreal. It's not like I could have it any other way. 

Amy: Some very sexy heroes running around in JR Ward’s novels – I like that choice. : )
As for the gentlemen, I would like to ask you this for a last question:  if you had a second chance to choose a profession, would you choose something other than being a cop and if so, what would it be?  

Jason:  Well, I knew I was going to be a cop from an early age, but I think it would be cool to be a newspaper reporter. And watching Serenity run her own business gives me a lot of respect for anyone who does that, too. 

Noah *looking sheepish*: Sorry, Amy. I've gotta punk out on this one. I never wanted to be anything other than a cop. Ever. 

Amy: *ooh, he said my name* Well, we’re very glad that you’re both police officers ensuring our safety and watching each other’s backs. Thank you so much for visiting us and for being so candid. : ) 

So Kimberly, Noah, and Jason - what's up next for the town of Brentsville? 
Kimberly:  Funny you should ask! That quietly sexy ER doctor who popped up in Noah's book made a repeat appearance in Jason's book, too...I was thinking we should give him a happily-ever-after. What do you think, guys? 

Noah: Who, Dr. Fisher? He's all right! Don't go messing with him too much. But yeah. It'd be cool to see him with someone. 

Jason: Hey, the doc took great care of Serenity. I say go for it. And you know what, mess with him! After all, you messed with us and we turned out just fine.  

Noah: *lifting a brow* Speak for yourself, dude. Kincaid shot me in the beginning of my book, you know.  

Kimberly: *laughing* He never lets me forget it, either! Don't be such a pouty face. Violet took great care of you. 

Jason: *with a wicked glint in his eyes* Did she just call you a pouty face?  

Noah: *frowning* It's time to go.

Kimberly: Yes, sadly it is. I've got another novella to finish. Stay tuned for OUTSIDE THE LINES, Dr. Blake Fisher's story, later this summer.
Hint: His heroine is actually someone readers have seen before... : ) 

Amy: *smiling at the banter between her guests* I’m sorry you all have to go but I totally understand – duty calls, as does the keyboard for writers. I can’t wait to read OUTSIDE THE LINES. 

I want to thank Kimberly Kincaid for joining us today, and for bringing with her, two of the most wonderful men I've had the pleasure to meet between the pages, to spend the day with us. Noah and Jason, you're wonderful heroes and we thank you for making our lives safer, and oh, so much happier.  

Kimberly: I'm laughing. All this praise goes right to their heads, you know! 

Amy:  If you haven't read LOVE ON THE LINE - Noah's story, and DRAWING THE LINE - Jason's story, then by all means, do so.

Kimberly and I are each offering up a Kindle copy of DRAWING THE LINE to two lucky commenters today. So, if you'd like a chance to win one of two copies of Kimberly's newest release, DRAWING THE LINE, please answer the following question to comment for a chance to win a Kindle copy of this wonderful contemporary romance. I’ve asked Kimberly to ask the question – Kimberly? 

Kimberly:  Thank you!!! Let's see. Let's go with this: In all my books, the characters have nicknames for each other (Noah calls Violet by her last name, Serenity calls Jason Detective McHot Hot-- albeit not to his face, heh) What's the best nickname anyone's given you?  

Amy: Great question!! I’ll give mine up to get the ball rolling – hubby calls me “Red”! I love it. It reminds me of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Philadelphia Story. So, … 


GIVEAWAY: Two Kindle Copies of DRAWING THE LINE by Kimberly Kincaid. One Copy Each to Two Lucky Commenters.

When Detective Jason Morgan is tasked with keeping a local restaurant owner safe as part of a make-or-break case, he rises to the challenge. The job is his first priority, and he owes it to the memory of his father, a detective killed in the line of duty, to do it at any cost. But Jason never expected Serenity Gallagher to be so beautiful, so serious...or so tough to protect.
Serenity has moved from place to place at the whim of her capricious mother all her life. The last thing she wants is to leave the diner she finally calls home, even if it means being stuck with a sexy blue-eyed detective. But she’s the only witness to a horrible crime, and the man behind it wants her very, very dead. Going into protective custody means survival, no matter how much Serenity hates hiding.
As Jason and Serenity bide their time together, they are shocked to discover they have much more in common than the surface reveals. But keeping her safe is Jason’s number one priority, no matter how much he’s drawn in by the woman beneath the witness, and Serenity’s past makes it difficult to trust. As the stakes get higher and the spark burns hotter, can Jason and Serenity draw the line?

***This Giveaway is OPEN TO EVERYONE with a Kindle or Kindle App, international included. (void where prohibited) 

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THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all who visited.

 ***This Giveaway will run until 11:30PM EST, Friday, May 31, 2013 at which time two lucky valid entries will be chosen by randomizer to each win a Kindle Copy of DRAWING THE LINE by Kimberly Kincaid. The winners will be notified by email, and announced in a special Saturday post. If the winners don’t respond by end of day Thursday, June 6, 2013, a new winner, or two, will be chosen by the same process.

***If you've already got your copy, feel free to enter anyway and if you win, you can designate who you'd like to 'gift' your win to.
Good Luck Everyone! 

Happy Reading Everyone! 

DRAWING THE LINE, a novella by Kimberly Kincaid, Amazon, available for Kindle and Kindle app. 

LOVE ON THE LINE, a novella by Kimberly Kincaid, Amazon, available for Kindle and Kindle app. 

THE SUGAR COOKIE SWEETHEART SWAP, an anthology by Donna Huffman, Kate Angell, and Kimberly Kincaid, coming September 24, 2013.



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The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap is up for pre-order right now :) You can reserve a copy either on Amazon or off my website. I had a *blast* with that, and Donna and Kate are fantastic. It's a true collaboration-- all three heroines are best friends, with a prologue of them together and an epilogue at the end with all six characters (heroes and heroines). Enjoy it!