Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wacky Wednesday: A Little Help From A Friend

A tall man, elegantly dressed in perfectly tailored light brown suede trousers tucked into dark brown riding boots with silver buckled straps that show off strong legs, enters the room. Under his short brown riding coat, he wears an embroidered vest of burgundy and a stylishly tied white linen cravat tied at his neck over a white high collar. His light brown hair with its golden highlights as if he's spent time in the sun is worn tied back in a neat queue that rests fashionably over the back of his high collar. His face is handsome with a strong brow, straight nose, square jaw and eyes the color of warm brandy shadowed by thick dark lashes. His full mouth is firm yet yielding. He bows elegantly and when he stands erect that full firm mouth has spread into an endearing smile that now makes the shadow of a dimple evident in his left cheek.

Greetings dear readers. Joshua Embry, at your service. My dearest friend, Mrs. Valentini, has asked me to attend you today. I hope you don't mind my appearance in her stead. She feels she has overdone recently and I do believe she might have suffered a brief fainting spell on an evening past but she will not confirm this with me.

He takes a seat, crossing his long legs casually as he fingers the edge of one of his sleeves.

I've only just arrived back in Virginia after an extended stay in England under the tutelage of my uncle in his financial firm. Oh, my pardon. I promised I would inform you of my state. I am living in this the year, 1799, and am quite happy to be home again in the rolling hills of Virginia on my father's farm, Green Mount. It truly is fine to be at home again. Family is important and sorely missed after two years away.

His eyes lower and he teases at some lint on his leg. When he raises his face, he wears a slight frown.

Mrs. Valentini is writing my pathetic story. I call it pathetic because, fool that I am, it seems I have lost the love of the only woman I desire. It helps not that I have returned home with a future wife in tow that I have no desire for whatsoever.

He sits up straight in his chair and drops his raised foot to the floor.

Oh, please, do understand that I have not coerced some young woman to marry me whom I have no desire for but instead I have been trapped in an arrangement that I feel I must honor yet do not have any want of - whatsoever.

He leans back in his chair with a very audible sigh. He glances away then back.

Miss Bradford is - well, for lack of another term - quite a harpy. I know it is not desirable of me to speak so about a woman to whom I am about to become officially betrothed but seriously, she is one of the most odious people I have ever encountered. Second, possibly, only to her brother, Martin Bradford - a most irritating and pompous man. 

He sighs once more. His expression of sadness evident to all even as he tries to hide it.

'Tis Miss Pelt that has captured my very heart. I believe she's owned it since we were children yet it appears she no longer holds any desire for me. I once thought she did and I begged her to wait for my return from England. It was only two years, my dears, is that too long to ask a woman to wait if she loves a man?

He sighs again.

I wrote to her even before I reached the shores of England but never received a response. I wrote so many times yet she never answered.  After close to a year, I quit tearing my heart out on paper. I wrote to my sisters. Only Emily, dear innocent Emily, had the courage to tell me of the man who came to Green Mount to see Miss Pelt. I believe she said he was from Charleston where Anna, - er, Miss Pelt, went to school.  I don't think Emily understood the implication but I knew then that I had lost my true love.

He shifts in his chair uncomfortably.

I cannot relieve myself of my love for her. I thought that when we saw each other again here at Green Mount - oh, my pardon, I forgot to inform you that she is the governess for my darling Emily. Of that I do not envy her for my sister is quite a handful. I thought that once she saw me that all would be as it was but I have not been able to get even a brief moment with her. I need so to explain that I have no desire to wed Miss Bradford but I know not how to address the situation to my father or to the harpy, herself. I wish not to dishonor my father's good name by breaking a contract that has been so long in existence. I have decided that arranged marriages are not always a good thing. I also have to admit my own cowardice in attempting to beg my freedom from this unwanted committment.

Would it be so terrible in this new age of ours for me to marry a governess? We fought for our freedom from a cruel monarchy yet are still kept prisoner by such outdated societal expectations.

