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Unwrapping: Review of DRAWING THE LINE by Kimberly Kincaid

Back in March, I introduced you to a new author named Kimberly Kincaid and her first book, LOVE ON THE LINE.  Well, I was so taken by her characters that when her second book, DRAWING THE LINE, starring Violet Morgan’s twin brother Jason, I knew I had to read this one, too. Again, because it’s only on Kindle or Kindle App right now, I had to sit at my computer and read there instead of comfortably in a chair or bed with my ereader. But, just as with LOVE ON THE LINE, it is a fast read that catches and holds tight. It’s not so bad reading these on the PC! Still wish they were available in .epub though! 

***Purchased this one for my own personal reading but of course, will share my thoughts with you! 


When Detective Jason Morgan is tasked with keeping a local restaurant owner safe as part of a make-or-break case, he rises to the challenge. The job is his first priority, and he owes it to the memory of his father, a detective killed in the line of duty, to do it at any cost. But Jason never expected Serenity Gallagher to be so beautiful, so serious...or so tough to protect.
Serenity has moved from place to place at the whim of her capricious mother all her life. The last thing she wants is to leave the diner she finally calls home, even if it means being stuck with a sexy blue-eyed detective. But she’s the only witness to a horrible crime, and the man behind it wants her very, very dead. Going into protective custody means survival, no matter how much Serenity hates hiding.
As Jason and Serenity bide their time together, they are shocked to discover they have much more in common than the surface reveals. But keeping her safe is Jason’s number one priority, no matter how much he’s drawn in by the woman beneath the witness, and Serenity’s past makes it difficult to trust. As the stakes get higher and the spark burns hotter, can Jason and Serenity draw the line?
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Serenity Gallagher owns and runs Mac’s Diner. It’s her life, livelihood, and nothing is going to keep her from it – not even a killer. When she stumbles upon an attack on one of her staff, she also comes face to face with a killer who will see to it that she disappears so that she can’t testify against him. With no other choice, but to go into protective custody, she unwillingly agrees to turn over the diner’s operation to her assistant and hide out with the handsome detective who frequents her lunch hour every Wednesday with a pretty, blond-haired woman.
Jason Morgan is a cop and he takes his job very seriously, so much so that he doesn’t have the time or the inclination to have a woman in his life. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from noticing the dark-haired beauty that works at Mac’s Diner who always smells as good as the apple turnovers she serves up when he meets Violet for lunch each week. It's because Jason is so serious about following the rules of the job that he tries very hard to keep his attraction for Serenity from getting in the way, but soon succumbs to her charms and in the process, possibly puts them both in grave danger.
DRAWING THE LINE by Kimberly Kincaid catches hold of the reader on the very first page and doesn’t let go until you see those words, THE END. However, don’t shut your reader off yet because then she treats you to a delicious recipe that if you’re like me, you’re going to want to try out.
Kimberly weaves a romance filled with sexual tension that will have you itching for one of them to make the first move. When it finally happens, you’ll find yourself cheering Serenity on as she captures the heart and full attention of Jason Morgan, a cop who always says the job comes first. We are also treated to reappearances by Noah Blackwell and Violet Morgan so things stay interesting as each puts in their two cents and eventually gets to give Jason one of those ever satisfying, “I told you so” moments.
I highly recommend DRAWING THE LINE, a novella by Kimberly Kincaid to anyone, whether you’ve read LOVE ON THE LINE or not. This fast-paced, quick romance can easily be read as a stand-alone but really, as fast as these go, why not read LOVE ON THE LINE first and then treat yourself to Jason’s moment of surrender when Serenity claims his heart. The thing about reading a Kimberly Kincaid novella is that they are as delicious as the recipes she shares at the end and you can’t stop with just one. I’m already eager for the next one.
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Happy Reading Everyone!
DRAWING THE LINE, a novella by Kimberly Kincaid, Amazon Digital, available now on Kindle and Kindle App.


Kimberly Kincaid said...

Thank you so much for such a glowing review! I'm so pleased that you like the Brentsville crew (there's more where that came from!)

Drawing The Line is a freebie on Amazon for today only-- but if you miss out on that, Amy and I are giving away TWO copies on Wednesday! And yes, I'll be bringing the guys with me!

Amy Valentini said...

Love, love the Brentsville crew, Kimberly! Thank you for sharing them with us. Itching to make those apple turnovers!

How exciting that DTL is FREE TODAY!

Get your copies y'all!!