Monday, December 26, 2011

Unwrapping: 'Tis The Day After Christmas

Happy Boxing Day!
Well, Santa has visited, food and goodies have been eaten - probably to excess- and presents have been opened. Either all of the fuss and worry has been for naught or it's only just begun. How many of you will be standing in return lines this week? Don't you wish Santa had a return policy where he comes back to your house, retrieves the items that need to be returned and brings back its replacement or a refund?? 

Well, my hope is that the kids that my hubby, Kevin, and I visited on Friday evening were so thrilled with their gifts that Santa won't have to use that return policy. Our Santa Visits usually go off without a hitch but this year was a little different for us and for the kids.  [sigh]

You see, I, me, myself, Mrs Claus screwed up and left one of Santa's fur-trimmed boots at home. If I had lived closer and if I didn't know for a fact that traffic on the highway between my hubby's workplace and my house (a mere17 miles) was a virtual standstill, I might have gone home to retrieve the boot. Well, hubby dear, Santa refused to dress as Santa telling us all that he felt he would look ridiculous dressed in uniform wearing his work shoes rather than his boots.  I felt horrible. All I could think about was those sweet kids who had no homes, not much in the way of belongings and they were waiting for Santa to come to their party.

Over sized everything!
SO! I grabbed Santa's over sized red fur-trimmed, reindeer button trimmed coat and put it on. I snatched up his over sized fur-trimmed hat, which I later learned he had stuffed his gloves inside which might account for the way it kept listing toward the pompom side, and put it on.  We climbed into my Blue Meanie (my name for my Ford Focus) with me behind the wheel, with what felt like a furry animal between my legs where the coat was bunched, and sped off toward the homeless shelter. We arrived only minutes late, retrieved the gifts from the car and set up near the Christmas Tree. I left my camera in the car because I didn't think anyone would want to see pictures of Mrs. Claus substituting for Santa and didn't think hubby could handle being Santa's Helper and take pictures but now I wish I had brought it in.  I'm going to try to get copies of Mrs. Claus with the kids from the person taking pictures so if I do, I'll share later.

As soon as the kids came out and saw me, they all asked about Santa. We told them that Santa had a sick reindeer and had to stay at the North Pole because it was only one more day before his big run and he needed them all healthy. One of the kids immediately asked the most obvious question - which one? Kevin was quick and announced it was Rudolph - that his light was out in his nose. The kids just shrugged and that was that.  

As soon as I sat down by the tree, the kids were on me like a hoard of wild animals. They all wanted to sit with Mrs. Claus. The first little girl asked me about my clothes. I told her that since Santa couldn't make it that he had allowed me to borrow his coat and hat. She smiled sweetly and nodded her head before announcing, "that's why it's too big for you, right?"

The kids were great, all smiles and happiness which lightens the heart and fills it with Christmas cheer. It's amazing to think these little ones have no homes to call their own and yet, share with each other, take care of each other and smile at the simplest pleasure. They were excited about their gifts like any child would be but just getting to sit next to Mrs. Claus, get a hug and a candy cane seemed wonderful enough to most of them.  

Mrs. Claus waiting under the tree. ; )
Now I know why the guys like to play Santa ... it's the most incredible feeling in the world. I think the kids were as excited as I was and seemed more relaxed than I've ever seen them.  Kevin and I have been doing Santa Visits since 2001 and this group was amazing. They all gathered around me whereas they normally hang back a bit. They were asked to move back and wait so they plopped their fannies onto the floor and waited patiently. When I would ask who's next, all hands would go up with a resounding "Me!" 

Mrs. Claus and her crazy, alien-eyed, Rottie - Marco
I suspect it was because it was Mrs. Claus rather than Santa. Oh, Santa is loved and they get excited about his visit but I think Mrs. Claus was a bit less intimidating.  I think it was because as a woman, Mrs. Claus is more approachable and because she doesn't wear that big white beard and they can see her face, they felt more comfortable. No matter the reason, I had a great time. Kevin smiled the entire time he was helping and got to see the whole adventure from where I usually do. Thanks for allowing me to play Mrs. Claus/Santa this year ... don't be surprised if I 'accidentally' leave something behind some other year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend, got everything they asked Santa for and more, had good company and lots of love and laughter. I hope y'all will come back and visit me on Wednesday, Dec 28th - have I got a wonderful treat for you! I'll just say that a New York Time's bestselling author will be visiting us and she's giving away a delightful treat. So come on back folks!

Happy Reading Everyone!


Amy Valentini said...

I forgot to mention that I got to hold the most adorable little baby girl about 5 or 6 months old. When I said I wanted to take her home with me, her older sister told me I could have her. LOL!
Thank you kids for making my Christmas special. xoxo

Beebs said...

Oh Amy

It sounds wonderful, there's nothing like kids to bring back the magic of Christmas.

I think kids are always trying to get rid of the younger siblings. When I was expecting my second son, I was told quite firmly, by the then 9 your old older son, that if it wasn't a boy I could leave it in the hospital because he didn't want a sister. He got his wish thankfully, I don't know how I would have sorted things out otherwise. lol

Amy Valentini said...

LOL!!! Hi Beebs. Hope your Christmas was a delight. My oldest brother is 9 yrs older than me so I can tell you that he probably would have simultaneously loved and hated having a sister ... my brother thought it was great that I didn't tag along like my brother did but then I used to draw in his books, so ... it's a double edged sword. You were blessed to have them either way. Happy Boxing Day. : )

Beebs said...

I am indeed blessed, and I feel blessed most of the time, before and after puberty they are wonderful, during not so much. LOL!

Still vegging on the couch, Downton Abbey Christmas special, chocolate and a glass of Bailey's, Bliss!

Happy boxing day to you and yours too. :=)

Maureen said...

Awww! You are SO cute!

Tear wipe!

Happy New Year!