Friday, March 23, 2012

Unwrapping: Review of SIMON SAYS DIE by Lena Diaz

I have been a fan of books and movies that center around seriel killers forever. One of my all time favorite series is the books about Hannibal Lechter by Thomas Harris. I love to scare myself so imagine my delight when I opened an eARC from AVON of SIMON SAYS DIE by Lena Diaz and read the prologue which had the hair standing up on my arms and the back of my neck before I even turned the page to Chapter One.

SIMON SAYS DIE by Lena Diaz is her second Avon Impulse release coming March 27, 2012.

Simon says…I’m watching.
Madison McKinley knows someone is watching her, following her, hiding in the shadows. But her clever stalker never leaves proof. The police are too busy trying to find the ‘Simon Says’ killer to waste time chasing a stalker they believe exists only in Madison’s mind. With no one to turn to, Madison must handle her problems on her own–even when her former lover shows up to help. Madison knows Pierce means well, but she can’t risk her heart–or his life–any more than she already has.
Simon says…I’m coming.
From the moment FBI Special Agent Pierce Buchanan knocks on Madison’s door, he’s drawn into a deadly game of deception and danger. He should have expected all this turmoil–after all, Madison’s nickname is ‘trouble’. But when people start dying and the evidence mounts, the police begin to suspect Madison is behind everything. Was Pierce a fool for following his heart and trusting her again, or are they both caught in a game so complex it will be a miracle if they come out alive?
Simon says…DIE.

                    *                 *                  *                   *                   *                    *

FBI Special Agent Pierce Buchanan is not thrilled about promising his buddy, Logan Richards, that he will check on Logan's sister, Madison McKinley because he had hoped to never see her again after she broke his heart. The last time he'd seen her, he was about to propose but before he had the chance she told him that she was bored and wanted to move on. A promise is a promise, however, and since Logan is on his honeymoon, Pierce agrees to make sure Madison is all right. Imagine his surprise when he arrives at her home to find her chasing after a strange man. Pierce follows and ends up getting shot for his good deed.

Someone has been watching Madison in her new home in Savannah. Mysterious notes and phone calls have her very nervous and the worst part about it is that she suspects the man stalking her is her dead husband. Yes, you read that right, her dead husband. The same husband that died in a fiery automobile accident after she shot him trying to get him to leave her alone. Yes, she shot her husband only no bullet was recovered during the autopsy and no one but she and her dead husband know that she shot him.

Madison has secrets. Secrets that she can't tell her brother or Pierce. The police don't believe her reports of a stalker and the police don't trust her. Pierce is having a hard time believing or trusting her either. Pierce is still in love with Madison but because of the way they ended things, he's suspicious of her intentions. Madison, after having been married to a man she thinks of as evil, evil enough that she is armed to the teeth in case he isn't dead and intends her harm, trusts no man. So what's a girl to do? No one believes her and the police don't want to expend any more attention to her problem because they have a greater threat to the community, a seriel killer they call SIMON.

I'm not going to tell you any more because this is a mystery thriller that needs to be read to be appreciated. SIMON SAYS DIE by Lena Diaz is a gripping romance thriller that will have you hooked from the first words. The suspense-filled yet reaffirming romance that emerges from a tension-filled beginning will easily carry you through to the climactic end of SIMON and then make you smile with a touching and sweet epilogue. I highly recommend reading SIMON SAYS DIE by Lena Diaz and I fully intend to read her first Avon Impulse, HE KILLS ME, HE KILLS ME NOT, as soon as I can find the time.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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SIMON SAYS DIE by Lena Diaz, published by Avon Impulse, is available March 27, 2012, ASIN: B0078XFIQS, ebook format.
You can learn more about Lena Diaz and her other book as well as read an excerpt from SIMON SAYS DIE at her website.



Dalila G. said...

OMGosh Amy!!
...."I have been a fan of books and movies that center around seriel killers forever."...really?!
I wish I could say the same, but sadly no. In my 'fantasy' world all is good and rosey and happiness is everywhere.

I haven't read any of the Thomas Harris books, let alone watch the movie.
I'm too much of a chicken and proud of it, just so you know. :-D

Movies that have all the gore and beheadings and so forth are not my thing. I am a sissy to the core! LOL! As a child and till this day, I have to switch on a light before I even walk into a dark room.
No me! :-)

Amy Valentini said...

LOL!! Dalila, I have to say that even though this has a seriel killer in it, it's not gorey like the Hannibal books, after all, it's an Avon Romance. It is suspenseful and keeps you glued but if it's not the thing for you then I respect that. I was just so thrilled when I read this and enjoyed it so much I had to tell everyone. Remember, I once said that I was NOT a fan of contemporary. I'm being to change my thinking especially with great reads like this one available. Don't worry, I'll review others that I think you will enjoy much more such as the one I'm reviewing tomorrow.
Boo! *wink*