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Wacky Wednesday: The Re-Emergence of the Alpha Hero

Cover Reveal for Pamela Palmer's
next Feral Warrior Romance
 coming in December -
Fox - now that's an Alpha!
Over the years that I've been reading romance novels, I've seen the heroes and heroines go through many changes but I am so very glad to see a re-emergence of the Alpha Hero.

In the beginning, the heroines were more genteel and fearful, more submissive and unwilling to cause trouble for fear of retribution. The heroes were Alpha males that took what they wanted from whatever female was available  -  hence romance novels easily lived up to their nickname bodice rippers.

Then along the way, the bodice rippers fell away to heroines who began to fight back a bit. A heroine began to make herself known as someone who wasn't going to submit so easily, who sought to win the hearts of their Alpha men and change them for the better - a very strong bad-boy conversion leveling the playing field a bit. Unfortunately, this led the way to a Beta Hero emerging who at times was too laid back, too easy going, and a bit reluctant to go after what he wanted from his now emerging Alpha Heroine.  I think we still want our men to be real men even if they help around the house and change diapers.

I'm very happy to say that over the past few years, I've read more and more novels from the romance genre that can boast not only a heroine who can give her hero a run for the money but strong Alpha heroes that aren't afraid to show their more gentle side even as they continue to be real men. I like that combination very much.

Whereas the Regency hero remains somewhat the same with his nobility and arrogance guiding his manner toward women, we are seeing Regency women with more spunk and attitude. Women who decide what they want and go about getting it without concerning themselves as to what society might say. It's within contemporary and paranormal romance that I'm seeing the most wonderful changes occur. Strong heroes emerging from men in uniform, strong heroines who have alpha careers who carry over that strong confidence into their relationships with their men. Paranormal heroes and heroines with skills, talents and mysterious powers that put them on an equal playing - or battle - field.

Pamela Palmer's Feral Warrior series is a great example of Alpha Heroes and Alpha Heroines who stand up to each other in both protective instincts and steamy passion. By the way, Pamela's novella, HEARTS UNTAMED, which first appeared in the anthology BITTEN BY CUPID is going to be released as a stand alone in September so if you'd like to read one of her fabulous works to get a taste of the Feral Warriors, so that you may experience them in all of their Alpha glory, this is a good one to start with - be careful though, you'll get hooked, I promise.

By the way, in tribute to our real-life heroes, our military troops, Wendy Corsi Staub is planning to send along some autographed copies of her books to the troops for the holidays and she is asking for messages to give thanks. If you'd like to send our troops a special thank you message, please CLICK HERE to go to the post on Thank you, it only takes a moment and you'll lift the spirits of someone who is doing their duty to keep us safe and free.

How about you? How do you like your Romance Heroes - Alpha strong, Alpha with a touch of Beta, or all Beta?

Happy Reading Everyone!
Announcement: TINA is the winner of the THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER Giveaway - congratulations to her and I hope everyone will read this wonderful collection by these four fabulously talented ladies.  xoxo

Hearts Untamed: A Feral Warriors Novella (Originally appeared in the print anthology BITTEN BY CUPID)

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