Monday, December 29, 2014

Unwrapping a Review of RINGING IN LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird

I love how Peggy Bird has pulled characters from her Second Chances series into her new series, Holiday for Romance. I fell in love with Tony Alessandro in TOGETHER AGAIN, book three of the Second Chances series and so in RINGING IN LOVE, a Holiday for Romance, we are treated to meeting Tony’s sister, Catherine and are introduced to a hero who could definitely rival Tony for the title of sexiest hero. Releasing today, I hope you celebrate the New Year by reading RINGING IN LOVE.

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


With a business to grow and a teen-aged son to raise, Catherine Bennett doesn’t have time for a social life. Even if it is the holiday season. Besides, after her ex’s betrayal, she's not willing to open up her heart again. But when she leases office space in Dominic Russo’s building, she can’t keep her mind—or her eyes—off her new landlord. Only problem is he happens to be a known womanizer…and her professional rival.

Unfortunately for Dominic, Philadelphia’s most eligible bachelor is definitely experiencing a dry spell. He hasn’t dated in months, contrary to the rumors, yet convincing career-minded Catherine that there’s more to him than his reputation will be a challenge. Since she’s determined to focus on work, he offers her an irresistible chance at winning a huge contract if she partners with his company.

Can he show Catherine that mixing business with pleasure wouldn’t be such a bad idea this New Year’s Eve?

~*~                ~*~                ~*~                ~*~               ~*~

Catherine Bennett has focused on her business and her son for so long she’s out of practice when it comes to men. So much so that when the sexy, handsome, and very successful Dominic Russo, her greatest business competition, flirts with her, she doesn’t realize that he is doing so at all. Finally, giving in to having lunch with him after he sends her enough flowers to start her own florist shop, he awakens the sleeping sexy woman in her who has been asleep for far too long. But what does he really want? Her? Or a means to getting information about her business and her success?

The very charming, very sexy Dominic wins over her son, her assistant, and eventually, Catherine, but now he may have stolen her ideas to get the account that everyone wants. How does he prove she’s wrong about him?

Peggy Bird creates the sexiest men and I fall in love with every single one of them so yes, I fell for Dominic. She promised me a hero who would rival Tony Alessandro for my affections, and Dominic came very, very close to winning over Tony with his charm, his classy demeanor, and the way he treats a woman, but Tony still has a little somethin’ somethin’ that keeps him at the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong, Dominic Russo is to die for and I would love to be in Catherine’s shoes. Even the way he calls her ‘Ms. Bennett’ conjures the sound of Colin Firth speaking her name in my wildest imagination. Dominic is sexy…he’s seductive…he’s to die for dreamy. I thought my knees would melt out from under me when he asked Catherine how she liked to be seduced. Phew, my temperature is rising just thinking about it. And Catherine...well, she’s a fiery, business minded, beautiful Italian woman with the feminine side of the appeal that her brother, Tony, carries with confidence. She’s the perfect match for Dominic and when she gets mad, she really gets mad. It's awesome!

RINGING IN LOVE by Peggy Bird is a delightful, steamy, and sexy seductive story about two people who never expected to fall in love, never expected anything lasting but in the end, they get the sweetest, most romantic ending on New Year’s Eve. I actually found myself thinking that if I were ever blessed with a romantic New Year’s Eve like that, I’d never complain about sitting home watching the ball drop again.

I highly recommend RINGING IN LOVE, a Holiday for Romance by Peggy Bird to everyone who believes in love, a happily ever after, and how you just never know who might be your perfect match or where you might meet him. Some romances are spicy, surprising, and ultimately, the sweetest in the end. This is exactly what RINGING IN LOVE is and like when you enjoy Tiramisu, it ends with a big satisfied smile. 

Happy Reading, and to everyone – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

RINGING IN LOVE, a Holiday for Romance novel by Peggy Bird, Crimson Romance, available now in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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