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Unwrapping: Review of KISS OF PRIDE by Sandra Hill

I apologize for not bringing you this review yesterday as planned but illness kept my brain from giving me the concentration it took to write it. Since TODAY is the actual release date for KISS OF PRIDE - a Deadly Angels Book by Sandra Hill, it's only fitting that I give you the review today. Fate has a funny way of leading us in the right direction, doesn't it? Or perhaps it's a guardian angel or vangel as in KISS OF PRIDE from Avon!

Blurb for KISS OF PRIDE:

Some men are too bad to be true . . .
Is he really a Viking with a vampire's bite? An angel with the body of a thunder god? A lone wolf with love on his mind? Alexandra Kelly, his prey, thinks Vikar Sigurdsson is either flat-out crazy or he's trying to maneuver her into his bed—which is hardly where a professional reporter should conduct an interview, tempting as that prospect might be.
And some men are too good to be true . . .
Until Vikar does something a teensy bit unexpected, and Alex begins to wonder whether her mystery man could really be everything he says he is: a Viking Vampire Angel on a thousand-year-long mission with his pack of sinful brothers—and a man who's finally found the woman of his dreams. By then, Vikar is already wrapping his chiseled arms around Alex's body . . . and sinking his wicked fangs right into her neck. If this is sin, why does it feel so good?

                        *                       *                      *                     *                      *

When I received this book in my goodie box from Avon, I was doubly excited. One, it's a book by Sandra Hill and no one does Vikings like Sandra Hill. Two, it's a new paranormal series about Vikings by the author who does Vikings with more flare, fun and sex appeal than any other.

Vikar Sigurdsson is a brawny, extraordinarily handsome Viking who died over a thousand years ago but is now taking up residence in Translyvania, Pennsylvania. Yes, you read that correctly. Vikar and his six brothers were found guilty of each committing one of the seven deadly sins - wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Vikar's sin was pride. Sentenced to do penance as a vangel (vampire/angel) and acting as God's warriors against Lucifer's Lucipires (vampires) with Michael the Archangel as their general, they have been traveling through time to protect innocents from being bitten by Lucies and taken to Hell before they have a chance to repent.

Vikar has been brought to present day Pennsylvania and ordered by Michael to restore a castle in Translyvania (a small town who has redesigned itself as a the home of the vampire totally unaware that real vampire/angels now live and walk among them). The last thing Vikar expects is to have a reporter show up on his doorstep who has the distinct smell of sin about her. Instead of turning her away, he invites her in, bites her neck and proclaims she must stay until the cleansing is complete. Simple, right? Not for poor Vikar. He's drawn to this modern woman who is unlike any woman he has ever known and who has brought back to life thoughts and desires that he has fought for too long and that has already cost him too many years added to his sentence.

Alexandra Kelly is looking for a story to keep her occupied both physically and mentally. Her mind is on the trial of the two evil men who killed her husband and daughter. Her thoughts run to murder if she doesn't get justice through the courts. When her boss sends her to this silly town that lives and breaths vampires, she sees it as a good opportunity to distract herself from her own evil thoughts. Believing she has an appointment to interview Lord Vikar, the man said to be restoring the rundown castle on the outskirts of town into a grand hotel, she finagles her way to the front door. When someone finally answers her persistent attempts to gain entrance, she is greeted by the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen - ever.  Even more surprised after learning that this Adonis is Lord Vikar Sigurdsson, is being surprised at having this Viking god bite her neck and then claim he is a vampire/angel or vangel as he and his brother vangels refer to themselves.

As Alex struggles to understand what kind of weird cult like situation she's fallen into, Vikar struggles with his desire for this headstrong redhead. Sex is forbidden for the vangels and so he and Alex resort to near sex or acting like horny teenagers. While fighting their feelings for each other, each struggles with their own demons. For Alex, those are the demons that dwell within her broken heart and for Vikar, they are real life demons who threaten Alex, himself and his family. As each slowly begin to acknowledge their feelings for each other, Alex's demons begin to wane and Vikar begins to understand the consequences of his original sin - pride.

Sandra Hill writes with humor especially tongue in cheek humor which abounds in this unique departure from her usual. A blending of her virile Vikings with vampire and angels makes me very happy. KISS OF PRIDE is the first in the series, Deadly Angels, and I am looking forward to the rest after reading the first.

KISS OF PRIDE by Sandra Hill is a humorous, quirky, and yet adventurous story with action, sexual tension abounding, laugh out loud moments and times when you just say, awww.  If you're a fan of Lynsay Sand's Argeneaus (btw, UNDER A VAMPIRE MOON is now available, too) you'll fully appreciate this series. If you haven't read anything by Sandra Hill yet, start here and have some fun! If you already love Sandra Hill's sense of humor and her Vikings then, please do, try out this uniquely fun and intriguing new paranormal series. Even if you're not a big fan of paranormal, these Vikings will have you smiling in no time and not minding the demons too much. I highly recommend anyone looking for a fun read with sexy, quirky Vikings, read KISS OF PRIDE by Sandra Hill.

Happy Reading Everyone and Happy Release Day to all the authors with new books today!

KISS OF PRIDE, A Deadly Angels Book by Sandra Hill,  available now from Avon Books in print and ebook format.



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