I must admit to knowledge that she has no father and that her mother was never married but I care not for it is Anna - er, Miss Pelt - that holds my heart so dear not society. Society be damned, I say. If I wish to marry a bastard girl then I should be allowed to do so.

He suddenly blushes and covers his mouth. He squirms uncomfortably in his chair. Dropping his hand to pull at his cravat, he gives a small smile even as his cheeks remain flushed with emotion.

My most sincerest apologies, my dears, I should not have expressed myself so passionately. I do apologize for abusing your sensibilities so. Please forgive my outburst.

He bows his head a moment then continues in a much more composed manner.

Mrs. Valentini has told me that she has a plan to resolve my situation and bring me together with my beloved Anna, - er, Miss Pelt - but it's more than that. I fear how to leave this contract without angering my father and losing his respect forever.  When milady asked me to step in for her, I had no intention of telling you my complaints but somehow I feel as if a load has been lifted from my shoulders. I know you are her dearest friends and quite informed in the ways of romance so perhaps you might have an idea of how I can remedy my plight. How do I tell my father, a most respected man, that I have no wish to continue my contractual duty to Miss Bradford but instead wish to marry my sister's governess?

Oh my word, I nearly forgot my purpose for being here. Mrs. Valentini has requested me to present you with the blurb - whatever that is - for FAMILY AFFAIR by a Miss Debbie Macomber and to inform you that she is giving away a print copy of this piece of literature.  I'm not sure of what giving away literature is about but I am willing to oversee it's happening. I'm not sure as to when Mrs. Valentini will return but I am willing to carry on any discussion that may incur or questions that may arise. I would also very much enjoy your recommendations for my plight.

And so now, I present the blurb.

He shrugs his shoulders and smiles, a twinkle lighting his warm brown eyes.


Contains Debbie's novella "Family Affair" originally published in 1994 in Purrfect Love, a Harper/Monogram multi-author anthology, and "The Bet," a short story by Darlene Panzera

Rediscover the joy of #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber's delightful tale of unexpected love, second chances, and a cat named Dog.

Lacey Lancaster has always longed to be a wife and mother. However, after a painful divorce, she decides it's time to lay low for a while in her charming San Francisco apartment with her beautiful Abyssinian cat, Cleo.

Everything would be wonderful, except for her utterly impossible neighbor Jack Walker. When he's not arguing day and night with his girlfriend, begging her to move in with him, he's chasing down his cat named Dog, who seems determined to get Cleo to succumb to his feline advances.

Then Lacey discovers the awful truth-Cleo is in the family way and Dog's to blame. She's furious that neither Jack nor his amorous animal seem too upset about the situation.

But Lacey learns that things are not quite as they seem. Jack's "girlfriend" is really his sister-and his intentions toward Lacey are very honorable. And though she's not quite sure about Dog, Lacey begins to discover the tender joy of falling in love all over again.

                      *                       *                     *                      *                      *      


I hope you will make my dear friend, Mr. Embry, welcome and feel free to converse with him, he has free reign of the blog until my return. I should only be gone a day, perhaps less but in the meantime, I've got a print copy for 1 lucky commenter. Remember the formula for entry:

Comment + email address =  ENTRY

This Giveaway of FAMILY AFFAIR by Debbie Macomber will run through 11:30 PM EDT on Friday, August 24, 2012. One lucky commenter will be chosen at random and notified by email (see why email is important) and I will announce to everyone the name of the winner in a special post on Saturday. Giveaway is OPEN to US Residents Only.  Good Luck!

Joshua Embry: [looking around cautiously before lowering his voice]
 I look forward to your comments, my dears, and any assistance you can provide me in solving my plight of the heart. Thank you.

Well, my dear ladies, it seems this contest is NOW CLOSED! I expect that Mrs. Valentini will be giving me the name of the lucky lady who will be receiving Miss Macomber's literature very soon. Thank you all for joining me here. It was a most delightful visit. Farewell until we meet again. Adieu.

