Monday, September 17, 2012

Unwrapping: Review of CONFESSIONS OF A SEX DEMON by Jaye Shields

When Jaye Shields asked me to read and review her upcoming debut novella, I was immediately intrigued by the title - CONFESSIONS OF A SEX DEMON. After reading the blurb, I decided I most definitely wanted to give this debut author a chance. And you know how I love debut authors.

***eARC provided by author in return for an honest and unscripted review.


Sex Demon Zahra Aniron is a closet romantic. Too bad she spends her time having hot kinky sex with paying strangers. But the sex demon has to work with what she’s got to save her sister from her debt to wizard thugs. Then again, there could be worse things than getting paid for pleasure since a sex demon needs climax to survive.

As a blacksmith, Lennox Aegros puts his fury to good use pounding steel into swords. His real cause for moving into a new town isn’t to sell weaponry, it’s for revenge. When he finds the succubus he’s been searching for, her beauty means he can mix business with pleasure. But the joke’s on Lennox, because as he succeeds in torturing his victim, he realizes that Zahra’s slow demise means the breaking of a heart he never realized he had.
                           *                 *                 *                 *                   *    
Zahra is a succubus. This means that she needs sexual release in order to keep up her strength or she will die. What better profession for a young beautiful succubus who desperately need funds to pay off a debt incurred by her drug addicted adopted sister Sephina but prostitution. From the first page, we are drawn into the world that Zahra inhabits. It's not easy, it's not glamorous and it's certainly not safe. But just when she thinks her life can sink no lower, she's kidnapped and tortured without a single notion of why.
Lennox is a man set on revenge. His wife cheated on him with a male succubus, Zahra's brother Reza. So when Lennox arrives in the village of Sprecia, he's immediately drawn to the beautiful sex demon Zahra and plots his revenge on Reza by torturing and possibly killing his sister. The last thing Lennox expects is to find himself falling for the beautiful sex demon.
Jaye Shields is a debut author who I've gotten to know over the time since she first contacted me and I am still a little shocked and awed that this sexy, steamy, on the edge of BDSM, erotic romance came out of her imagination. CONFESSIONS OF A SEX DEMON is the first in a series that I am positive is going to rock the erotic romance genre on its ear. It's everything thrilling that you look for in paranormal erotic romance but Jaye has woven an intricate world so like our own yet so different that you'll feel right at home as soon as you start reading. It's modern with an edge of medieval and the characters are rich with spirit, conflict, and sexuality.
I highly recommend CONFESSIONS OF A SEX DEMON by Jaye Shields if you are even the slightest bit a fan of paranormal romance. This isn't just your normal vamp/werewolf/witch paranormal either - this is much more and will have you hooked from the first steamy scene which, by the way, is exactly where the story begins. I am eagerly awaiting the next two in the series, the Sex Demon Trilogy, the first which fills in the backstory and the second which takes us forward. And, my dears - this novella is available TODAY! Congratulations and Happy Release Day, Jaye!
Happy Reading Everyone!!
CONFESSIONS OF A SEX DEMON by Jaye Shields, Beachwalk Press, available now in ebook formats. 

Join me on Wednesday, Sept 19th when Jaye will join me for a visit to celebrate her release and I'll be having a giveaway. Also, she's appearing at A TASTY READ blog today with a giveaway so go on over and join the release party celebrations - we're celebrating all week!



Jaye Shields said...

Thank you for the beautiful review! I am humbled and overjoyed that you had as much fun reading Confessions of a Sex Demon as I had writing it. I had fun doing our interview too, can't wait until Monday! Thanks again for making my first release so special.

Amy Valentini said...

Congrats Jaye - I wish you great success!

Really do hope everyone reads this debut novella and spreads the word. : )

Anonymous said...

Loved your review!!!!! I cannot wait to buy Jaye's book!!!! My supreme treat for the day!!

Amy Valentini said...

I do hope you do. It's most definitely a treat. Thanks for dropping by. : )

Dalila G. said...

Thanks to your fun, interesting and sometimes wild blog post, I have found so many different books to enjoy! THANK YOU AMY!!
This is another book that I will be adding to my ever-growing list of must reads.

Amy Valentini said...

You're very welcome, Dalila, come back on Wednesday when Jaye will be with us and you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 copies of this awesome novella.

Jaye Shields said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dalila!

Jennifer said...

This sounds awesome! Congratulations, Jaye! Can't wait to check out your debut.