Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wacky Wednesday: Georgian Men On The Loose!

Well, it's Wacky Wednesday and I think I really need it this week. Since we will be meeting the author of fabulously sexy Georgian era writing, Victoria Vane, on Friday, I decided to go in that direction for today's fun. Besides that, it's my sister Maureen's birthday and so I wanted to give her something to drool over.  So Happy Birthday Sis!!

When I think Georgian Era men, I think long hair pulled back in a queue or Colonial looking hotties, how about you? Perhaps some of these will inspire your imaginations just as A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE inspires a rollicking Georgian good time.  (Read my review of this wild Georgian novella by clicking HERE.)

More gorgeous long-haired men - Georgian style!!  ENJOY!

Be sure to come by on Friday and meet Ms. Victoria Vane, she'll be talking about her new Georgian series - The Devil Devere and I believe she's going to be giving something away, too! I promise, this new series is as much fun as a you can get from between the pages of any book without getting arrested.

Happy Reading Everyone and Happy Birthday Maureen!!


Maureen said...


Loved it! Thanks u know I love those
yummy men! Makes me wish I was truly
turning 25 again, keep blogging, I am one of your biggest fans!


The_Book_Queen said...

Oh, the last one did it for me! The others--eh, didn't care too much about them. But his eyes and kind of scruffy appearance and...oh my! Yes, I approve of the Georgian style if they all look like that! :D

TBQ's Book Palace

Amy Valentini said...

lOL!! TBQ, that last one is my inspiration man for my WIP hero, Beau. He's the only one not pictured as from Georgian era but I just love that pic. : )

Barbara Monajem said...

These are great! And I'm sure Victoria Vane's new release will be, too. ;~)

Kiru Taye said...

I love your inspiration, Amy. And I'm looking forward to reading Victoria's new ebook.