Happy Reading Everyone!

FAMILY AFFAIR by Debbie Macomber, Avon Romance, originally published 1994, newly republished along with a novella, THE BET by Darlene Panzera, the winner of an Avon Contest, available now in print and ebook format.


Jaye Shields said...

Pleased to meet you, Mr. Embry. Quite nice of you to take over and give Ms.Valentini a day off. You've convinced me I need to meet Ms. Macomber as well.

Jaye Shields said...

Jayeshields at gmail dot com :)
Thanks for lookin out love

Susie Welker said...

Hello Mr. Embry. You should see the beautiful rolling hills in Kentucky. With the amazing thoroughbreds running up and down them. It is a site to be taken in. Why even sitting in a carriage looking at the hills is just wonderful. My family and I would gladly welcome you to take part in our hospitality.

Zippy said...

Welcome Mr. Hembry. Everyone needs a break!
zipstersclue04@gmail dot com.

erin said...

What a fun post! Thank you Mr. Embry :)


Amy Valentini said...

Jason Embry says:

Good morning, my dear ladies! Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I am charmed to make your acquaintances. Mrs. Valentini failed to inform me how lovely you all are.

Miss Shields, I have not made the acquaintance of Miss Macomber myself but I understand from Mrs. Valentini that you have a literary work arriving on the scene very soon as well. My hearty congratulations and best wishes.

Miss Welker, I have not yet visited the wilderness that is now Kentucky. I know it must have great beauty as it once was part of the great commonwealth of my home, Virginia. It is still strange to speak of it as Kentucky for it has only been known by this name these past seven years. I thank you for your invitation and perhaps if I am fortunate to win my Anna,- er, Miss Pelt,- I will bring her to see the beauty of your rolling hills.

Greetings Miss Zippy, am I to break something? I must question Mrs. Valentini as to what. Thank you for welcoming me.

You are most welcome, Miss Erin, and I am indeed having fun. Thank you for joining us.

Gossupgurl29 said...

Hello, Mr. Embry. Charming you are, just as Mrs. Valentini said. Mrs. Macomber is a wonderful author whose literary works I have read many of. I think you would like her work.

Amy Valentini said...

Joshua Embry says:

Ah, Miss Millie, it is I who am charmed by my company. Thank you, I must admit that aside from financial documents and the occasional news post, I have little time for reading but perhaps my Anna, - ah me, I must stop thinking of her - perhaps Miss Bradford would be interested in Miss Macomber's book. However, I very much appreciate the recommendation, thank you.

julie beasley said...

my dear mr joshua embry. im quite sadden to learn of your plight. but, methinks you would do well to read mrs debbie macombers book. im sure she will have the solution to your problem. thanks for the chance of the giveaway.

Amy Valentini said...

Joshua Embry says:

Ah, my dear Miss Beasley, thank you for your compassion. I have been giving my situation more thought and am being to think I must push past my fears and face the consequences of my father's disappoinment. 'Tis better than being strapped forever to Miss Bradford even if I should lose my dear Miss Pelt if she no longer wishes my company.

Do you suppose this might be the kind of advice your Miss Macomber might put forth?

Amy Valentini said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming by today and making my dear Mr. Embry so welcome. I believe he has to meet Miss Bradford for dinner with the rest of the Embry family so he's had to leave. I hope he gains the courage to speak with his father. Of course, I know how it ends and hopefully, once it's submitted (due by Oct 15) that you will get to read the whole story too. Thanks again and I hope you're enjoying my creative foray.

Don't forget to leave an EMAIL ADDRESS if you wish to be entered. <3

bn100 said...

Nice post. Virginia sounds like a nice place to visit.


Amy Valentini said...

Virginia truly is a nice place to visit - Virginia is for Lovers - or so says the bumper stickers.
Glad you came by!

If anyone has any advice for Mr. Embry and his romantic dilemma, I'll be glad to pass it along. Who knows, he might even come back for a visit. : )