Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unwrapping: Pamela Palmer's FERAL WARRIORS

     Pamela Palmer is a hosting a Pajama Party tonight on her blog.
     When:  Tonight, October 11th from 8 PM - 10 PM (EST)
     Where:  The Radiant's Bed Chamber, Feral House, Great Falls, Virginia
     Directions: Pamela Palmer's Blog

     In honor of such a fun occasion, I thought we'd talk a little about the genre paranormal romance and because of the occasion, the Feral Warriors! I do love the Feral Warriors!

     The paranormal romance genre is a blend of all we love in a good romance with the added fun of vampires, witches, demons, angels, werewolves and shape-shifters like the Feral Warriors.  So if you have a taste for stories featuring any of the above then I believe paranormal romance just might be your cup of tea.

     Pamela Palmer's Feral Warriors are members of an immortal race called the Therians.  They are unique members of their race for they have each joined their souls with an animal spirit that has chosen each them specifically. Once joined with their animal spirit, they are easily able to shift from man to beast and back at will. Their numbers were greater once upon a time long before the rise of Human civilization but when they were forced to band together with their traditional enemies, the Mage (the magic ones) to defeat the High Daemon, Satanan, their victory came at a high cost. In order to defeat Satanan, both immortal races were forced to mortgage nearly all their power. As a result, only one Therian able to harness the power of his animal remained from each of the ancient lines. Where once there were many, now only nine remained.  These nine are the Feral Warriors - Lyon, Tighe, Paenther, Jag, Kougar, Hawke, Wulfe, Vhyper, and Foxx. 

     The first five, Lyon (DESIRE UNTAMED), Tighe (OBSESSION UNTAMED), Paenther (PASSION UNTAMED), Jag (RAPTURE UNTAMED) and Kougar (HUNGER UNTAMED)have had their stories told and Hawke's (ECSTASY UNTAMED) is about to be released this month.  It's advisable to read them in order beginning with DESIRE UNTAMED so that you'll benefit the greatest from Pamela Palmer's amazing story-telling.  These books are imaginative, exciting, fast-paced and will leave you hungry for the next one. 

     Perhaps a taste of what is in store if you've never read any of these is in order, so - without further ado - I am happy to present an excerpt from PASSION UNTAMED:

Virginia, 1738

The newly marked Feral Warrior, Black Panther, prowled the wide, flat stone overlooking the raging Potowmack River. Snow swirled around him, driven by a harsh wind as he waited for the ritual that would, goddess willing, transform him into a shape-shifter, one of the most powerful creatures on Earth.

Months ago, the animal spirit of one of the deceased Ferals had marked him as his own.  A bare week later, as he'd set out to find Feral House, the Mage witch Ancreta had tricked him, capturing him. For long months, he'd endured her torture as she viciously tried to pry loose the animal spirit inside him, burning a rage into his soul that never eased.

Now the time had come to know if she had succeeded.

Around him, the six Feral Warriors paced bare-chested, a thick gold armband snaking around each man's arm as they raised the mystic circle.  In their midst stood the Radiant, the lone woman accompanying them -- the one through whom they pulled their power from the Earth.  The mystic circle would enclose the great rock and hide all within it from the prying eyes of the Indians that still occasionally hunted these woods.

The day was dreary, the cold biting against the bare skin of his upper body, a body broken too many times beneath Ancreta's torture. 

Hatred curled in his belly.  Fury lived in his blood.  For seven months he'd been her captive, the third of three newly marked Ferals the witch had capture over the past two years.

Only two had survived, Vincent and him.  Ten days ago, Vincent had escaped.  Nine days ago, he'd risked capture and death to return.  Black Panther tilted his head, letting the wind brush his long black hair from his face.  Vincent had returned for him.  And finally, this very day, they would complete the ritual, the Renascence, to be reborn as Feral Warriors in truth. 

Want more? Feel free to visit Pamela Palmer at her website to learn more about the Feral Warriors but you'll have to get your own copies if you want the rest of the stories.

      Pamela is planning to answer any and all questions we may have about the Feral at her Pajama Party tonight.  So what questions do you have for her?

      I fear that I will not be able to attend as I had planned but I do have a question for her and I hope that she will read it here and answer it on her blog tonight at the Party.

     My question for Pamela is:  Why is it that some of the Ferals, such as Paenther, can shape-shift into their animal form and then back into their man form all the while keeping their clothes and weapons whereas other Ferals, such as Wulfe, cannot and end up naked without weapons in hand?

I hope she answers my question. 

      Watch for the release of ECSTASY UNTAMED on October 25, 2011. Meanwhile, join the fun at Feral House tonight 8 PM - 10 PM on Pamela's blog

      Now that you've had a little taste of paranormal romance, if you aren't already reading this fascinating genre, would you read it now? 
      If you're already a fan of the Ferals, who is your favorite?

      I love them all but do have a soft spot for bad-boy, Jag. 

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