Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Unwrapping a Review of NO EXIT, book two in the Exit Inc. series by Lena Diaz

There is nothing I love better than a good action read and NO EXIT, book two in the Exit, Inc. series by Lena Diaz gives the reader that and mystery as well as steamy sexy romance. I didn’t want this one to end.

***purchased a copy for my personal reading and sharing an honest and unscripted review

Blurb for NO EXIT:

Lena Diaz returns to the thrilling world of EXIT Inc., with two enemies who become unlikely allies—and discover that only through love can they save each other...

As an agent of the Equalizers, Jace Atwell will risk everything to destroy EXIT Inc., the corrupt antiterrorist group, before more innocent lives are lost. The only way to infiltrate EXIT is by getting close to the CEO's beautiful daughter, but when they get a little too close, Jace finds himself falling for the woman he is duty-bound to deceive.

Whatever clandestine activities EXIT is involved in, Melissa Cardenas refuses to believe that her father is responsible and is determined to prove it. So when sexy, smooth-talking Jace comes clean about his motives, Melissa drops a bombshell of her own: she's been investigating too—and she wants to help him find the truth.

The chemistry between Melissa and Jace is undeniable, but their opposing views of justice make teamwork tricky. With their lives on the line—and the truth something neither of them expected—the only way to survive will be to trust their hearts and each other . . . if they can.

~*~            ~*~              ~*~              ~*~ 

Melissa Cardenas has been suspicious of her father, Cyprian Cardenas and secrets he may be keeping in regard to business as usual at Exit, Inc. (EXtreme International Tours) where she works too, for a while. So when a mysterious van runs her off the road one day, and a handsome and very sexy ex-Navy SEAL comes to her rescue, she begins to suspect everyone, especially Jace Atwell.

Jace is on a mission for the Equalizers, a group dedicated to taking down Cyprian and EXIT, Inc. before any more innocent people are killed under manipulated orders. Having done surveillance on Melissa for a while, he’s ready to get close and try to determine if she is a good guy or bad. His ‘getting connected’ to her didn’t go quite as planned but he got close anyway. When she proves smarter than expected, he comes clean threatening to overthrow the entire mission and the safety of the Equalizers so instead, teams up with her to find out the truth—a truth that threatens their lives.

Lena Diaz delivers an action-packed story from the first page to the end. I was glued to the pages from the start and barely took a breath as things became more and more dangerous for Melissa and Jace…even as things got more and more sexually tense between the two of them. Okay, the ending seemed a little rushed but frankly, after the rollercoaster ride of action, danger, sexual tension, and edge of the seat nail-biting…who cares.

NO EXIT, book two in the Exit, Inc. series by Lena Diaz delivers and delivers BIG! As usual for Lena, the characters are alive, intelligent, skilled, and the interaction between them is palpable and real. I even found myself ignoring a few errors I stumbled upon along the way. I didn’t care because the story was that good, and I had to keep turning the pages.

If you love action, romance, danger, and a story with more twists and turns than a cross-country road race then you will definitely want to read NO EXIT by Lena Diaz. If you don’t like suspense, nail-biting tension, and excitement then by all means…pass it by…I dare you.

Happy Reading Everyone!

NO EXIT, an Exit, Inc. thriller by Lena Diaz, Avon Romance, available now in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and Kobobooks.

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