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Unwrapping a Review of LOST IN HER, book four in the K2 Team series by Sandra Owens

I love the K2 Team series by Sandra Owens and each time I read one of her books, I think she can’t outdo herself but she always manages to win me over in a big way some way, somehow…just as she has with LOST IN HER.

***print copy provided by author in exchange for a honest and unscripted review.

Blurb for LOST IN HER:

It’s been a year since Ryan O’Connor buried his wife. He was in Afghanistan as a SEAL medic when the call came that she’d been killed during a robbery. In that time, he returned home, nursed his grief, and joined his former brothers-in-arms in the K2 Special Services.

After a bad breakup with her ex, Charlene “Charlie” Morgan finds happiness only when flying the friendly skies—as an aerobatic stunt pilot. But the skies aren’t so friendly when her plane troubles turn out to be the work of sabotage.

Looking to forget their worries, Charlie and Ryan run into each other at a bar. The chemistry is instant and intense. It’s only supposed to be a one-night stand. But the memory of their passionate kiss lingers, and when Ryan shows up at Charlie’s flight school, their romance takes off. Yet the route to love has its own turbulence—secrets, lies, and danger. Can one night lead to something lasting?

~*~            ~*~             ~*~            ~*~

Ryan, known among the K2 Team as Doc, carries a secret buried deep but not so deep as to not continually burn away at his insides. When he meets a tiny cherub of a woman who manages to get under his skin with just a kiss, he knows it’s time to open the wounds, find out the truth, and live again. His only worry is that his sexy little stunt pilot cherub might not be around by the time he finally does.

Charlie carries her own festering guilt over tearing apart her family and being responsible for her best friend’s suicide. Her luck with men isn’t all too great either. Not having much experience with romance or sex, she prefers to disappear into the clouds rather than keep her feet on the ground…until she meets a sexy man one night, whose kiss fills her with a need to spend time with him even as she worries that it will end any moment. Of course, it doesn’t help that someone is out to get her and keeps sabotaging her plane so she never knows when her next flight to the heavens might be a permanent one.

Whereas LOST IN HER by Sandra Owens might not have had the level of suspense, and edge of the seat thrill as the first three books, it certainly was as good when it comes to Ryan as our bunny loving, sweet, caring, and oh, so protective romantic hero. He’s definitely a K2 Team member. He carries some anger, regret, and isn’t always as smart as he looks when it comes to Charlie but he makes up for it in so many delightful ways. He’s as inexperienced in love and sex as Charlie, which makes them very compatible and fun together. Charlie is who I’d love to be…not just, because she gets the sexy, romantic Ryan but because she’s a pilot—a stunt pilot yet. I love to fly so I quickly related to Charlie and her love of being in the clouds.

Don't get me wrong, there is some excitement, a bit of thrill and adventure, even danger in LOST IN HER…Ryan and Jake (SOMEONE LIKE HER) go on a mission that even though it’s serious one, it has its moments with some great camaraderie banter between the two and a new guy. Not saying anything more. You’ll have to read it to understand why poor Mr. Bunny sits waiting at the door for Ryan to come home. It’s a good thing he doesn’t know about the poodle. Nope…zipped.

Sandra gives us light, funny, serious, a little nerve wreaking, and certainly romantic in LOST IN HER. I highly recommend reading this even if you haven’t read the first three, although if you love great characters, funny teasing and banter, and really sexy former S.E.A.L. men, you should. They each work well as stand-alones, but why do that? Read them all, but if you must start with one that will have you saying, ‘Awww’, more times than you expect, read LOST IN HER, book four of the K2 Team series by Sandra Owens, and fall in love with Ryan like I did.

I don’t normally quote books, but I just can’t let this one pass with mention:

There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him and she’d bet her small savings account that naked, he’d look just like those hot guy pictures women posted on Facebook, the ones where the guy had the V-line that women called sex lines.

Happy Reading Everyone!

LOST IN HER, a K2 Team novel by Sandra Owens, Montlake Romance, available now in print, audio, and ebook formats at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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