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Unwrapping a Review of ON THE PROWL, a Bad Things novel by Cynthia Eden

I know I’ve been away for a while but I’m reading again, and thoroughly enjoying every word. I started ON THE PROWL, book two in the Bad Things series by Cynthia Eden back in October and had to set it aside while I dealt with family obligations. I had only just started reading it but once I returned to it, I flew through it. I can’t wait for the next one. These are standalone reads but it’s best to read the series from the beginning.

***purchased for my own personal reading but sharing my honest and unscripted review.

Blurb for ON THE PROWL:

Time to embrace your inner evil.

Rose Kinley never intended to be one of the most feared creatures to walk the earth. Once upon a time, she was a human—one who fell in love with a mysterious stranger. But when she got caught in a paranormal war, she lost her humanity and died…only to wake later as a vampire.

Now Rose has a choice. She can continue to try and be the good girl she once was or she can let her darkness out to play. Maybe it’s finally time for her to step into the dark.

He’s the reason she’s undead.

Panther shifter Julian Craig has a mission—protect Rose at all costs. It’s his fault that she lost her human life, and he literally made a deal with the devil so that she would have a second chance as a vampire. And as part of that deal, he’s supposed to keep his hands off Rose. An impossible task considering the dangerous lust he feels for her.

When Rose is targeted by a paranormal collector, Julian knows that he will have to let his own beast out if he is to protect the only woman who ever touched his battered soul. Rose may be afraid of the darkness she carries, but Julian is more than ready to show the world just what kind of a monster he truly is. Julian isn’t afraid of the dark…but the monsters that wait in the shadows? They will bow to him.

He’ll show her just how good it can feel…to be bad.


Julian Craig is a killer. He works for the Devil himself, Luke Thorne, as a guard and assassin. He’s also a shifter—a panther shifter. Dangerous and sexy, a monster that kills monsters, he does have a soft spot—a vampire named Rose. Rose wasn’t always a vampire. Originally, she was Julian’s girl, a human girl who got in the way when someone tried to kill him. She died and Julian did what any man in love would do, he tried to save her. In doing so, he made a deal with Luke to bring her back. He hadn’t planned on her coming back as a vampire and she wasn’t happy about it at all.

Rose is on the run from a collector of paranormal beings and the only one who can keep her safe is the one man she’s tried to stay as far away from as possible—Julian. Now she must depend on him, even as she begins to learn more and more about the man who has claimed her heart from the beginning no matter how much she tries to deny that fact. When Luke’s twin brother, Leo, becomes involved, all hell breaks loose. Now Rose has to worry about Julian’s safety as well as her own.

I love a good paranormal story and Cynthia Eden knows just how to make us fall in love with all of her characters, not just the main ones. We met Julian and Rose in the first book, THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE, when Luke gives his devilish heart up to the beautiful Mina along with the devilishly endearing werewolf, and can’t wait for his story, Rayce Lovel. As always, Cynthia conjures the best characters and fleshes them out in such a thorough way that we easily connect with them…even Leo who isn’t turning out to be such a good guy, even if he is the Lord of Light to Luke’s Lord of Darkness.

Action-packed, character driven, and mysterious all at the same time, ON THE PROWL is clever, exciting, and makes the reader want more. Julian is a man, driven by the killer instinct of his animal, only one who tries to be as gentle as a kitten when it comes to loving Rose. Only she’s discovering her own dark side and might just prefer the roaring panther to a mewing kitten after all.

Whether you are a fan of paranormal romance or not, I highly recommend ON THE PROWL by Cynthia Eden as well as THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE, book one in the Bad Things series. The characters alone are worth the reading adventure and who knows…you might discover you like paranormal after all. I can’t wait to read Rayce and Lila’s story in BROKEN ANGEL. It’s already waiting for me on my reader. Then again, I say that anything Cynthia Eden writes is well-worth reading. She’s one of the best.

Happy Reading Everyone!

ON THE PROWL, a Bad Things novel by Cynthia Eden, indie published, available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

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