Monday, December 12, 2011

Unwrapping: Christmastime Romance

As I mentioned before, I believe Christmastime is the most romantic time of the year, even more so than Valentine's Day. Perhaps it's because it begins almost immediately following Thanksgiving and culminates with New Year's Eve.

From Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, there are so many wonderful reasons to ask out that special person for the first time ... Christmas parties, parades, family gatherings and the best of all, New Year's Eve celebrations.

By the following Christmas, if all goes well, there comes yet another wonderful time and opportunity to get engaged. How many of us have gotten engaged during the holidays or at least hoped to get engaged then? I had always thought it would be the ultimate romantic gesture to receive an engagement ring as a Christmas gift. How wonderful for those lucky gals to be asked to spend all the Christmas' forever with that special someone.

I did have an engagement ring by the time Christmas came around but got engaged the weekend before Thanksgiving, which was fairly close to my ideal. We had flown to Texas to attend my good friend's wedding in which I was the maid of honor. The evening before the wedding, my hubby asked me to marry him ... I won't go into details because it's a private moment that will forever stay just between us but let me just say that it was unexpected, spontaneous and totally romantic.  It was so spontaenous that he didn't even have a ring with him but I got a beauty.

Of course, if I could have managed it, I would love to have had a Christmas wedding ... what a wonderful time to get married. I envy Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley for having their Christmas wedding ... sooo romantic.  

When I think of Christmas, I think of all the romantic aspects ... the mistletoe to kiss under, cold winter nights to cuddle through by a roaring fire, and the songs! Songs like, "I'll Be Home for Christmas", "Santa Baby", "Winter Wonderland", "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and one of the sexiest, "Baby, It's Cold Outside".  It's no wonder that so many babies are born come Fall.

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Lindsay and Cameron (the Glee Project)

So what's the most romantic thing that's happened to you or that you would like to have happen to you at Christmastime?

In the meantime, Happy Reading - Romance Novels are always a good way to get into a romantic mood especially if you share reading time with that special someone. 

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