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Unwrapping a Guest Review by Connie Fischer of LORD BREDON AND THE BACHELOR'S BIBLE, a House of Lovell novel by Mia Marlowe

Greetings my darling readers, I know I’ve been remiss in providing you reviews of good reads this past year and I apologize. Life has a hold on me which does not allow me much reading time. I have tried to make up for that in publishing my own good reads for you and I hope you’ve given them a try. So to make up for my neglect, I will be offering up guest reviews for you enjoy. I hope to be back reviewing for you soon but in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy my dear friend, Connie Fischer’s reviews to guide you to good reads. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

I present to you a guest review of LORD BREDON AND THE BACHELOR’S BIBLE, a House of Lovell novel by Mia Marlowe, published April 30, 2019.


With the dowries of all the season’s debutantes exposed in its scandalous pages, The Bachelor’s Bible is a handy tool for an earl in need of an heiress . . .

Edward Lovell, newly minted earl, bears a weighty responsibility: to restore his family’s estate to its former grandeur. The task requires not simply a wife, but a wealthy one. Thanks to The Bachelor’s Bible, he already has a particular lady in mind. He has only to convince her sponsor that he will make a suitable husband. There’s just one complication: the sponsor is none other than the only woman he’s ever loved—and inexplicably lost. Now a young widow, Lady Anne Howard is more beautiful than ever . . .

Anne is not about to be taken for a fool a second time. When they last met, Edward was Lord Bredon, the man she adored—the man who destroyed her dreams of a happy future. Now he is pursuing the hand of the young lady Anne must keep safe from unscrupulous suitors. But who will protect Anne from the earl who still possesses her heart?


Connie’s Review:

London - 1817

Lady Daly and other friends of Sir Erasmus Howard are attending the man’s funeral. They comment on how young the man’s wife is and to herself, the young widow is thankful that she is finally free.

At age 30, Edward Lowell, Earl of Chatham, only recently came into his title after his father’s death. Unfortunately, his father had not managed the estate's funds well, so Edward is in need of marrying a rich heiress.

Edward’s friend, Sinclair, Earl of Ware, is married to Edward’s sister, Caroline, who is expecting a baby. He has confided in them that he is finally going to look for a bride. To that end, he has a copy of “A Register of Ladies of Means", or "The Bachelor’s Bible". Miss Martha Finch, daughter of a wealthy baron, is his top pick as her dowry is 80,000 pounds. Her dowry would help his dwindling funds. He is also in need of an heir. Problem is she’s very young and a bit silly.

When Edward sees the lovely Anne, 28, Sir Erasmus Howard’s widow, he is sorry that he did not marry her himself. But he soon finds that she has been a widow for several years. When he learns that Anne is the sponsor for Miss Martha Finch, he’s quite surprised. Behind the scenes, Anne is Mrs. Hester Birdwhistle who writes anonymous articles. Edward is still drawn to Anne. But when he learns that her husband may have died of poisoning, he needs to investigate. Could Anne have killed her husband? Has Edward fallen in love with a murderer?

My goodness! This book offers treason, murder, lots of twists and turns, and many nail biting moments. The ending is very clever in how it wrapped up a big dilemma. I enjoyed the story and many of the characters that were very well-written.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

LORD BREDON AND THE BACHELOR’S BIBLE, a House of Lovell novel by Mia Marlowe, Lyrical Press, available now ebook and print at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

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