Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unwrapping: 21st Century Romance Covers

     The modern Romance Novel has grown and changed
since a new breed of writer came along in the 1970's. 
As those writers perfected their craft and developed a following
their book covers reflected those changes.
Yet, as we saw from the progression of covers from 1972
through the end of the 1990's, modesty continued to be the call of the times.  
Is it still?

     In case you haven't already noticed, I have an affinity for authors published by
 Avon, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishing ... I can't help it, they know talent. 
They publish wonderful stories using the most talented authors
and their cover art is truly spectacular.
     Avon pioneered modern Romance when they introduced a new breed of romance
writer in the 1970's - Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rosemary Rogers, and Johanna Lindsey to name a few but more have followed and when new genres
were introduced at the turn of the century, it's this reader's opinion that it was then
that the Romance Novel came into its own
and the world of Romance exploded.

     Today, when we look at the bookshelves we see all kinds of covers leading us to all kinds of wonderful stories that take us places we've never before gone in Romance.
Let's take a look at one author's work who began similarly to a pioneer - Johanna Lindsey. Lynsay Sands began writing very young and her first novel, THE DEED - a historical romance, was published in 1997. Since then she has never failed to entertain us and now her romantic comedies span three genres—historical, contemporary, and paranormal. 
Her books are read in more than twelve countries and have been translated into at least six languages. Her covers are just as eclectic ranging from beautiful and serene
 to downright sexy. Her foreign covers would surprise you. 
Shall we take a journey through her covers and unwrap a few? 
Perhaps if you're still nervous about openly reading one,
you'll find a wrapping to suit you along the way.

THE DEED - 1997   Then, Now and in German:

SWEET REVENGE - 2000  Then and in German: 

THE RELUCTANT REFORMER - 2002  Then and in Italian:

WHAT SHE WANTS  -  2002  Then, Now and in German

        THE LOVING DAYLIGHTS (a contemporary romance) - 2003   Then and Now:

 LOVE BITES (Paranormal Romance and lots of fun!) - 2004  Then, Now and in UK:

Tall, Dark & Hungry - 2004   Then, Now and in UK:

     I hope you've noticed that the NOW covers are more sophisticated, artful and possibly sexier. By 2010, Ms Sand's covers were becoming truly artistic in thanks to the incredible cover artists working in the publishing world today.

BORN TO BITE - 2010 is a wonderful example.

Her Historical Romances are beginning to see incredible covers
as well as you might have noticed from the re-issues of

Her latest Historical Romance Series 
featuring the Madison Sisters
have been given covers that are truly artwork.

 THE COUNTESS - 2011 and THE HEIRESS - 2011

I hope you've enjoyed Unwrapping Romance Novels from past to present.
Only our imaginations and those of the talented cover artists know
where the next generation of covers will take us but you can obviously see that there is
something for everyone. 

Which style is your favorite? One from the 20th C. or one from the 21st C.?
Or are you like me and love them all?
I would love to hear if you have a favorite cover that you especially think is beyond compare.

Happy Reading Everyone!


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