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Unwrapping: Review of TURN TO DARKNESS by Jaime Rush

Already of a fan of Jaime Rush, imagine my delight when Avon asked me to read an eARC of the author's soon to be released paranormal romance novella, TURN TO DARKNESS. I was thrilled. This novella is due to release September, 11, 2012 from Avon Impulse. Hint: that's tomorrow!


The next installment in the Offspring series.
Shea is used to taking care of herself. She has special powers, and she knows how to use them. She's pushed away the ugliness of her past, just like she pushed away Greer, the only man who had ever reached beyond her defenses.

All Greer wants is to love Shea, though that comes at a high price for him: as a shapeshifter, once he takes her as his mate, he'll never be able to let go. So maybe it's for the best that she's made it clear she is not interested in anything romantic.

But when Shea's traumatic past combines with a new danger, nothing will stop Greer from protecting the woman he loves, even if it means losing any chance he has of a future with her.

                         *                      *                      *                    *                      *

If you've never read any of Jaime Rush's Offspring series - well, you really should. Although the books are best read in order, I did miss Tucker's story in THE DARKNESS WITHIN which released in March from Avon Impulse but Jaime does a great job of catching you up. So if you read this one first as a means to introduce yourself to Jaime's awesome series - it works. (Don't know how I missed Tucker's story but I did. So I need to remedy that especially after reading this one.)

Shea Baker is the daughter of a man from another dimension, Surfacia, who was among a group who had infiltrated the human population decades earlier. Some had fallen prey to their base desires and unwittingly sired children. These children carry the Darkness within them. The Darkness gives them special powers and abilities.  Shea is one of those sired children.

Greer, another offspring, is a friend and self-appointed protector to Shea especially after he learns her dark secret. A tormenting secret that she keeps buried deep and fears every moment until one day when the man behind the secret is murdered. The problem now is that all of the Darkness offspring are in danger especially Shea and Greer. Worse is that the danger may be closer than either of them think.

This fast-paced paramormal romance novella is an equally fast read. With TURN TO DARKNESS, Jaime Rush continues her creative exploits of the Offspring and their battle with the Darkness within and the dangers that constantly surround them. In TURN TO DARKNESS, the real danger comes from one of their own, Darius. He wants Shea for himself and will do whatever it takes to have her for his own, including killing Greer.

TURN TO DARKNESS by Jaime Rush is action-packed, tension-filled, emotional, and steamy sexy as Greer wins Shea's trust and her heart. There are moments when your breath catches in your throat with fear that the worst has happened but then when good finally overcomes evil, you'll be wanting to cheer. Jaime Rush continues her wonderful series with this awesome novella that fills in some blanks and pulls things together.

I highly recommend if you haven't tested the waters of the Offspring series and discovered the awesomeness of the Darkness yet, take your first taste with TURN TO DARKNESS by Jamie Rush - it's works well enough as a stand-alone to wet your appetite for more and soon you'll be diving into the backlist to catch up.

Happy Reading Everyone!!

TURN TO DARKNESS, an Offspring novella, by Jaime Rush, Avon Impulse, release date, September 11, 2012 in ebook format.


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