Friday, March 2, 2012

Unwrapping: Review of WRONG SIDE OF HELL by Juliana Stone

I count myself most fortunate that I was allowed to read WRONG SIDE OF HELL by Juliana Stone ahead of its ebook release date, March 6, 2012. This Avon Impulse paranormal novella is AWESOME! Juliana has created her best work yet.


With battle lines drawn and evil forces gathering in the shadows, the League of Guardians is all that stands between chaos and the human realm . . .

Logan Winters, an elite hellhound shifter, wants to forget his allegiance to the League and the pain he's suffered because of it. But when he's ordered to retrieve Kira Dove from purgatory and bring her back to life, he can't refuse. Not only will her death affect the balance between the realms, she's also linked to a past he can't forget.

Kira Dove, a young woman murdered before her time, wanders the gray realm, alone and vulnerable. The one bright spot in her life is the memory of a mysterious protector who saved her once before. As she makes her way through this terrifying place, she can't help but wonder... will he come for her again?

As Logan races to save her, he knows he faces a nearly impossible task: How can a hellhound survive in the one place he shouldn't ever be? The wrong side of hell . . .

                           *                         *                       *                        *                          *
In WRONG SIDE OF HELL, Juliana Stone takes us on a journey through the depths of purgatory, the gray realm, as Logan Winters attempts to save Kira Dove from a permanent death within the depths of Hell. This novella is amazingly fast-paced, gritty, and at times, a little bit terrifying. The action never stops! The sizzling attraction and emotional sensuality bouncing back and forth between Logan and Kira draw the reader in so fully that you feel as if you'll burst with anticipation if the two don't resolve their need for each other.

Logan, a shape shifting hellhound, is tough, guarded, and wants nothing more than to retrieve Kira Dove from a place he has no business going and isn't even sure he can enter much less leave again. His plan is to bring her soul back to her dead body in the morgue so he can be on his way and his secrets remain secret. What he hadn't counted on was how being near Kira brought forth a need to protect her so completely that he ends up putting both their souls in danger.

Kira has always felt like a victim. With nothing but some vague memories of a beast and a saviour to explain her fears and what she's been told are delusions, she's never felt in control of her life. Locked away in a mental institution, the one thing that has kept her grounded is the thought that her saviour will return to save her once more. Having awakened in a strange place that feels oh, so familiar, she also awakened with a new strength and a new attitude. She is determined not to play the victim ever again. So when Logan shows up to protect her as he leads her back to the real world, she makes it clear that she will fight right alongside him and not runaway from that which threatens her.

Mix together a story that is dark, gritty, and has the feel of a nightmare you can't escape with a romance brimming with steamy on-the-edge sensuality and you've got yourself a sexier than hell paranormal romance in WRONG SIDE OF HELL. I've been a fan of Juliana Stone through her Jaguar Warrior series but I have to say that she outdid herself with this novella. Novellas can be difficult to write because of the constraints of word count and the desire to include all the aspects needed to make it a good story. Well, Juliana did it and then some. She has created 100 pages of incredible storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat and unable to put it down.

I more than highly recommend this novella to everyone who enjoys excellent writing and incredible storytelling. I am, personally, eagerly awaiting the League of Guardians series and I'm hoping we see Logan and Kira again.

Happy Reading.

WRONG SIDE OF HELL by Juliana Stone, Avon Impulse, ebook format, release date - March 6, 2012, ASIN: B0070XAUKU, print book coming March 27, 2012.



The_Book_Queen said...

Great review--I'm definitely putting this one on my list! :)

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Amy Valentini said...

Oh, it's definitely worth and it's a fast read too! Enjoy! Let me know what you think after you read it. : )