Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday! Thank Heaven for Redundancies!

Some of you may know that a few of weeks ago, I discovered that the diskette containing my second work in progress was missing after my hubby and I played musical computers. Well, I've been tearing the house apart ever since and have looked everywhere possible for the elusive disk without any luck. I've even driven myself into a sciatic nerve attack that has plagued me constantly making life miserable. I've been so obsessed with the missing diskette that I've used the time I should be working on my first work in progress to hunt for the second.

Well, Monday evening, after spending the afternoon moving furniture and looking through everything once more (I can proudly say the computer room is CLEAN!), I was nearly in tears because I knew there was no other place to look. I resigned myself to having to start all over. So while preparing dinner, while eating dinner, and later while doing the dishes, I began mentally mapping out the story in my head. I thought about changes I would make. I even mentally rewrote the prologue when suddenly, as if the characters took over, they hollered at me not to give up. Suddenly, I had a thought. Was it possible to find the file still there on the old computer? Was it possible to restore the system on Windows 98 and perhaps the file? Could the file still be there on the old computer in a redundant file?

Well, I dragged the old computer up from the basement. Suddenly, I was very glad that no one had wanted it, after all. I set it up on the floor in the spare bedroom, turned it on and went to My Documents - EMPTY! Of course, it was empty, I deleted the files. [sigh]
I went to My Computer and clicked on Programs - there I found Microsoft Word. I asked myself cautiously - was it possible that the file was still in there? As if my characters had heard my hesitancy, they gave me a simultaneous "hell yeah!" I clicked on the program. A blank page came up. I opened the list under file - nothing. I opened it fully. There, at the bottom, was the list of the last documents opened. I held my breath, said a quiet prayer,  and clicked on the temporary title for my paranormal work in progress.

IT WAS THERE!!! OMG!! I felt like a huge boulder had been lifted off my shoulders and thrown out the window. I grinned ear to ear, hopped up off the floor - sciatica be damned - ran into the living room and squealed with delight at my hubby - who was asleep on the couch, of course. My Book Was Back!!!

I grabbed an empty disk, saved the file on it, rushed to my computer and loaded it on the hard drive before saving it all snug and tight on the separate hard drive where nothing could touch it until I'm ready to work on it. I swear I could hear my characters cheering - they were all so happy to be back. To think they had been living on the old computer in the basement all these months and I didn't think to check there. Thank Heaven For Redundant Files!!
I even think my sciatica is better now, too! I still don't know where that pesky diskette has gone but right now, I don't care. I have my book back and that's all that matters.
Have you ever lost something and been so desperate to find it that you've turned your world upside down? Did you find it?

Okay, it's Wacky Wednesday and I did want to share my good news with you and because I'm feeling so happy, and relieved, I'm going to give you all a special treat - More ManCandy!

Paul Marron is one of the sexiest men to grace the covers of our beloved Romance Novels so I thought I'd share some of my favorites featuring this gorgeous gift from Heaven. Most of these are available but some are coming soon to a bookshelf near you.
Happy Reading Everyone!!

Whereas HUNGER UNTAMED is one of my faves, truly,
 my absolute favorite Paul Marron cover has got to be:

Thank Heaven for Big Boys!


Beebs said...

Woohoo! *doing the happy chair dance for you*, Amy.

That's great news. I'm always losing things, usually stuff I've put away safely (so safe, it's never seen again). :)

Thanks for the pretty pics, they do brighten up the day. :)

Amy Valentini said...

Thanks Beebs ... such a total relief to know I don't have to start all over again. It's amazing, how as we get older, we become like others. My Mom is notorious for putting gifts away somewhere safe and finally finding them years later! I suppose I put that little bugger somewhere safe and if and when we ever move from this house, I'll probably find it.

Glad you enjoyed the pretty pics! I've got some lovely events coming in the next 2 weeks - stay tuned! : )

Dalila G. said...

Hi Amy,

I'm thrilled that you found you missing file!! YAY you!!
I'm not a computer wiz at all, if I lost something on my computer, it's gone for good. :-(
Plus, I do have a terrible habit of hitting the delete button all of the time, why I do that, who know's??

What cool pictures of Mr. Sexy!!
I can look at his bookcovers all day long. :-D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy Valentini said...

He certainly is Mr. Sexy! I adore his covers.
Finding the file in a redundant file on the old 'puter was such a relief I can't tell you. It's safe on a separate hard drive for when I can get back to it. That's as soon as I finish the current one. LOL!!
Have a great weekend. : )