Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Unwrapping a Review of SCORPIUS RISING, a Scorpius Syndrome novella by Rebecca Zanetti

Already a huge fan of the Scorpius Syndrome series by Rebecca Zanetti, I knew I had to read the novella that started it all—SCORPIUS RISING. I’m glad I did because it answers a lot of questions hanging at the edges of my imagination. I hope you’re going to give this series a chance, if you haven’t already but either way, I hope you read this one. My only real wish is that it was longer. And how about that cover? Makes me want to lick the screen.

***purchased for my own personal reading but sharing my honest and unscripted review.


With a deadly disease spreading like wildfire across the country, microbiologist Nora Medina needs to focus all her energy on stopping the pandemic. Playing with dynamite—in the form of her way-too-hot ex—is the last thing she should be doing. But forced to work with Deacan McDougall against unexpected enemies with the seconds ticking by, she knows the explosion is coming...


Once upon a time, Nora Medina was married to a sexy, stubborn Scot named Deacan McDougall. The last thing she expects when she is dragged away from a vacation in the sun is to find herself near him again. He hadn’t changed a bit; in fact, he might be even more sexy, and stubborn. He says he’s changed but she’d have to see proof of that herself. Aside from her need to ignore the man who she’s never stopped loving, she has something more pressing to worry about, such as trying to find a cure to stop an alien bug that is killing everyone infected or turning them into raging and dangerous lunatics. Her best friend, Lynn Harmony, is already working hard on the solution to the most devastating attack on the human species the world has ever encountered. When her own assistant becomes infected, she discovers just how dangerous the Scorpius bacterium is and just how dangerous her Scot can be when an obsessed maniac puts her in the crosshairs.

Rebecca Zanetti manages to pack more action, more thrills, more angst, and more sexual tension into her pages than I could ever imagine, and I love every minute of it. Since this is a novella, there was a lot more time spent on the relationship between Nora and Deacon but that didn’t mean we don’t get to experience the slow downward spiral as the Scorpius Syndrome begins to destroy human society, as we know it. Having read the first two books in the series, MERCURY STRIKING and SHADOW FALLING, I was intrigued to know what led up to the amazing post-apocalyptic world that Rebecca has created. SCORPIUS RISING is that missing part of the story. It’s engrossing, exciting, terrifying, and fulfilling. My only true wish is that it was a full-length novel because I’d like to know more…more about how Lynne Harmony ended up searching for her mercenary, Jax Mercury, and what happened to Nora and Deacan. My hope is that somewhere down the line, we will meet up with Nora and Deacan again....and get the rest of that story.

In the meantime, I highly recommend SCORPIUS RISING by Rebecca Zanetti to everyone. Even if you’re not normally a fan of apocalyptic story lines, try this one out…it might just surprise you and addict you the way it has me. I can’t wait for the release of JUSTICE ASCENDING, due out January 31st. I’ll be grabbing my copy as soon as it’s available.

Happy Reading Everyone!

SCORPIUS RISING, a Scorpius Syndrome novella by Rebecca Zanetti, Zebra/Kensington, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

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